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Cyprus Americana: Humanity VS the Banksters

The Banksters in the EU have announced that they intend to STEAL cash from the savings accounts of the people in Cyprus, and give that cash to the criminal BANKS! This is an overt, malevolent act of total evil. It cannot stand. It is the epitome of everything we’ve been warning about for years. This is proof that the real world war is the one of the Banksters VS Humanity.

The question now is, who’s next?

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56 comments to Cyprus Americana: Humanity VS the Banksters

  • bystander

    Love the video. Very powerful.

    Or as Eric Kring might say : this is a ‘tremendous’ video. 😀

  • Eric

    Anyone dumb enough to hand their savings to a criminal cartel has no one but themselves to blame when it is stolen from them.

  • AgShaman

    Most teevee is propaganda….and also quite effective, in desensitization of reality thru brainwashing and programming techniques in their fictional playgrounds.

    John Carpenter had it right. They have found a system of microwave transmissions and technological gadgetry, to put people in a sleep-like trance.

    Most times…for the aware, it’s just blatant in your face insults the way they flaunt their ‘trickeration’…like typical deviant misfits

    Good micro doc…pass it to the nearest patient needing resuscitation.

  • Karma Respect

    The banks are basically communist and by extension everything they touch and control is communist. Communism succeeds by using Conspiracy (to confuse and deflect opinion), Conflict (perpetual disorientating by means of aggression) and lastly Control over all wealth and power.

    Communism is the great Satan, the great Cancer that is destroying the people and possibly the planet in order to create an atheistic ungodly world. In our world where everything is manipulated and controlled absolutely nothing happens by accident including a Pope resigning to hand the reigns to a top Jesuit commander who immediately writes to the chief Rabbi to pledge collaboration. Even his use of the word collaboration should be alarming, collaborating in what? in a New World Order having first destroyed the individual and decent society? What collaboration? How has the news flow changed since he became Pope and how will it change in the days ahead? what is their move?

    Sean these indeed are interesting times, thank you kindly for your service to humanity.

  • harman kardon

    Nice work, Sean. Very inspiring. I have sent this to all of my contacts–most will delete, but some will watch and hopefully, glean one small truth from it. Hopefully, a handful will realize their currency, in the bank is now at risk. Beginning this past Friday–which was a test–the banks will now begin systemically stealing from accounts around the Western world. I am grateful that I removed all currency, with the exception of daily working capital, from the system over three years ago.

  • Johnny

    Well-done presentation. Things are accelerating at an alarming rate now. The positive thing about that is that the cat will be out of the bag soon enough. It already is for many of us.

    Unless humanity has become so neutered that they lack the will to stand for what is right, we can expect the blowback to also accelerate.

    I DO believe most people have a line in the sand. And that line is usually financial in nature. Things ought to get mighty interesting.

    • Praxis

      Though I don’t advocate violence in any way whatsoever, civil war in many countries (perhaps up to 100) is nearly a certainty, especially in western countries. Many are concurrent today (albeit some manipulated) and the trend is being confirmed.

      I don’t see any other outcome to our current trajectory. Financial implosion is always messy business. Stack world war on top of that which is also almost certain and which will be a total war as in, big booms.

      These two events are very likely before we see anything resembling liberty on this planet, much less attention paid by the masses to civics and their real political surroundings.

      There is no will for civilization or justice. We tried using the internet to raise awareness which has worked better than we expected but is far from effective enough to matter. There are only two ways to change people’s minds at this point. (real) Alien invasion or total war.

      The only thing for any of us to remember besides being prepared (I think) is: when the shooting starts, don’t talk, whisper. Thinking / writing will be dangerous for the duration.

      • NaySayer

        When the global war starts with which they hope to deflect the righteous anger of the masses from their fascist political and corporate/bankster elite who caused this whole mess, don’t fall for it.

        DO NOT FIGHT IN THEIR WAR. They want you to die so you can’t fight the real enemy: THEM.

