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Gold & Silver Will Now See Major Surges After Cyprus Disaster

from KingWorldNews:

Today top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick spoke with King World News about the ongoing crisis in Cyprus, knock-on effects in key markets, and what investors should look for in the gold and silver markets going forward. Below is what top Citi analyst Fitzpatrick had to say in his latest report, along with 2 powerful charts.

Eric King: “Tom, the Cyprus disaster has so many people frightened, your thoughts there?”

Fitzpatrick: “I think at the end of the day some people focused on the size rather than the substance. At the early stages of last week, the European authorities were quite prepared to haircut insured depositors. While they may have pulled that idea back in, to a certain extent the cat is out of the bag….

Tom Fitzpatrick continues @

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13 comments to Gold & Silver Will Now See Major Surges After Cyprus Disaster

  • Dan

    Blah blah blah blah. Same old hype from the “experts” on KWN for two years now and the price has gone DOWN. Wake me up when gold goes over $2000 and silver $50.

    • steelerdude

      Your right Dan….show me the money! LOL

    • NaySayer

      There have been cartel bank silver crackdowns for the 2nd day in a row. Usually they just cancel out any gains gotten during the week on a friday morning but now there are manipulatin takedowns every morning. They are having to work a lot harder to try to suppress silver prices now.

      I do not believe that they will be able to keep it down much longer when record amounts of paper physical is standing for delivery. HOwever, I do think that when it breaks out they might try to outlaw buying it and demand a confiscation of all gold and silver in private citizen’s hands.

  • brian

    Gold/Silver will see majot surges- Sure it Will! (same ole crap)

    but we have plenty of Silver to sell you 😉

  • YankeeDoodle

    If the price of gold and silver is manipulated as the so-called experts claim it is, then how can anybody make predictions as to the rise or fall of these precious metals? To me its all hype and Bullshit.These precious metals will go up when the dollar collapses or when the bankers say they will go up. These articles are not even worth putting on the net. When the price drops instead of going up, it just frustrates people and makes them feel that they have been had. These so called experts are giving people false hope and then they drop them like a bomb. They are no better than the people who are manipulating the metals. So say I.

    • brian

      you are right on Yankiedoodle

      Most of these so called experts who are touting precious metals to rise in price have gold and silver to sell you.

      Silver should of stayed at $50.How many bought in at that price and were told it will reach $100? seriously,even precious metals is becoming a ponzie scheme for the sellers(making false future predictions).Its just business like everything else and precious metals will NOT save you from what is coming.

  • Waldog

    Sounds like people are finally waking up to these bullshit experts!!!!

  • Steady on dear ones. I have listened to the prophets “not the whack jobs” that this IS the year of break threw and movement,SILVER will will will be set free we will be able to buy all kinds of goodies for penny’s on the dollar,houses, land …you name it. Here is the catch. GET IN POSITION GUARD THE WORDS THAT FLOW FROM YOUR LIPS WATCH THE COCKROACHES IN SUITS become exposed under the great light of truth and justice. The silver belongs to God anyway IT ALL BELONGS TO HIM. For such a time as this we will see justice and wealth transfer. For the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. This will happen fast AND it wont last long, when silver is deployed you will be deployed. Help others in need with your profits and don’t forget to tithe 10% of that increase. M

    • brian

      There are no prophets!!!!

      I would rather give my money to God directly than give any to these Apostate churches who preach another Gospel and not the God of the Bible.

  • mike

    Im just waiting for the HUGE News that is finally going to break JPM and send gold and silver to the moon in now about 2 WEEKS. The GATA guy said months ago there was huge news and a few weeks ago he said on another interview the news would finally come out in the next month, that was at least two weeks ago..So only two more weeks and we are all rich…Murphy, I believe that is his name and a law.

  • AgShaman

    Don’t be silly…

    Gold and silver will stay “locked” in their trading prisons until events large enough can shake the “faith” of the zombies using their fiat systems. And zombies have been programmed to be highly resistant to obvious warning signs.

    Umtil the zombies start getting destroyed in large groupings and turn cannibalistic…there will be no “windfall profiteering” for gold and silverbugs.

    This is the secret joke of central bankers. They don’t believe the ‘proles’ are mentally equipped to hold their positions and maintain their stacks. They are probably ‘half-correct’…as many will crack under the pressure and somehow fail to retain their stacks thru the entire bull’s final stages.

    You better get “stack nasty”….or else you will become the next statistic in the crosshairs of the syndicate parasites.

  • Glitter1

    Yeah, I wish SGT would stop posting this free information from individual experts in the business for 40+ years.The continual whining is becoming unbearable.After all,KWN’s Site is easily accessible to obatain the free market intel and consensus.

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