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Coin Show Ghost Town: Precious Metals & Worldwide Currency Free Fall Update

by SGT,

Coin show ghost town in the US. As the Banksters debase currencies worldwide, the sheeple people slumber, blindly grasping their fiat dollars as the FED “monetizes” the debt and spends this and future generations of Americans into economic oblivion. Last week, Venezuela devalued its currency by 46% overnight, while Argentina tries to implement price controls to prevent hyperinflation as social chaos erupts. By the time the average American sheeple wakes up to the realities we face, the empty coin shows will be long gone – and it will be too late to prepare. Got PHYSICAL?

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63 comments to Coin Show Ghost Town: Precious Metals & Worldwide Currency Free Fall Update

  • MPB

    Outstanding video. Thanks SGT for all you do.

  • Jeff

    Nice “goomba” there Sean. That cracked me up. Hope you bought something at the show.

    • SGT

      I bought a couple of things for the kids (if you look closely you’ll see a couple kids in the vid who are mine), but then came home and ordered far more interesting Ag at far better prices, from Apmex.

      • John

        Hey, maybe the sheeple are doing likewise, currently ordering from Apmex, Gainsville coins, etc. Hehehe, yeah sure.. TPTB are trying to maintain their “fairy tale ponzi scheme”.. The people I talk to think I’m going overboard on what I foresee, they have faith in the gubmint in being able to weather the storm.. Are guys like Greg Mannarino too extreme, is Mark Kieser going overboard on his collapse call? Tom Woods is thinking the gubiment will manage through, who’s right and who’s wrong?

        All I could do is prepare for the worst, knowing that the collapse will be an opportunity to reclaim our freedoms. given to us by our creator..

        Peace out brother, keep up the good fight…

      • Jeff (Phez)

        Hi SGT,

        Thanks for your your update here. Just wanted to share a few things in regard to coin shows and a few bullion observations in reference to APMEX. There is a new Canadian Polar Bear $8 1.5 ounce bullion coin recently released. APMEX sort of set the price for this coin and it is way too high! I can deliver many of these coins at a much lower cost than numerous online dealers and ebay sellers. The premium is outrageous and it just so happens, along with other newly released bullion coins, that some dealers are really taking advantage of “new items” and panic buyers. I don’t necessarily fault some of the “panic buyers” but folks need to wise up a bit and think about why they are buying precious metals. It is very important in times like this to have gold and silver, but panic buying and panic selling go hand in hand. I’m going to use SBSS coin series as an example of what I am thinking and trying to explain. I was never a big fan of Chris Duane until the release of the newest “Freedom Girl” release. I sat back and thought deeply about this and the other coins that he has designed and realize that there is much meaning behind these coins and people hopefully will start thinking about the reasons behind protecting yourself. This series of coins represent something far more significant than the bullion they are designed on. I know many regulars here probably understand this. Anyway, rambling here a little but I have come to gain a great deal of respect now for Chris Duane and feel he is a great deal of passion about helping folks understand what is happening in this God awful shitty mess WE ARE ALL IN. I have a sense of resentment towards the folks who are buying these coins from SBSS and turn around to list them on ebay at a cost much greater than they can be had. That defies the reasoning behind what I’m trying to express here. Nothing wrong with “making some money” so please don’t misunderstand me, I’m hoping you are understanding where I’m going with this train of thought. I have spoke with several dealers in my city and area and their is a big consensus that this panic buying that has been witnessed may come to a screeching halt, folks will feel they were screwed, and we might see a return of the traditional “coin collector”. More on that another time. My advice to the new stackers out there, stay away from the big online bullion dealers such as APMEX, Gainsville, Provident, just to name a few. Thanks for your continued efforts SGT!


        • Ed_B

          “My advice to the new stackers out there, stay away from the big online bullion dealers such as APMEX, Gainsville, Provident, just to name a few.”

          I could not agree less with this advice. Yes, SOME products on just about every web site out there are more expensive than necessary but so what? This is what shopping is all about… comparing prices and quality BEFORE deciding to lay one’s money down. Those too stupid to do that deserve what they get and they WILL get it too. For the rest of us, shopping at the big on-line bullion dealers works very well. I do it frequently and could not be more pleased with the results. They do their part by providing the choices and I do mine by making good ones. Simple.

