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Fall of the Fourth Reich – Empire of Debt

from visionvictory:

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2 comments to Fall of the Fourth Reich – Empire of Debt

  • Ed_B

    Good video. Makes me think of the comment about, “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Got silver or gold?

  • ivan

    what silver and gold?

    here is countrys that use dollar. visionvictory just read my mind and put on video. crazy.

    i never even heard some of those countrys. No major country besides Canada and Australia accepts the dollar. People around the world do hold dollar under there mattress as savings. What would triger for them to stop and return the dollar? Where there own currency is being inflated and lose purchasing power. Never in the history that this happen, fiat world.

    I would have to say unsuitability and lost of confidence of the united states that will trigger inflation.

    Unsuitability will be from collapse of japan or europe, due to derivatives exposure. Confidence will be lost, because fed got no more rabbits in the hat, or bullets, other then start to print more.

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