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US Government Uses Drones To Help Catch Ex-Navy/Ex-LAPD Cop Killer

[Ed. Note: And there you have it: Precedent set. Was this the reason for this absolutely bizarre storyline all along? With the use of drones in this case now firmly implanted in the public mind as “justified”, it will be a slippery slope into the wider roll out of Skynet. God save the Republic.]

from matlarson10:

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4 comments to US Government Uses Drones To Help Catch Ex-Navy/Ex-LAPD Cop Killer

  • Bud

    My advice, if you are a stocky African American, DO NOT go hiking anywhere near the Big Bear mountains.

  • lastmanstanding

    Dear God. Please keep this man safe until a jury of impartial human beings can decide what the hell happened here.

    They cannot continue to be judge, jury and executioner…to hide the truth.

    • Good Ole Boy

      2nd this. The precedent has been set using drones to kill Americans. After all, if we all know someone is guilty, what’s the point in a trial. They road has been laid and we are on our way down it. The only way to stop it is to throw ourselves on the wheels and gears of the machines.

  • justsaying

    Rise up!!! nothing is going to happen… the truth ( and you all know it) most American will take and like it… nothing but down hill from here… bow to you leaders!

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