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Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin joins me to discuss the latest attacks and says, “For the first time I’ve ever seen the cartel doesn’t even use cover any more. They have been hitting gold and silver with impunity. It’s the most oversold I’ve seen in at least three years, and all the fundamentals are stronger than they’ve ever been. I would say that today is the most undervalued gold and silver prices have been in my entire 11 years in this sector.”


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  • Frank Zak

    Real estate is so hot in so calif right now,
    these are typical comments

    “Altough we wrote our offer above listing price with a large down payment, we did not even get a counter offer. The seller only negotiated with the top 2 offers, and ultimately accepted one of those”

    note, there were 12 offers in first 2 days on an extremely ho hum house
    in below standard area in la

    • NaySayer

      huh? what does that have to do anything about silver? Can you link to articles about this supposed hot calif. real estate market? I thought most people were fleeing from california screaming as they did so.

      Bankrupt cities, rising taxes, taking away anyway to defend yourself physically etc. Why would anybody in their right mind want to be in calif. right now?

    • BUZZ

      looks like paper price is going to 5 bucks…hehehe

      the corruption in these markets is fking insane.

  • John

    I really enjoyed listening to this one, thanks..

    Andy is so clear, and to the point!!

    • SGT

      Thanks a lot John. Andy is one of my favorites too – he has a real way with words and he shoots from the hip with facts & candor every single time.

      • John

        Sean, I’ve been stacking since $22.00, I wanted to get in a few years earlier, but was new to all this and didn’t know on where to get it? Well, after watching the interview with Rawdog and Rahul, I was asking myself questions.. Is there an actual shortage of Silver? If there was such a limited supply, why wouldn’t a billionaire pick it up? Then I seen comments on Brtherjohnf’s and Gregory Manarrino’s sites.. All silver stabbers just jumped out of a closet.. I’m going to be coming across a good chunk of fiat in the last week of March… Hope they keep it down here.. I am more certain than ever… Silver is the best investment out there… Others could dabble with the rigged paper casino market… Not for me..


      • BUZZ

        Thanks Sean for this interview….i can’t watch the metals paper price anymore…we are conditioned to look at the paper price and get all bent when the cartel takes it down for no reason. Ranting andy is the little angle in your head speaking to me when I am subject to the propaganda.

        I have a feeling the cartel is going to kill the precious metals during the end of their fiat run in these final years. They have nothing to lose, and they won’t admit defeat. The cartel’s defeat will come from Asia and when people are buying stuff with real money on the street.

        You have to have faith that history/math/nature will prevail.

  • Eric

    You had a good post about how gold and silver have a sort of alloidial title to it Sean. Andy is right. I cashed out everything last year and went all in physical. I sleep like a baby now and don’t wake up anxious to check the market price of paper investments. Have no idea what my average cost is and don’t care. Measuring wealth should not be done in fiat paper terms. You’re just trading one currency for a better one. You’re removing your wealth from their corrupt system which they only use against us. No one should be expecting to get rich this way.

  • sergio of the Jungle

    The regulators, being of lower capabilities than a bank lobbyist, is outmanoeuvred, out-bribed, and out-regulated by members of the bank community when influencing members of Con-gress.
    Bart, you are a water boy.

    • Alvin

      Yes they do, FOR NOW. I don’t think that they ever thought they could ever fuck up THIS BAD. Going to be 7 BILLION ANGRY PEOPLE, where they going to run?

  • Jim

    Appreciate the interesting interview once again.

    I realize that this site is primarily US-centric and therefore dollar-cost-averaging makes sense and is good advice for most listeners, but spare a thought for us in the UK where silver purchases are taxed at 20%. The only way I can mitigate this is to import silver from germany at 7% VAT – but this only makes sense in large purchases which basically makes monthly cost-averaging impractical for silver – it can be done with gold though.

  • Praxis

    I hope SLV / GLD breaks down through the major lower penant line and craters on momentum with a bonus if it breaks 26 support for a bit. A nice back-up-the-truck moment is welcome while in tune with other securities dropping their drawers.

    It’ll also shake out the weaker miners which is sorely needed, while slapping the stronger ones down to epic buys.

    Regardless of the externalities, on the charts, the U/D decision is coming very quickly. Lines converge around March – April.

  • AgShaman

    The video points that out for him. If you hold, and don’t sell….the loss remains unrealized and can be DCA’d lower to ensure a faster crest to the category of an unrealized gain.

    Silver and gold held in the amount to protect ‘PP’ in future depends on each individuals circumstance (the asset represents an “insurance policy”)

    Buying more than the calculated amount needed is what constitutes the “investment grade” portion of your stack.

