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Autism Rates = 1 in 50 Kids: Are Vaccines Responsible?

from Experimental Vaccines:

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3 comments to Autism Rates = 1 in 50 Kids: Are Vaccines Responsible?

  • NaySayer

    In the past I would have discounted any such assertions as tin foil hat, along with fema camps etc. Now I suspect that these stories have some truth in them. Many are plainly true once you find out what the criminals who have taken over our government have done in the past. When you find out that the corporations and governments have gone into prisons and mental institutions and conducted horrific experiments on those least likely to be listened to, you don’t think there is any nazi like horror they wouldn’t visit on those they consider to be beneath them.

    One other possibility is that 1 out of ever 50 vaccine shot is laced with an autism creating drug and this is done on purpose, to study the efficacy of the drug. Does that ratio of 1 out of every 50 seem like a target in some controlled study?

    The congress and Obama just passed the Monsanto protection act and are weaponizing food to use to control us or just plain kill us, so why would I put poisoning 1 out of every 50 babies with an autism creating drug past these psychos??

    • SGT

      Perfectly stated. I wanted to read your comment fully prepared to counter anyone who would dismiss the vaccines-autism connection, and my angle was going to BE the FASCIST Obama-Monsanto Geo-frakenfoods “protection act”. Further evidence that we, as a once free people, are apparently screwed.

      • NaySayer

        We are only as screwed as we allow ourselves to be. We may have to fight, literallyu use violence to protect ourselves, but we don’t have to be completely screwed.

        I live in one of the top five locations to survive economic collapse etc. (According to Joel Skousen). It doesn’t have much in the way of cultural opportunities of a certain kind. NO broadway plays, no concerts of note. However, I know that I am surrounded by people who will not give up their guns, who know how to garden & survive.

        I will not take a vaccine of any kind. Well maybe I would take a tetanus shot if I step on a nail or something. I wouldn’t want to, but getting lockjaw would be so painful and deadly that I might do that, but there is no way I would take a flue or any other kind of vaccine.

        You are smart, you have preps and since I guess I got the impression that you were somewhere near the east coast near New York city, I hope you have a good and workable plan to get the hell out when it collapses.

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