        If you still live in a slave state where they are taking the guns or might take them, you need to get out now. The iron curtain will come down and they will come to get you and make you fight in their war. Patriots stay home to defend their own families and constitution. Let the elite send their own kids to fight, which will of course never ever happen.

  • Steve_D


  • petedivine

    Your video shows the Walmart America vs. America from the 50’s. I am not sure God, Family, and Country are core values anymore. That begs the question: Is the American culture of today worth saving? Couldn’t Americans be easily described as bloated, bovine, and incapable of independent thought? We are clinging to the America of our past. A country that has been in decline since the 60’s. Country consists of like minded people and the people that come to boards like SGT are the remnants of a stronger America. An America that no longer exists. the trend is not our friend…think Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, etc..
    The visitors to SGT prep for what is obviously on the horizon. The problem isn’t the 21st century robber barons but the sheeple. We can blame TV, mind control, and yet here we are still thinking independently. Perhaps the sheeple want this and embrace it as part of their new core beliefs. Perhaps this is the new Amerika. Try explaining Amerika’s current state of affairs and our dangerous glide toward totalitarianism to sheeple. Instead of thought provoking debate, you get blank stares and your wife informs you that such conversation is socially unacceptable in polite society. Please refrain from free thought. We have become almost self-policing. There are way more obese, Walmart stuffing, mind controlled zombies then free thinking Americans. Just look at the last Presidential elections. The American people voted for the President they deserve.

    • Praxis

      No. The founding principles of the united States should live on with some slight forced decentralizing modifications such as regional power being above national except in very specifically defined ways, but that and the associated traditions are all we should keep.

      Scrap everything else, take the pain and start over. Yes, people die. Lots of them. But there is no choice but more of the same supra-national tyranny without ripping up the social contract and starting over. There is no practical way of transitioning other then chaos. The current path also leads to just as much death through war, duress and deprivation.

      No one will respect current slovenly American society in the future. That is guaranteed.

      • Johnny

        Well Praxis, it does appear to be heading the way you say. Of course, it doesn’t HAVE to happen that way. What if people on a mass scale simply decided to stop doing business with those who control the current paradigm? Just stopped contributing to their wealth, stopped complying with their tax dictates, dumped their fiat money, etc., etc., etc.

        Yes, it’s completely unrealistic, a pipe dream, but can you imagine? Without our cooperation, they would be utterly powerless and defenseless. And finished.

        But such people are still small in number, most are firmly enslaved to the system to one degree or another. There is an awakening, and that awakening is very encouraging. But it isn’t at the level of what I just stated.

        As the global rape accelerates and becomes completely blatant, so will the reaction of folks accelerate once they FULLY comprehend what’s been done to them. A reaction that won’t be pretty.

        • Praxis

          Well Johnny, what you described is the only way to do it. It still involves war. “People on a mass scale” doesn’t look like it’s a possibility. Too many domesticated zombies, far too divided over too many trivial things. The other thing is that the cartels OWN EVERYTHING (70-80%?). All the important stuff, knowledge and tech.

          I think the worst aspect of this situation is it will take something of the caliber of a nuclear war to even get people thinking about their surroundings clearly and critically. The problem with that unfortunate circumstance is the masses of zombies will panick and very easily be led to … anything PTB wants just as they did after 9/11.

          I just don’t see a peaceful outcome without military mutiny, dictatorship, probably a big fat war and THEN new con-congress to reestablish a republic. I don’t think that’s even possible. The deposed oligarchs would simply self destruct US assets, infrastructure and become violent terrorists themselves. Think large scale gas refinery sabotage which could cripple everything. Our nuke plants. The international cartels couldn’t care less what we do internally since they have a monopoly of commerce through controlling global money (incl. Gold). They’ll just buy it up again in the same super slow sinister process of debt.

          So yeah.. all this knock-on effect is why I can’t believe anything short of a massive civil war and probable nuclear disaster will change anything or give individuals any options to affect their situation. And to be fair, when I say ‘civil war’ I mean a global context. Maybe not South America so much.