    Where people bring stress into their lives is when they allow the conditioning of the ‘Matrix’ to engulf them by calculating paper prices. You must “shuck” your conditioning and accept that this is an asset class older than all others. Using fiat pricing is an insult. You must thing in terms of “exchange rates”….and what you may be exchanging it for in the future. When the parabola takes center stage and the best part of the bull market ride moves to stage 3….all fiat currencies may not be sticking around to accommodate your desire to divest a portion or all of your stack. You may have to choose the Chinese Yuan, or exchange for land, property, fuel, food….who really knows? Humans will decide what has value and what will be the exchange rates….once these paper fraudsters are vanquished.

    If you’re out there, stay strong Dan…and hold onto your insurance policy and/or investment grade precious. People are going to need PM’s going forward

  • Ade

    Sean, great interview as ever. Thanks for taking the time to put the word out. I’m a confirmed believer in the (blindingly obvious!) case for PMs. But my view has changed somewhat. I used to get very worked up over the blatant manipulation, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be accepted if you want to participate in the PM market. I now realise that this activity will continue ad infinitum until the system crashes completely. Don’t look for logic, fairness, or justice within the current system. It doesn’t exist, and will not. When you consider the brazenness and impunity by which the major financial organisations operate today, it’s a lost cause. If larger issues such as LIBOR rigging and money laundering are not deemed criminal, the relative insignificance of silver market rigging will never be addressed. If you can’t accept that, don’t make any investment in the silver markets, paper or physical. If you can accept that, then thank the HSBCs and JPMs of the world for allowing you access to PMs at prices which are quite frankly ridiculous in today’s economic environment. All the best.

  • Alvin

    It’s a PERFECT STORM. There are more overinflated bubbles globally then a 60’s PEACE RALLY. I don’t pay any attention to the price. Once the bull is let out the gate post $50 silver, then I will grab a beer (or two) and watch the greatest REALITY show, LIVE from my living room. Inflation here in Canada? Where I live, a whole chicken went from about $6-$7 up too $13-$15. 3 small pork chops is over $8. A roll of bologna use to be about $10-$12, now I see them for $28. And the economy in Canada is suppose to be “smokin'”. PREPARE. Thanks Sean for all your great work and thanks to all the great people that contribute to this site.


    Andy, Sean, Good Job! Chris Duane has been “Walkin the Walk” for years. Hard Corps!
    “PHYSICAL” ……Yes, Keep stackin’!!!

  • Brian

    Hey SGT…if you have questions about the POPE,why don’t you interview Eric Jon Phelps????? he is a 20+ year historian on this topic…… you’ll talk to everyone else but him?? hmmmmmmm

    • SGT

      Bri – I have a hard time maintaining this site and doing the precious few interviews I do already, not interviewing the Vatican Assassins guy has a lot more to do with me not having time than it does with “hmmmmmmm”, as you put it. Why don’t you lay out your thesis for what his arguments are right now and we’ll let everyone vote on it: Jesuits VS Zionists VS Royal Bloodlines VS Neocons VS Freemasons… the rabbit hole runs deep, and imo, no one (including Eric John Phelps or Alex Jones or Ron Paul) has ALL of the answers.
      And by the way, I’ve already taken some heat here for daring to criticize the pope and the Catholic church for crimes against humanity (Vatican bank & child molestation and rape).

      • Alvin

        That rabbit hole runs the ends of the universe. there is no society more secretive then the Cathlolic Church. Had our fair share of “molestors” here in our little town, even in our own home when we were kids “just touching”. And this “use to be” priest is worth about 1 billion and living in Belize(Ronald Kelly) and still seems to have some pull in the small community that we live in. My son will go to “church” on his own accord if he decides for himself that he want to go. The Vatican has more blood on it’s hands then all wars combined. How in the hell (nice play on words here) can they preach peace when all they ever spit out was WAR? Will we be judeged? Maybe. Judged by who? Don’t know. How can any so called “GOD” throw anyone in the bowels of this so called “HELL” when we have been lead to believe lie after lie bye the people we trust most. Would not surprise me if majority of saints were in hell TBH. They knew waht was going on and chose to look the other way.

        • Brian

          that is because the Catholic Religion/Church is Apostate as most churches are…so don’t blame God just because of man’s depravity…..There is ONE Truth and ONE way…through the Lord Jesus Christ!

