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Junk Silver: What it is & what it isn’t


Junk silver is the precious metal that is most accessible and affordable for most of us. It is simply silver coins minted before 1965. These coins can be purchased at coin stores and through online precious metals dealers, such as our sponsor Owings Metals.

In this video I explain why junk silver is a smart option for Survival Moms who want to protect the cash they have against inflation, and perhaps someday, a devalued dollar.

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4 comments to Junk Silver: What it is & what it isn’t

  • Johnny

    She found a 1964 70% silver quarter? Really?

    Well, I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but last time I checked, no U.S. quarters after 1964 contained silver, let alone 70%! Unless she meant a 1965 Canadian quarter, but they were 80% silver. And 1965 half-dollars were 40% silver, so she certainly didn’t mean those. Where the heck she came up with this hairbrain idea is beyond me.

    As for bartering for baby formula, breast feeding would certainly be a much better (and healthier!) solution in a SHTF scenario. Save the “junk” silver for things you REALLY need.

    Even a Doomsday Preppers star should know this.

    • Johnny

      Correction: I typed an incorrect digit. Her remark was she found a 1965 70% silver quarter.

      Again, no U.S. quarters after 1964 contained silver.

      • Fedup

        You can check coin prices at:

        Also, in a worse case scenario you could cut the silver or gold coin into a smaller piece/weight/denomination to pay for whatever you need. Usually you wouldn’t want to do that but like I said, in a worse case scenario you do have that option.

      • Naysayer

        There was an article on coinflation, you can check their archive that said that there were in fact some 1965 silver coins made accidentally on old blanks, however, they would have been 90% and certainly not 70%.

        Also, she could have gotten confused about the 40% kennedy halfs that were still made to the end of 1970.

        Also, China has been counterfeiting US 90% coins in at least the dollar and half dollar sizes, you can see several youtube videos about that.

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