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Obama’s Planned Trip To Israel: Good Idea Or Not?

by Gabor Zolna,

WND has an interesting article that they just posted, titled “Iran Terror Threat To Obama’s Israel Trip.” It starts off stating that there is information that the Iran-backed “Islamic Jihad” terrorist organization may attempt to disrupt Obama’s visit there next month. The article goes on to state that there is no known threat against Obama himself or any U.S. targets. Really? I find that impossible to believe.

I care to differ for a whole lot of reasons. First of all, al-Qaeda documents that were gathered at the home of Osama bin-Laden (when Seal Team Six killed him) revealed that bin-Laden had ordered that Obama be killed while flying in Air Force One, along with General Petraeus.

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6 comments to Obama’s Planned Trip To Israel: Good Idea Or Not?

  • john 2

    C’mon….we’re all adults here…documents recovered from bin laden’s home? LOL The man has been dead for over a decade.

    • lastmanstanding

      No kidding john…I’m not sure why people need a rock to fall on their head regarding Bin dead for over 10 years.

      A man on kidney dialysis 4-5 days a week cannot haul that piece of equipment around from cave to cave with its own 3 phase power.

      Not to mention all the supposed ordance that was dropped in pursuit of his ass.

      Let’s not get into him masterminding the other stuff.

  • Slvrizgold

    Sorry govt, 911 did not fool us after what was done at OKC, shouldn’t have left the unexploded bombs in the building that failed to detonate and ATF/FBI already at the scene before the bomb even went off. The truck bomb, like the airliner and fires, was not what destroyed the building. Any physicist can tell you the govt stories are LIES. And what happened to Terrance Yeakey and Jesse Trentadue! ? These weren’t the only people the Gman eliminated. Yeakey was a first responder and rescuer who saw what was really going on and wouldn’t go along with the coverup. He was going to come forward. We are always watching, VIGILANT. The govt would probably fuck up a wet dream; they fuck up every false flag attack and leave mountains of evidence of their crimes, like in OKC, 911, Sandy Hook and the others.

  • zorbo

    Unless of course tptb have an engineered false flag event planned. Like getting a patsy fall guy to attempt an assassination, but the said fall guy will have a weapon with blanks. Then Mossad, or the president’s body guards will mow down the patsy fall guy. The investigation that follows will turn up evidence either Syria or Iran was involved allowing yet another useless war to be waged.

  • dan

    he will visit mecca when he’s over there

  • Exactly who do you think Obama answers to?

    Clue: It is not the people of the United States unless they have a certain communist bloodline. Communism being the transfer of all wealth and power from the middle class and the working class to the privately owned central banks and their selected oligarchs.

    Clue 2: How they treat the Palestinian people is a foretaste of the future under their fascist control.

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