      • Brian

        Very good response….it’s nice to see that you ARE open

        Give Eric a chance too,I promise you you will be delighted,he is a good guy



  • Pete-o

    First post and maybe the last, but I thought I’d share some thoughts on the current crunch. I think there is plenty of evidence that the people that run everything have been at it for a long time, centuries in fact. It’s the same families. So any talk of their interests being exposed or them going down is silly.

    What may be happening right now with gold and silver is something I have been expecting.

    Let’s look at it from their point of view. They have run paper money scams for centuries. They know how it all works, in fact they are experts at it. Create a central bank, loan money to government who make the people pay it back. They know full well the loans are UN-payable because there is never enough money in the system. Do you really think they are going to get stuck with all the paper money they created?

    No, they are going to convert it to hard assets. So this is what I think will happen sooner or later. They will drive the prices of gold and silver down far beyond what anyone thinks is possible, convert all the paper money they can, then just step aside and let the market work for them.

    They do it over and over. Only this time on a global scale. What is really sad is how cheap it is to buy a government.


    • Alvin

      You are right Pete, but the one “ingredient” that was missing for “centuries” is the INTERNET. The MATRIX has been exposed and even as we speak, they are trying to regulate and/or shut it down. They gambled that the internet would keep the masses forever assleep with the plethora of free PORN but it BACKFIRED. What the internet is witnessing now is people starting to ask questions and waking up to reality. These ELITE have no where to go. They are surrounded by 7 billion people that are going to be VERY ANGRY at them for their travesties over the centuries. I do believe that 100’s of millions will die, but they will loose at the end. All i hope is that TRUTH prevails.

      • Pete-o

        Alvin, Simply beautiful reply and I couldn’t agree more. I tried to keep my response short but as Brezinski said in CRF meeting paraphase – for the fist time in history more people know how the system really works. And that is a huge danger to them.


  • Jeff

    Long since stopped caring what the price is. I’m always a buyer. Andy is one of my favorites and SGT does a great job interviewing him. He’s very entertaining.

  • Crash Overide

    I don’t stack all the time, but when I do, I stack Sliver… Stay thirsty my friends.

    Cartel = desperate

  • hoser

    I enjoy listening to Andy Hoffman. His confidence is always reassuring. I always buy the dips. I quit contributing to my retirement 3 years ago and I sleep well at night. My retirement contributions are now in the form of physical. I feel sorry for those without metal or long-term storable food.

  • hoser

    while we wait for the metals to surge…..
    Here’s a great website that will make everyone smile:


  • Jeff

    Thanks for that Hoser. Music doesn’t care about the price of silver. Great site…thanks.

  • I have been stacking for about three years now and i have a question for SGT .I know not all metal dealers feel the way about the dollar as we do. Even the coin dealer i go to every month really didn’t understand when i told him that the dollar is going to die.he actually laughed at me and said if that was true i wouldn’t take your money! I also laughed and gladly handed him my currency and he handed me his money.i feel he actually believes the dollar is KING! So for the dealers who know that silver and gold is money why do they trade us there money for our increasingly devalued currency. Do they just put what they charge over spot and improve there position in metals? Im a little confused about that.thanks man love this site and liberty mill!

  • Slvrizgold

    I love hearing Hoffman speak, but I disagree with him about mining stocks. I give him props for being dead on right about getting out of them and just going strictly into bullion. However, I did manage to buy many miners during the 2008 crash that went up 1000-2000% in 2 years. So it doesn’t always have to turn out sour grapes if you are patient or use good timing. Hell, some of them even pay good dividends now. For exampe, I bought IAG at $2.55 and it pays 25 cent dividend annually. That’s 10% yield on my original capital and IAG also went from $2 to $23 in 2 years. Or First Majestic which has the strongest growth profile in the silver space has went from $1-2 to $26 (currently 17) They’ll be paying a dividend withiin a year imo and it’s was a 1000% rocket rise. There are many others who have fared well opertionally and also in share price: B2Gold, SLW, Tahoe, EXK, Silvercrest, Sandstorm, Rio Alto, Timmins Gold, Primero, Pretium, etc. Most PM stocks are trading at MULTIYEAR LOWS. These stocks are selling at 2006-2008 prices when gold was $700-800 not $1600.

    Stocks do well in a money printing environment, look around. Once this gold scare is over, the miners have a lot of catching up to do. Don’t let the naysayers tell you there is no value there. Gold/silver miner profits were almost NOTHING for over a decade! Sure it sucks to be a startup with $1000+ cash costs, those companies are really below breakeven when you account for expenditures to grow or even maintain production. But for established miners with infrastructure and development already in place, digging gold for $1000 and selling it for $1600 is not a bad business model. Especially when you consider gold is going higher. I know I know, the cost increases have been relentless, but isn’t a $600-800 margin in 2013 better than a $200-300 margin like in 2006-2008 when gold was $700-800 and miners had cash costs of $400-500?

