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Where has all the .22 ammo gone? (A Frenzy at a local store)

from imperialfragments:

Ever wonder where all the .22 and .223 ammo has gone? This is one mans tale of a desperate struggle to secure a brick of the impossible to find .22 long rifle cartridge

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6 comments to Where has all the .22 ammo gone? (A Frenzy at a local store)

  • PTS

    Great story, man!

    We are totally out of .22 and 9mm where I am at. I checked out a store this morning, and they had just gotten a new shipment from Remington. They had about 20 boxes of those exact same .22 boxes that you show in your video. I picked up 3 of them (the store has a limit of 10 boxes of ammo per customer per day…a bit more generous than Idaho). But I was way happy to get myself 1,650 rounds of .22LR, and save some boxes for other lucky people.

    Another customer had snapped up all the rest of the Remington 9mm that had just come in, but he kindly gave me 2 boxes from his cart when he saw me looking for 9mm. Again, that caliber I cannot find ANYWHERE in my area. I just found it so nice of him to share with me…not the “Black Friday” frenzy imperialfragments was describing in this video : )

  • steelerdude

    I’ll give you $35 for it and I will pay shipping. (JK)

    Glad I boxed up 5 of those puppies back in summer of 2012….

  • Jayber

    Now I’m curious to find out what it’s like around here for myself.

    Latest I’ve heard is a shortage of 12ga, 9mm, and .40 along with the expected shortages of .223/5.56 and 7.62 of various sizes. Heck, even heard 30-06 is hard to find outside of the uber-expensive specialty rounds. The shortage of 12ga and 30-06 is really odd, since outside of deer/duck/goose season, there’s always been plenty on the shelves and in stock due to popularity and frequency of use.

    Amazingly, I just checked Sportsmans Guide, and damn near all their 22LR is OOS or “notify me”. About all that’s left are shorts and some of the mag variants. WOW.

    All I can say is: thank God I inventoried my ammo early last year and worked on bringing my stocks up. Not where I want to be, but better than I was a year ago. Sadly, I placed a particular ammo order in flippin’ November last year that was due to ship in December…and now I’ll be lucky to get it by mid-April.


    Just to ad to the comments, went to Bass Pro Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale to by 4 boxes of 9mm for a birthday gift for a friend. To my shock, they were 90% out of EVERYTHING. So I bought the last(display case)Ruger LCR .38cal, that I had been toying with for months, looking to shop a better deal.Forget that!…. I love it. Now I can’t wait till no one can fine a pre 1964 SILVER dime or any silver eagles or bars TO BUY at any coin store. GAME OVER!!!!!! PS. Not a lot of shoppers at Bass Pro on a Saturday afternoon? i think people are now out of credit and cash. Wait till last years Biblical NW draught starts taking it’s toll in the grocery stores! God Help Us All.

  • Think about it if our Government wanted to get rid of half the guns in the nation in one shot, just get rid of 22 ammo.(1) Every household for the most part owns a 22 of some kind (2) you can’t reload or make 22 ammo (3) the crap about Manufactures are not making any right now BS how many manufactures are there a hundred 2 hundred they all can’t be down a once. Im in AZ. and wal-mart has had NO 22 ammo for 2 months

    Remember this is the Gov. that sold the DRUG dealers of SHIT HOLE MEXICO real assalt weapons.

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