          Things like the Free State Project look really promising and if scaled up could maybe work but haha.. yeah right. Back to paragraph 1.

          So barring some really radical things happening, nah. More of the same techno-tyranny until something does. Zombies like their cold unfeeling robot arms.

          • Johnny

            Very well said, Praxis. Can’t add anything too it, other than to say it’s time to prepare for life on the other side- the other side of this realm, that is (if one believes that such a thing exists), in the event that we end up as one of the statistics. Best wishes.

    • Ed_B

      “Country consists of like minded people and the people that come to boards like SGT are the remnants of a stronger America. An America that no longer exists.”

      REAL America lives on through each of us who cares about liberty. We are educated in the ways of the Founding Fathers and we remember what it was like in the 1950s and 1960s. Well, those of us born 60+ years ago do, anyway. Yes, we do have many problems today but none of them are so severe that they cannot be corrected. Time and again, people, even Americans, underestimate the true strength and power in this country and it is not the banks or the government. It is US!

  • Tom G.

    Another concise and well-done video. I’m going to watch it again. The one thing I have tried to convey to the sheeple I’ve talked to the past year is the necessity of keeping only money in the bank that one needs to pay one’s next month bills. I tell the sheeple that this is one thing that they can do without having to implement a major lifestyle change. After all, I tell them, it’s not like you are getting a decent interest rate for keeping your money there, and what happens when the banking system collapses? The Cyprus deal now lends credence to my suggestion to them. Maybe we can get a few more sheeple to listen us now.

  • NIX


  • NIX


  • Bobby

    Only keep enough to pay bills in the bank. This is what the informed do.. The rest goes into real physical assets.

  • MPB

    Excellent Video SGT! Concise yet powerful. I have already passed it on to several. The Cyprus event, I believe, may become known as the new shot heard around the world in the ecoonomic war being waged against humanity. Peace, MPB.

    • SGT

      I want to thank you all for your supportive comments, it’s nice to know there are so many decent people who care enough to take the time; MPB, Tom G, Pete, Steve, Johnny, Prax, Karma, Ag, bystander, Clarky, truth… onward. We can all learn from and garner support from each other.

  • Truthseeker

    When will you people get it? It’s not your money! It is their money. That’s why their taking it back little by little. Through hidden contracts, public trusts, deception, and we willing sheep; the “elite” have stolen our perceived wealth, and our very souls.

    They were able to do this because Americans and the rest of the world, wanted to trust others for their basic needs. We long ago gave up title to our lives. The cultivation of the “government will take care of me”, ideal, has weakened us and made us dependent upon the banking and government hand-out culture. We were all born onto the government plantation, because our parents and grandparents were not vigilant. We gave up true freedom for the safety of having someone else take the risk and the responsibility. We believed the lies.

    Our unwillingness to take responsibility for ourselves, and our brothers and sisters, has given place for these evil parasites to take us over like a cancer. And now it’s terminal. You can believe if you like, that it can be fixed. But you are sorely mistaken. Only the death of this system, along with it’s inevitable national wars, civil wars, famine, and destruction, will see a new day dawn. But what will that day look like? And who will be left to re-build?

    I can only pray that the youth of today that will witness and survive these coming horrors, will finally have the wisdom and courage, to kill the beast when it is reborn in whatever new deceptive form from which it will morph. And that beast will rise again, with cruel intent and devious deception. Because this beast is not just physical, nor of the mind. It is spiritual. It is the worst of what resides in the hearts of men; the pride of life, the lust of the eyes, and the heart that desires above all things, power.

    I raise a toast to the future American. And in it you will perceive, what hope I hold out for him in the absence of divine intervention:

    I raise my glass to you world citizen. Subject of a brave new world. May your masters rod lay lightly upon your back. May your chains rest lightly upon your flesh. And may you forgive us, long departed who failed you so thoroughly. Salute!