    Silver under $30 is retarded. It’s a silly as corn being under $1/bbl.

    Jim Sinclair is right, just like every other time. Some people have seen and know things we could never know because of our station in life. If you can’t capitalize on these lower prices, then do nothing. Did the people who owned stocks in 2008 that were down 50% or more make the right move by pissing their pants and selling at the bottom? Or should they have waited for the huge rises that follow such devastating declines? Remember solar stocks? They were all high flyers and all dropped into the toliet. They’re all up 100-300% across the board in the last 9 months. Those are money losing businesses with dubious value. GOLD/SILVER STOCKS ARE NOT SOLAR STOCKS. This isn’t a FAD.

    I know it’s been trying to own miners, but there are peaks that go along with the valleys. Thank God I had the good sense to own a lot of real metal too back when it all got started. Today, I’m not so sure that $1600 in gold is better than $1600 in gold stock in the current price range. Why not get the gold exposure and chance for increasing cash flows, dividends, and capital appreciation. a $2- handle on silver is a great value imo. I am just stream of thought ranting here. Maybe I am all wrong. Sorry if that was boring, or if I am gravely mistaken.

  • Slvrizgold

    I am down with what Marcellus wrote, miners need to stop supplying the market. Although this isn’t feasible and won’t happen, they could constrict supply somewhat, the way OPEC does. I am a big fan of holding back a % of production and just storing it on the balance sheet like cash. Look at all the major miners cutting back on marginal projects, delaying capex expenditures and mill expansions, halting exploration work, etc. Look at all the high cost miners overindebted miners like Jaguar that will end up tits up. No other company will bring those kinds of mines back online in the current environment so that means a few million ozs is coming offline in gold. For silver, if base metal prices were to crash, silver production could fall substantially. The only huge silver mines coming online I can think of are Pascua Lama in 2 years and Tahoe’s Escobal, and First Majestic has Del Toro, which is only 6M ozs a year. If silver prices was at it’s true value, low-grade deposits everywhere would be popping up and silver supply would increase, BUT IT HASN’T AND IT ISN’T! Yet.

  • Troy

    Its getting close to my magic $28 mark…thats when I will buy the mother load of Bison, Freedom Girl, and even more Slaves. I bought 70 Slaves about a month ago. Got Cash?

  • Troy

    I wanted more 1 ounce Snakes, but they sold out already.

  • Rico

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Slave Queen and I laugh at all of her worshipping SUBJECTS…

  • Frisby

    Now Silver Doctor Site is Down Same screen as Greg Hunters

  • John Doe


  • freetopian

    Phuck, I hardly can see the pounding:

    Seriously, I’m always trying to see if I made the wrong decision buying silver and gold. Maybe the guys I’m listening are just selling their book. Maybe it’s not manipulated. But c’mon! this ain’t manipulation??? Who the hell would sell this amount in this short period but not to drive it down?

    • BUZZ

      trust your instincts.

      do you really think that 25% of the world’s silver production was sold in 15 minutes?

      The problem with holding onto gold and silver is that we are fighting the current banking/financial/corporate empire.

      They print as much money as they wish. They control energy, commodities, resources, mines, media, politicians, entire countries.

      So if you hold onto precious metals…sure it’s the right thing to do, but are you going to win against these very powerful entities.

      I am personally not investing any further into pms…there are a lot of people on this site that tell you to buy at every fking dip, but I bet most of these people have less than 500 ounces of silver. If they had more than that (like I do) they wouldn’t be expressing how positive it is for lower pm prices.

      Do I win if I die 30 years from now and silver is at 15 bucks?
      This may be a long drawn out battle. One in which might outlive you. Are you willing to fight that long?

      Sure math/nature/and history are in our pocket but they didn’t have computers capable of manipulating every market in the world with a few keystrokes. They didn’t own all the major media outlets, they didn’t own every major western govt and their “regulation agencies” The central banks were not capable of coordinating this kind of wealth destruction for ordinary peoples.

  • Troy

    I just witnessed a massive silver buy at Gainsville coins…all the large bars were bought, and even nearly all the 10 ounce bars. I ordered 25 Bison today, and the guy on the phone said he had 4 “very very large” orders. The big dogs are buying the 100 ouncers! Only 2,424 Bison remain!

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