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Capital controls in Cyprus banks, currency crisis

from Alexiscom1:

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1 comment to Capital controls in Cyprus banks, currency crisis

  • Tom he

    Um, I don’t think Cyprus has 860 million people…did you mean 860,000? That I could believe. And anyway, it really doesn’t matter…they are through. I mean finished, sad to say…we all are. The globalist want to destroy paper currency and issue in a digital, RFID currency with all our information on it. Then, if we do something they don’t like, they just turn off your chip. Total control.
    The wars that are coming are all planned to reduce the population and gain a more lethal hold on us serfs, the cattle, the steeple…
    Unless we rise up and cut the head off this snake, we are all finished.
    Bring back the guillotines!

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