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IRS Begins Implementation of Obamacare

by AWR Hawkins, Breitbart:

The IRS has begun implementing Obamacare; starting in 2014, “people who choose not to buy insurance and don’t qualify for an exemption from the mandate will have to pay a fine of $95.”

The $95 penalty will increase to $695 in 2016, and continue to grow thereafter at a “pre-determined” rate.

Households that do not earn enough to pay federal income tax are exempt from the penalty of the mandate, as are persons who are temporarily unemployed or transitioning from one job to another.

The current rules of the healthcare overhaul also say that if you have insurance “for one day of a month,” it will count as having coverage for that entire month.

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6 comments to IRS Begins Implementation of Obamacare

  • Johnny

    I’m still VERY confused as to how Yomamacare will affect those who ALREADY have insurance through their employer. I have excellent health insurance, both in terms of care and price. I need to know how this will change come 2014.

    • Jeff

      what will change is your insurance premium, I can almost guarantee it will rise in drastic proportion. I am currently under my wife’s insurance plan. She has what some would refer to as a “Cadillac plan” because she works in a “professional” setting where her “health related risks” are lower, according to some insurance dip shit. Her firm pays for her but she has to pay an additional $800/month for our family to be on it. That has risen 16% every year for the past 6 years. Now her firm fears that they may not be able to afford the “insurance benefit” for their employees due to the drastic increases already seen since Obama care was voted in. Basically destroying the middle class working family even further! Things are going to get much worse before they get a tiny bit better! God Speed

      • Johnny

        Thank you Jeff, this is kind of what I gathered, but my employer is being very tight-lipped about it. But what you tell me confirms my suspicions.

        What about in terms of the actual coverage, the particulars of the care, etc? This is another issue that my employer will not talk about. Will Obamacare have the ability to make major changes to my policy in that regard?

        I get mixed answers when I search online for this info. It seems no one is really sure.
        Any ideas. Thanks again!

  • Any person with a heart beat should have realized that when Gov gets involved it costs more.People will have to get use to the idea that they may have to choose between that family vacation or new car or hamberger instead of steak in order to pay for their health insurance,knowing full well that the increase is going to a worthy cause,i.e. tens of thousands more Gov Bureacrats,Thousands more IRS Agents and a large number of Illegals (11-12 million)and others that currently do not have/choose insurance(a large/significant number that choose rather to spend money on their priorities like trips,cars,clothes,booze,drugs,cigarettes,Lottery cards,etc)rather than an insurance premium.Once this thing gets rollin,it will become a capital eating machine without end.Welcome to the Modern Feudalism and Debt,Tax Slavery.

  • lastmanstanding

    All. Was having major issues with captcha last night so I will try again.

    We have a medical related biz. Here is the long and the short of it…gtf away from the system. Find a doctor(s), a nurse(s), a naturopath, your veternarian, someone in the biz and make a deal with them for future treatment. Ask around to your friends, family etc. looking for any type of medic who has helped them heal from any ailment and I repeat…make a deal for their advise, service, care. Look for someone who is a good person and cares about humanity.

    Do not put your faith in the bs that you are being told or not told.

    Look into prevention, exercise, proper eating, growing your own food or sourcing it from someone that you know locally. Look to nip things before they happen. Look to the earth, essential oils, herbs…

    God said, “I’ve given you everything that you need.”

    They want you thinking that they will care for you…the don’t give a damn about you. Especially, if they have already gotten all the productiveness that they can from you, that you are defiant and self-sufficient.

    “do NOT go down without one helluva fight.” WE must send them back to hell.

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