          • Jeff (Phez)

            OK, well those “new stackers” are going to pay much more from the mentioned dealers than they would elsewhere. Sure the big 3 have a large selection, but compare some of the prices to local dealers and even some ebay sellers. All I am saying is don’t pay these high prices when it is totally unnecessary. Since you “could not agree less”, you would help someone out new to precious metals by advising them or suggesting to them to pay higher prices? It’s not about stupidity. I personally don’t have any issues with the big online dealers, I know what I’m looking for and know what is a high price vs. getting the most for my money. I was not suggesting anything towards those who have a grasp for the precious metals market……

            • Ed_B

              Consider the fact that a lot of places do not have a local dealer at any price or that they have a local store that gouges them on price. So, yeah, I would advise them to get the best deal they can and if that happens to be an on-line retailer, so be it.

              I have 3 local dealers who sell PMs. One is an out and out thief, so I do not recommend him to anyone. One is so-so. Sometimes deals can be had there and if so I would recommend noobs shop there to see if they can find a decent deal. One is really good and I always recommend him but his inventory is small and I rarely find anything to buy there. When I do it is usually a good deal. It’s just that he doesn’t have very much. If I want to add 100-200 ounces of metal to the stack, I often only have the choice of buying on-line.

              Something that I DO recommend to the noobs is to read all they can about PMs, check out various blog sites, compare vendor prices, and above all else THINK about what they are doing and what is being offered to them. Just because a place is local does not make it a good place to buy. It also does not make it a bad place. The buyer has to check them out and then decide for themselves if the place deserves their business. As always, caveat emptor!

      • Sean…..maybe we’re missing the obvious. Maybe no one there because they’re all fucking BROKE!

        • SGT

          truth my friend, but in a city w/ 3+ million people, there remains a lot of folks with fiat to spend. Although for most of us in the know now, we look online for our Ag.

          • Ed_B

            I have seen quite a bit of silver and even a little gold for sale at various local gun shows. We have many more of them here than we do coin shows. Some of the stuff is reasonable but a lot of it is not. More often than not, a silver coin or bar is used as a “sweetener” in a gun trade. That can work pretty well too.

            I like the short video format… very nice. Sometimes I have the time to watch a 20 minute video and other times not. Mt favs are the 9-11 minute videos. That is just the right amount of info for the time consumed.

        • Alvin

          BROKE? Bet they were all in line with credits cards in hand on BLACK FRIDAY?

          • Ed_B

            They might have been. Typically, Black Friday consists of an avalanche of people who do not understand the difference between “I can buy that” and “I can afford that”. Plus a few people who can afford what they want but want that special deal.

  • Slartibartfast

    If the people in your area are like my neighbors and myself – we’re all broke. John Williams is right. The US consumer is on their last legs. It’s getting real.

  • fonestar

    Sean, I think there’s something wrong with the videos again. The description on the main page is for the coin show but the video is the Keiser Report. Once I click on the comments the proper video displays.

  • Warp

    Devalue the USD, against WHAT?!

    The Bolivar could be devalued against the USD, but the Bolivar is a minor currency. The USD is the global reserve currency. This vestige of Breton Woods has not yet been destroyed. The other central banks compensate for each other in an orchestrated race to the bottom to destroy the middle class, retirees and fiat savers.

    No overnight change or bank holiday like what was done to the Bolivar is presently possible. It WILL be possible to do with the USD when/if the Chinese gold credit vouchers that Jim Willie recently described come about and are *required for all trade* with China. When China establishes a link between those credit vouchers and the CNY, then the USD devaluation would happen against the Yuan. Are we talking CNY6:USD1 to CNY4:USD1, maybe to begin with, isn’t that what the Ben Bernank has said he wants? Expect your trips to WalMart to get very much more expensive very quickly.

    Start watching the news for urgent triggers. If rumblings start, do what you can to get out of paper. This is what I have synthesized from reading your site, Sean.

    Please correct me if I have missed any part of the present narrative.

    • fivebarhacker

      Thats a good question. All I can say is the price of metals will rise, the price of crude will rise. This will be what I think the dollar will be devalued against, depreciating all fiat currencies pegged to the dollar. Already the price of gas has risen 50 cents a gallon in my area in the last week.

      • Warp

        And thus, the motive for the central bankers to suppress the prices of gold and silver via their proxies and part-owners is revealed.

      • Ed_B

        Ouch! on the price of gas in your area. It’s up here as well but “only” about $0.15 a gallon.

        Yeah, all commodities are in for higher prices in fiat because fiat is sinking out of sight. This is what people have to look forward to when they save their money in dollars, euros, yen (bad times there already), pounds, etc. instead of in REAL money, like gold and silver. Japanese savers have lost 15% of their purchasing power in the past 3 months!

