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Hey Cyprus & The Rest of You, Think Bitcoin is the Answer? You Need to Hear the Rest of the Story!

from TheJoshTolleyChannel:

Will an alternative currency like Bitcoin solve the problem we face? The answer reveals a much larger problem.

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10 comments to Hey Cyprus & The Rest of You, Think Bitcoin is the Answer? You Need to Hear the Rest of the Story!

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin is the currency of the free and of the future!

    • NaySayer

      Bitcon is just that another fiat ponzi crime. Only hipster idiots would buy into it. It is NOTHING.

      • fonestar

        Bitcoin is the way of the future. You will just be left behind with all the other cavemen. Same as any other turning point in history!

        • NaySayer

          The same BitCon cheerleaders who spam every site. You are just doing advertising to get the value of your ponzi scheme to go up by getting more people to buy this worthless crap (wait, at least I could fertilize a garden with crap, it has actual physical value in the real non-make believe world) I’d rather have crap. Or fake fiat green pieces of paper. I could wipe my butt with pieces of paper. They are at least real and nobody has a way to track every single thing I buy or sell with it.

  • LUK427

    At least you could plant a tulip bulb.

    • Upstart


      LOL, yes indeed at least you could plant a tulip bulb. Some people just dont learn do they. We have had centuries of this BS. Hey, who knows, with all the fools out their perhaps someone will hype up tulips again…….

      What amazes me is that the people embracing farmville credits, I mean sh-tcoin, actually think they are more intellegent, or more awake, of further ahead of the curve, than those who see it for what it is. The description ‘educated fools’ comes to mind.

      I say leave them to it, unless they try misslead someone you care about that is, as some lessons can only be learned the hard way.

      • NaySayer

        It has been marketed at he “hip” new thing that only really progressive computer age young people can understand. It is a con game. It is nothing at all. For now people accept it and like any other con game it will end with the people who founded it making a load of money off of the fools who fell for it.

        Plus do you really trust any electronic payment system where the owners/founders admit they met with the CIA?? I don’t.

  • Alvin

    3 pirate ships at sea, 2 have physical gold and silver and the other has imaginary digital 1’s and 0’s, what ship would you PLUNDER?

    • Julie

      I would hit the Bitcoin ship, they shouldn’t have as many guards. Then recruit the sailors and use their ship and weapons to take the other two… 😀

  • LUK427

    I will be deleting Max Keiser from my favorites because of BITCON. here is a good take on bitcoin,

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