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Are we Headed into a Mad Max Scenario?

from ArmstrongEconomics:

The 1981 film Mad Max with Mel Gibson has been the subject of many emails asking what to do, should they store some food, silver coins, etc. As a trader, you always plan for ALL options so when they emerge, you know where to turn and what to do. I am diligently working to get four books out this year. We have the staff now working on these projects trying to pick up speed.

The primary research in this area has been to collect all the data concerning the rise and fall of every empire, nation, and city state. How did it collapse? What was the outcome? How did people respond? Can you survive it? Opinions are typically formed around what took place in 1929. The knowledge base beyond that event is thin to say the least. We spent over $20 million to be able to create that chart of the collapse of Rome. Fortunately, we have always had the funds to do massive research and the curiosity of what really happened. If you think the 1929 scenarios are sufficient, good luck. This is about massive government collapse of a global scale in the West that will end shifting the power to Asia.

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