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John Stossel: A Green Car’s Dirty Secret?

from Fox Business, via RonPaulCC2012 :

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2 comments to John Stossel: A Green Car’s Dirty Secret?

  • As a current Automotive program student. Full Torque is available in Electric vehicles from a stand still The TESLA Is the way too go ,Fast ,,look up drag racing Tesal vs viper on youtube. Or electric vs any gas car. electric cars can be very fast im not looking at it from the green perspective just from a car guys stance .Tesla baby very inspiring tech.

  • ben

    Half the story here. The majority of electricity is produced by natural gas, sure (stossel has another program all about how fantastic he feels about natty gas as well. Anyways…)
    Were in a transitional time as well. Solar is coming up as time goes on. Research is continually building its feasibility (look up graphene). Teslas charging network (“supercharger” network) is addressing nat gas by generating its electricity by way of solar. The factory itself is a green factory.
    These issues theyre presenting with green cars is not so much an issue with the cars themselves, as the program is painting them, as they are issues with our societies transition to finding sustainable energy. Rome wasnt built in a day….but were working on it. Standby.

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