    • freedom's ear

      Nice.I agree with you except for the concept of citizens and subjects(both slaves)I hope from the ashes of this construct comes a environment of true freedom.That which the creator truly intended.None of this crap where some other man or woman thinks they have any authority over another man or woman.I hope this wakes more people from their slumber.Peace

  • Clarky

    This is a big story, however this is getting far more attention from all the media sites than what Venezuela did when it debased their currency by 40% overnight. The people lost 4 times as much and Venezuela has a population about 27 times larger. Both are big stories and a taste of what is to come. Thanks for all the hard work your putting in Sean much appreciated.

    • Julie

      Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what “currency debasement” is or how it really affected people. If you live in Venezuela, you understand. If you are an American or European “sheeple”, you don’t understand the global economy, currency, or what even happened.

      Cyprus is easily understood by even the below-average stupid sheeple. “Your bank account had $1000 in it yesterday, today it has $900 in it because they took 10% of it overnight.” THAT they understand!!!

  • Cate

    Sean, I can hear the raw emotion and despair in your voice and it actually brought me to tears. My family no longer speaks to me because they deem me an alarmist and just plain crazy ….a step up from the conspiracy theorist they had labeled me for years I guess. The problem is once you wake up and see what is really happening it is impossible to go back to pretending that life is just wonderful being plundered and herded by unseen hands. I have withdrawn from family and friends and spend my time alone playing with my few silver coins and wondering where it is all heading. I am no longer sure that the good guys are going to come out on top and when I see something as blatant and bottom line stupid as this daytime heist of personal funds in Cyprus I wonder what really is behind it….can those in charge be that stupid or do they no longer care…..or or or…..
    Thanks for all you do Sean and know that there are many of us out here who share the raw emotion and despair that you do. Although I keep hoping and praying that those around me will wake up I do not see it happening in time to prevent what is coming and although we who are awake are being proven right I wonder about the price we are paying for that.

    • SGT

      Thanks Cate – it’s more outrage than despair. I’m not sure what, if anything, will stop these chronic, murdering, thieving Oligarchs at this point. The are hell bent on destroying humanity, and that’s certainly troubling to anyone with a brain and a pulse. Hang in there Cate!

      • NIX


    • Ed_B

      Cate… I can strongly relate to your words of anguish. The people in my family think of me in terms somewhere between bemusement and hostility. Oh, well. Those who insist on sleeping ALL the time certainly do resent those of us who are AAA (Awake And Aware). We keep asking those darned uncomfortable questions, don’t we? We insist that gold and silver are real money and not what the Keynesian elite pander to the masses; which is that credit and unbacked paper currency are actually money. They aren’t. Only gold and silver are money. Maybe copper.

      Those who live on Cyprus are now feeling the personal violation that comes from having their wealth stolen. Any who have physical gold and silver, however, are not feeling this today. Instead, they are feeling relief and vindication that they have protected themselves from these predators. This is a lesson for us all. This is likely a test case to see what the public will swallow. More WILL follow if this is not strongly rejected. Bad behavior that is not punished always results in more bad behavior. Always. That’s just the nature of these cretins. Hang in there. There are many out here who think and feel as you do. You are not alone in this.

    • lastmanstanding

      Cate…stand firm. If you loose faith, you will be lost.

      The rest of us here will not relent to these bastards…we all have our issues with loved ones in our life but that is just the way it is.

      Cate…”don’t go down without one helluva fight.” don the full armour of God and stand with him and those of us of faith.

    • freedom's ear

      For those that wish to assist in waking up the dead; try this.Ask them questions instead of tring to preach to them after all if you can’t get them to engage their conscience mind their responses will all come from the indoctrinated subconscience.Example my brother is a christian and I asked him if he was a christian and of course he replied that he was.Then I asked him if he was a christian why he had not obeyed god and came out of the beast as commanded by god of the bible.At this point i had pointed out to him the name game( proved it was the mark of the beast system that the bible was warning about and commanded to come out of.This seems to have worked for him.For others non christians might be complaining about income tax or something.Ask them if they pay it.And if they do ask them when they became a corporationa?Or and employee of the corporate United States?For me that is the only way to wake anyone up.You have to ask them questions and get their rational mind in gear.Good luck with your sleepy heads.Most refuse to wake up.

