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Israel and 9-11.. and 7/7… and…

from 108morris108:

Security companies throughout the world seem to be Israeli run. They controlled the Airports on 911. They ran the companies with cameras on 77 (in London) on both the London underground and the Busses, separate Israeli run companies had no video available of the alleged bombers. And at Fukushima an Israeli security company installed the cameras.

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    Morris is spot on………many good Jews have been brainwashed from a young age by these phoney Zionist Rabbi’s. They are taught that the world is out to get them so they perpetuate the lies & do the bidding of the atheistic Jews on top of the pyramid.

    No different than Christian Zionists who have been duped into supporting these same Rabbi’s & their well paid 501C3 Pastor shills into supporting the genocide in Palestine so Christ will return.

    If only both sides would stand up together & say NO MORE WAR unless the bigshot chicken hawks fight it themselves.

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