  • Steelerdude

    With everyone getting smaller paychecks since Jan 1st and the run on guns and ammo,
    Christmas debt has to be paid off too, its pretty clear why it was slow.

    So my conclusion is this is the low in Metals….maybe after April 15th things will
    start to go ballistic for the metals…

  • Thomas

    Excellent video, Sean. Thank you.

    I usually buy my physical silver at a local coin shop and from a few vendors at the local swap meet. They tell me that their sales are slightly going up so there are a few sheeple waking up BUT I agree with you it is NOT ENOUGH.

    We need the same awakening as the millions who have awoken to the current 2nd Amendment attack where thousands are lining up at the gun shows. I would suggest the coin dealers start selling at the Gun Shows, too.

    Thank you for all you do. I visit your website multiple times EVERY day to get up to speed with what’s going on. I am sure ALL your viewers and followers ARE prepared for the worst thanks to you and other alternative media Patriots spreading the Liberty Message.

    You are a TRUE PATRIOT to our country. Thank you.

    Peace and Liberty,

    • SGT

      Thanks T, we are ALL Patriots here, who stand for truth and are among those who speak out against injustice, Bankster tyranny and the literal end of America (Liberty). Thanks for your comments all.

    • Ed_B

      “They tell me that their sales are slightly going up so there are a few sheeple waking up BUT I agree with you it is NOT ENOUGH.”

      Not necessarily. There are no sheeple on this web site, yet if some of us were to buy silver, no one would know whether we are sheeple or stackers because there is no stacker registration. Fact is, a lot of us stackers buy at somewhat regular intervals and then buy lots when there is a price pull-back.

  • Praxis

    As usual Sean, thanks for tirelessly banging the liberty bell.

    I’ll chime in on what Bruce Willis said in a video above. “You can’t legislate (apply force) insanity.” The flip side of that is also true. You can’t force common sense.

    Denial is rampant but even when someone agrees there’s this absolute terror field preventing the abandonment of the logical fallacy that is the dollar. It seems fear is very strong in retarding normal human adaptation with foresight into future events. With very very few exceptions, adaptation is singularly an in the moment phenomenon when hindsight is an available reference.

    The only sure-fire people I speak with who “have got it” are the ones who never had faith in the system to begin with, particularly as a child. I fall into this category being absolutely perplexed by the machinations of education and I think there are derivations such as what you experienced, present throughout life but largely dormant until a trigger happens.

    I guess the question is, Sean, how did you change your convictions so completely? What caused the end of your dormancy. Or how did anyone who frequents SGT make that choice?

    It seems only a 180 degree mental about face works and I think we know how hard it is to convince anyone to take that leap, that everything they believe is wrong. Hard as nails and worst of all, they have to take that leap. No one can take it for them.

    Cheers always,

    • SGT

      For me, the 9/11 event was absolutely central to my awakening. I have spoken with others who say the same, among them, Chris Duane, Mike Krieger, Andy Schectman, Vision Victory, Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, and countless other friends in this ‘movement’. If it hadn’t been for 9/11, I’d be somewhat awake, but certainly to a lesser degree. When one realizes the truth about what happened that day VS the sacred myth, as David Ray Griffin has called it, one understands just what these diabolical, truly evil people are capable of. And it’s horrifying. Much better for all of us if the “official stories” the PTB spew, were true. Sadly, most often, they are not.

      • Praxis

        Good point. If 9/11 never happened and we were still living in an extension of the 90’s I would likely be much less acutely informed, muddling in the weeds of systemic confusion. I agree, it might have been both simultaneously the biggest success and the hugest failure of PTB and evil nodders.

      • Ed_B

        Interesting, Sean. Like others, I too have a story to tell regarding my awakening and would like to see an article posted about this with everyone invited to post their story under the comments section. It would be enlightening to see how others came out of the MSM fog and into the light.

  • Ag Tex

    Thanks for all your hard work! Here is a first hand look at what is happening in Venezuela since Friday’s devaluation announcement.

    • Warp

      It looks like the cameraman got there right at the beginning of the rush. Lots of stuff still on the shelves. Notice the “coca-cola” is still fully stocked but the bread is being rationed.

    • Ed_B

      Man, that is just ugly. I have never before seen a real sheeple stampede. No wonder TPTB do all they can to avoid these.