    • YankeeDoodle

      Cate keep this song in your heart and you will never loose faith.

      Life is like a mountain railroad
      With an engineer that’s brave
      We must make the run successful
      From the cradle to the grave

      Heed the curves and watch the tunnels
      Never falter, never fail
      Keep your hands upon the throttle
      And your eye upon the rail

      Blessed Savior thou wilt guide us
      Till we reach that blissful shore
      With the angels there to join us
      In God’s grace forevermore

      As you roll across the trestle
      Spanning Jordan’s swelling tide
      You will reach the Union Depot
      Into which your train will ride
      There you’ll meet the superintendent
      God the father, God the son
      With a happy joyous plaudit
      Weary pilgrim, welcome home

      Were all in this together.

  • fungusnuts

    dear SGT just curious if you have had any death threats ,ever been held under the enemy combatant terrorist NDAA law for speaking out againts the machine and are you getting any funding by any organization perhaps to incite reverse psychology into your readers like alex jonese .i find it interesting that people like alex jones are still alive and it could be because he is a few chosen to get the truth out because they (ILUMINATI) have to tell you by their standards what they are planning on doing thru movies, web sites,religion,etc……. why hasent your web site been shut down yet ???? just curious .

    • SGT

      The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

      SGTreport was the target of repeated vicious slurs & threats from several people whose url’s tracked back to Bank of America specifically:

      This website was also the target of repeated malware attacks which left us on Google’s “unsafe” list off and on for two weeks, in February 2013.

      I have also been the target of outright lies and slander spewed by 3 or 4 specific, despicable trolls on You Tube, for nearly two years running. If anyone is paid to spew anti-liberty, hate-filled propaganda on behalf of the establishment, start your investigation there.

    • NaySayer

      I don’t believe Alex Jones is a disinfo agent. You can beieve it if you want, but I don’t.

      • Johnny

        Agreed, NaySayer. Yes, he gets a bit over-exuberant at times, and I can only take him in small doses. But I believe he’s done a monumental service in alerting humanity to the global fasco-communist threat in the many years that he has dedicated his life to that task.

        He’s very high profile, has been for many years, so knocking him off might not be the wisest thing to do. To claim that he’s still here because he’s a protected enemy agent is absurd. That’s not to say they won’t attempt to take him out down the road, they may very well try. He knows that full well.

        If not for Alex, I’m not so sure this movement would be so far along as it is. But with that said, he’s not immune from criticism, and gets it when it’s deserved.

        • Ed_B

          “He’s very high profile, has been for many years, so knocking him off might not be the wisest thing to do.”

          That seems plausible, yet we also have the demise of Andrew Breitbart to consider. He too was a high profile truth-teller, yet died young, supposedly of a heart problem. Of course, the CIA and others are fully conversant with specific chemicals that can induce a heart attack in anyone and that then break down in a couple of hours into unrecognizable simple chemicals that are not in themselves toxic. My guess, as an analytical chemist with 30+ years of experience, is that any such signs would be very easily overlooked in a typical autopsy. Further, I find it more than a mere coincidence that the man in charge of Breitbart’s autopsy, Michael Cormier, died very shortly thereafter, supposedly by poison. Yes, Alex definitely needs to take suitable precautions to protect himself and his family.

