The Phaserl


Drunken Debauchery

from TF Metals Report:

It’s been a long week. Between the hackings, the outages, the impending bank runs and the blatant price suppression, I’m worn out. Sweetness wants me to take the day off in order to watch basketball and hit the sauce. I think I’ll take him up on it. But, first, some charts.

First of all, here’s an updated Finviz hourly. If you were able to check the blogs yesterday, you likely noticed I posted this chart a couple of times. Why? Simple. Why would anyone expect yesterday’s breakout, which was nearly identical to the breakout of $29 back on 3/12-13, to play out any differently than it did on 3/14? And now, of course, we know that it didn’t. I’ve been dong this a long time and it still nauseates me. Today’s raids being particularly egregious as they occurred while nothing else (crude, copper, equities etc) was going down. In fact, most everything else was rallying.


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