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The Mind of an Enforcer

by Eric Peters, Lew Rockwell:

Want to understand how cops think? Or rather, how thought-less they are? Here’s a deconstruction of an interview (full text here) Yahoo conducted with ex-traffic op Mike Brucks:

Yahoo asked Brucks, “How much leeway do you give someone before writing them a speeding ticket?”

Brucks answered:

“The speed limit in Texas used to be 60 mph, [and] well, out on the clear road where there’s a lot of visibility I give people leeway. I wouldn’t write tickets until they got to 80 mph…..”

Ok. Hold onto that. Now check out Brucks’ next answer:

Yahoo asked him: “Are speed limits too low?”

And he replied:

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1 comment to The Mind of an Enforcer

  • Kyle

    Whether or not a police officer writes you a ticket or not is totally subjective. All police officers speed sometimes as well which makes all police officers that write speeding tickets hypocrites. Speeding tickets are wealth generating fines for the city and county they are written in. It’s not about safety which they want you to believe. There are plenty of countries with no speed limits which have less accidents than we do here in the U.S.

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