  • willyt2

    The lights should be turning on for many of those who have been asleep to the real truths about our financial system and what they can do to us if were not prepared. Even the MSM is talking about this to some degree. For all of you folks on here who have been trying to spread the word of our impending financial doom hopefully some of the ones we’ve tried to wake up start smelling the coffee. People can see what can happen. Hopefully what is taking place in Cypress will be a wake up call to some of them. It’s sad when we have no control over our financial destiny, it is an outrage and is so totally frustrating when you realize what can happen and things can be taken away from you becasue the bankers and the government say so. We’re all in this together. I’m a Canadian and I realize no one is going to be spared when it all comes crashing down. Not even us passive Canadains who 90 % of them think this will never happen to us and most are so oblivious to reality. WTF wake up, not just Canadains but all of North America. It’s going to hell in a hand basket very quickly. Thanks for the excellent post. I’m sendng this one out until ppl get sick of hearing about it. Maybe then they’ll realize it’s going to happen here too HELLOOOOOOOOO!!

    • Johnny

      I was visiting a neighbor earlier today, and I brought up the Cyprus situation. He had one of those financial channels on, I believe it was a peacock channel (I don’t have a cable signal, so I’m out of touch with the stations). In any case, as we were discussing Cyprus, they began disusing it on the idiot box. Ironically, one of the talking heads they had on as a guest alluded to the seriousness of the matter, suggesting that people get into “hard assets”. The mannequin doing the interview looked floored! She actually said (to paraphrase): “You mean stocks and bonds?” He said: “No, gold silver and farmland.” Couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and neither could the mannequin! Something tells me he broke MSM’s golden rule (no pun intended) by actually giving rational advise!

  • willyt2

    Just a side note here. You would think ther would be a jump in the price of PM’s but off course not the algos are set to let them rise ever so slighty. Considering the blatant rip off that happened you would think they would have taken a huge jump, but oh no can’t let that happen!!

  • Jeff

    Great micro-doc SGT. How soon before we have our bank holiday here in the US? Days, weeks, months? I’m not waiting. I did my own personal bank run an hour ago. Wired a bunch of cash to Miles Franklin for a small mountain of Ag and took all what was left minus the minimum balance out in cash. Don’t get caught people. They will not tell you on Friday that you’ll be getting a haircut on Monday. The revolution will not be televised!

  • Troy

    I don’t keep money in banks…I cash my check, and buy things. Ammo, guns, food, tools, silver coins, copper coins, clothing, shoes, propane, vehicles that are 20 years old and older with low miles…and another house in the country.

  • Rodster

    Wow, great video. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • mark98z

    I see the possible…[“problem”]… coming up.. I have been scanning…
    apparently you are getting too close……
    ..-. the good guys are here in FORCE ,,-
    fight the good fight man


  • willyt2

    The biggest bank account heist in history is now officially called off. Their running scared, theyy know what would have happened if it would have gone through. Somone pulled the plug on the idea. EVERYONE should now be warned that this could still be a possibility in the future. In which country you ask? ANY country forewarned is forearmed. Beware peeps!!!

    • NaySayer

      While the Cypriot parliament voted not to allow the theft of money in accounts on their island, they mostly did it because most of the large deposits dumped in their banks belongs to the russian mafia.

      They aren’t stupid enough to cross the russian mob. However, now New Zealand has stated that it might be a good idea and some members of their parliament have said that they are going to cover the next bank to go down in NZ by taking the depositor’s money. NOT THE STOCKHOLDER’S MONEY, NOT THE PEOPLE WHO OWN SHARES IN THE BANK, no. they are going to take the depositor’s money.

      • Ed_B

        Yes, they are making noises to that effect but I find it curious that all this bankster BS seems to be centering on small island nations… Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, and now New Zealand, supposedly a Mecca for those wishing to avoid being plundered by international banksters. Well, the turd just dropped into the soup on that one!

  • mark98z


    the good guys really on YOUR side…… lots of folks.. are collecting….

    another song… I feel the OUTRAGE too… …
    lets do what we can… /// and in a new York minute…..
    Everything can change…
    Don Henley >>
    sometimes a SONG can evoke the EEE-Motion necessary for “change”

    carry ON MAN


  • Mark

    it is coming down… the good guys are here….
    carry on..


  • Mark

    and YES I mean what I post.. you are more protected than you can guess…


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