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After a Round of Golf, Obama Attends Syracuse-Marquette Basketball Game

from Fox News:

President Barack Obama attended one of the weekend’s big college basketball games after playing a round of golf Saturday.

Obama’s motorcade took him directly from a golf course at Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland to Washington’s Verizon Center to watch Syracuse and Marquette play for a berth in the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament. He left shortly before the end of the game, which Syracuse won 55-39.

With less than 11 minutes remaining in the first half of the East Regional final, Obama appeared on the Jumbotron suspended above the Verizon Center court. He sat with Reggie Love, his former personal aide at the White House and a member of the Duke team that won the NCAA championship in 2001. At least one other friend, Marty Nesbitt, also sat with the president. Also joining Obama was NCAA President Mark Emmert.

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3 comments to After a Round of Golf, Obama Attends Syracuse-Marquette Basketball Game

  • Tomche

    Yea, so? Got nothing better to write? People are dying, millions are taking to the streets, countless more are losing their jobs, our constitution is being destroyed, thieves and murderers have taken control of our country, ww3 is about to be green-lighted and all you have to write about is this drivel? Piss off you worthless pike.

    • Fred Hayek

      Uh, Tomche, I think you could turn your comment around and perhaps see that the point of posting the article might have been that while all those things are happening Glorious Leader still acts as though he should be living one perpetual vacation.

  • Randa

    Wait till Psychobama shuts down the western banking system to accommodate his handlers. Then he’ll be going on a 2-week cruise to the islands of the South Pacific where he’ll be drinking pina coladas with the new Pope.

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