      On the other hand, WHY has Venezuela devalued their currency? They appear to be a prosperous country with considerable oil wealth and little need to satisfy creditors or secure loans.

      • Iguana One

        THose people are laughing! It’s fun for them! Right now.
        But as things get worse, people will not be laughing.
        But laughing is a psychological reaction to help reduce stress as those sheeple know deep inside that the end is near. No?

        • Ed_B

          That laughter WILL disappear when the store shelves are empty or close to it… and they will be too. Price controls always fail and most often by failing to deliver goods that the people need. Yes, they have prices they can afford but NO goods to buy at those prices!

    • Praxis

      Looks like Black Friday at Walmart.


  • NIX


  • Brian

    has it ever occurred to you SGT that the average person cannot afford to buy precious metals?????? people live paycheck to paycheck and are worrying about paying their bills and putting food on the table then worrying about metals to stick in their closet…metals are not cheap like it was 10+ years ago

    • Ed_B

      Yes, that HAS occurred to virtually all of us and I am sure that Sean is WELL aware of it too. He is trying to awaken people to the NEED to own PMs, if they can, for if they cannot or will not, then they are well and truly screwed. Preppers and stackers (often one and the same) know that not everyone can be saved from the Greater Depression that is coming. But we do tend to feel a need to save as many as we can, especially family, friends, and neighbors, hence all of Sean’s great work, as well as that of many others in the liberty movement. Yes, there WILL be losses and there is nothing that we can do about that but try to minimize them.

      • SGT

        Thanks Ed. Yeah, I realize million of Americans are struggling every single day which is why I have also advocated collecting pre-1983 copper pennies which are worth approx. TWO cents in copper metal value alone. I have been very worried for how bad things are going to get after the collapse for Americans who already struggling NOW. It’s all very sad. Brian, you can thank the Banksters and the NWO powers who seek to enslave us all.

        • AgShaman

          Alot are buying bullets and guns.

          There are few that are awake, but certainly alot more since you alternative media warriors have been doing what you do to wake up those that are not fully zombified.

          Guns and bullets are every bit as good an investment as silver and gold.

          Alot of people are cash strapped and tapped out because they sense the US Govt is preparing to offer them either a rabbit hutch to live in…or a hollow point to the brainbox. It’s good to see many are planning to stand their ground.

          Good luck everybody

          • Ed_B

            “Guns and bullets are every bit as good an investment as silver and gold.”

            Roger that, AgShaman. Last November, I bought a Saiga AK-47 type semi-auto rifle. I paid $535 for it. Recently, a dealer offered me $900 for it. Another person I know said that the dealer was trying to rip me off because he knew that some people were paying $1200 for similar rifles. I’m not selling this one because it is the only rifle I own that isn’t a .22 rim-fire. Still, prices are high and probably going higher for the immediate future. I also bought 1000 rounds of ammo for it for $215. Sure can’t touch that price these days… if you can find any, that is.

            • MPB

              Ed-B, SGT, AgShaman all great points. I fully concur. Another one folks can invest / save in is commom nickels. You don’t even have to sort them and they are worth their full face +! At one point each nickel in the last year was worh .07 because of the nickel value but even curently it like ..053 cents or something like that. FACE PLUS.! Better than paper Full face value. The US Mint has plans for phasing both the penny and nickle out relitively soon. Yes even the pennies which are only copper played zinc none since 1983 on. 1981 and before and about half the 82’s were all copper (excepting the steel cents in WWII 1942 issue I think? – don’t quote me on that). I and my 9 year old son sort out copper pennies and save them and nickles for this reason. Occasionally you get fortunate and find a “War Nickel which is (1942P – 1945 if memory serves off hand) and are 35% SILVER! Worth about $1.90 ish each currently. We have found a few. Please don’t forget FOOD & WATER. They are critical.

              Peace, MPB

              PS, check out this site for melt values of coins.

              Current Melt Value Of Coins – How Much Is Your Coin Worth?


            • AgShaman

              It’s alot like that recent video here in Idaho.

              Very difficult to source ammo anywhere.

              I’m glad you scored some of the ‘good stuff’ though.

              Peace and Liberty Ed_B

      • MPB

        Ed_B, Very Well Said.

