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BitCoin Ponzi Scheme

from TruthNeverTold:

With Bitcoin up to $48 I think it is time to separate the hype from reality. This is a Part 1 of a two part series on the Bitcoin. Listen to all. Follow none..

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5 comments to BitCoin Ponzi Scheme

  • Silver Shield

    Already dropped $10 since I posted the video and I have not even uploaded the part 2 with the CIA connection…

    Still a 1:1 Bitcoin for silver is pretty sweet deal.

  • johns

    I’ve been watching this bitcoin thing for a while now. I never could answer a simple question, “what the hell is it”?
    I’ll take silver and gold money, no questions to ask here.

  • Ivan

    Not sure what’s funnier, bit coin ot tulips

  • So I guess the author doesn’t know what a Ponzi scheme is then?

    I am disappoint.

  • The Truth

    Another George Carlin moment. What you have is the ILLUSION of money! LOL! The funny thing is the name says it all “Bit Coin” as in computer data or 1’s and 0’s. While folks get the bits (0’s) the creators are the ones with the Bytes (1’s) and they are the ones collecting all the bits too . So all they are doing is adding 0’s to their 1’s and becoming millionaires or even billionaires soon! Now this scheme is greater than the FIAT PONZI! Can’t knock the creators for this though. Outright genius!!

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