        Peace, MPB

    • Johnny

      Brian, you are correct, people are living paycheck to paycheck. But many of these same folks have no clue how to manage their money (or are not interested). They eat out on a regular basis, spend loads of dough on expensive and poisonous shit at the grocery and liquor stores, they have all of the latest electronic toys and expensive cable systems, they drive automobiles that require steep monthly payments, they go hog-wild at Christmas time because they live under this illusion that that’s what we’re supposed to do…

      After I pay off my usual monthly bills, next comes groceries, gas, etc. (VERY tightly budgeted). Most of what is left over after that goes toward the metals, with a much smaller portion remaining in fiat for those rainy days (and whatever meager entertainment/getaways/treats I might award myself from time to time).

      This sort of a life requires tremendous discipline and sacrifice, but I would not have it any other way because I know I will be ahead of the herd when things REALLY get rough.

      I realize that some people simply cannot cut any more fat, and they truly are unable to partake in the metals. But far and wide, I see an incredible amount of foolish spending and wasteful living, and I think just how fortunate these people would be if they secured their future with pm instead.

      • Ed_B

        Good comment, Johnny. There are a LOT of ways to stretch money. My son recently cut the satellite TV subscription, put up an OTA TV antenna, and ordered Netflix and Hulu Plus or Prime, I forget what he called it. He also uses Red Box, which is good. I do that as well and it is nice to watch a movie for less than $2 rather than going to the theater and paying $8-10 each. Anyway, he expects his entertainment bill to drop from about $100 a month to about $30 a month. The $70 difference will be used to buy a couple of ounces of silver.

        • Johhny

          Ed_B, I actually borrow movies for free from my local library when I have the urge to watch one. But you also bring up very good suggestions.

          If people were to write on paper were that could cut the fat, they would be absolutely amazed, and would that much able to garner TRUE WEALTH in the form of precious metals.

    • Alvin

      I agree with SGT. You can start saving pre 1983 copper pennies, I did (Canadian pre 1996 pennies). If there is a coin shop near you, you can pick up one silver dime a week…. that’s about one coffee.

  • bystander


    i have been seeing the fonestar’s problem since i started visitng sgtreport last year. if the cache is cleared, all is fine until a couple of pages later. i usually just give up and automatically go to comment page if i want to see the video.

  • Tom G.

    The reason no one is at the coin shows is because TPTB have successfully deployed MOPE in the form of the ever-levitating stock market and depressed metal prices. All is well in fairytale land.

  • Bud

    Sean, everyone I know that buys precious metals does it online or has a local dealer relationship. When SHTF, people still won’t realize until it is to late to buy PM’s. the price of GLD and SLV will skyrocket as these people believe they are buying gold and silver. They will realize they threw away their worthless fiat chasing worthless paper and silver. Gold and Silver bugs are way ahead of the game and don’t have to go to coin shows. I drop in on pawn shops occasionally and shop but my main money is spent online and with a local dealer.

  • chris

    The price of silver and gold did NOT go up by 46% in Venezuela the other day. It went up by closer to 85%

    if you try to add back 46% to 54 (the percentage that is left after the 46% is taken)… You get about 79%. Still 21 units short of the full value.

    People who had stacks of silver and gold made 85%…. ie, the value of their silver leapt to 185% overnight. I hope this makes sense.

    to make it clear

    say the USD devalued by 50%. Your gold holdings don’t increase by fifty percent… They DOUBLE in value.

    over and out

    PS, Wealth Cycles and Zero Hedge don’t get the concept of percentages…

  • Troy

    The sheeple like buying Chinese plastics and electronic gadgets…I used to be a Sheeple, thank god I evolved into a people.

  • Brad

    I live in a city of roughly 1.5 million people, i know of one coin show that occurs monthly. Similar to the show seen in the video its usually a ghost town, it has maybe a hundred customers during the entire day, most of which are regulars that the dealers know by name and almost all of them are elderly or retired. The first time i went to the show i turned a few heads as i was probably half the age of the youngest person there.

  • Rico

    Sean – Your site is being reported as a HACK SITE AGAIN. Thought you should know ASAP!

    • Ed_B

      Yeah, I saw that tonight as well… when using Chrome. I switched to the Opera browser and it isn’t saying that. I have the Avast! anti-virus software running, as well as ZoneAlarm and Windows defender. None of them are reporting any unusual software activity. Recent virus scans have not detected anything either. Not sure if this warning from Chrome is real or BS.

  • Open Eyes

    Been to the last couple of coin shows here in Western Mew York. The turn out was better than in your video but still very slow. One dealer actually let me look at his gold coins for about an hour before my wife rushed me to finally make the purchase. So no: there was no huge line behind me hahaha

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