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California Is Even More Tyrannical Than New York! ONLY Military Grade Weapons Will Keep Us From Absolute DESPOTISM

Part-time Police Officer and Firearms industry executive Mark S. Mann breaks down the latest tyrannical moves to strip Americans of their natural born rights to self-defense. This time, from California where criminal Legislators are vowing to CONFISCATE semi-auto firearms and more. These are the Totalitarians who want to strip you of your Sovereign rights and chain you and your family to generations of absolute DESPOTISM (look it up, it’s bad). So, either we stand and fight, or we live on our knees – if they allow us to live at all.

  Part 1: California is Even More Tyrannical Than New York

  Part 2: ONLY MILITARY-STYLE Firearms Stand Between US and Despotism
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41 comments to California Is Even More Tyrannical Than New York! ONLY Military Grade Weapons Will Keep Us From Absolute DESPOTISM

  • Bobby

    Those who motion to ban constitutional rights should be arrested or at least kicked out of office…

  • william

    I believe that Dorner was fired for doing his duty, and reporting his partner for assaulting a handcuffed prisoner. I don’t condone the killings he has committed, but if it is true that he was railroaded by the LAPD, they share responsibility. Maybe he decided that he knew he was right, and that he couldn’t let it ride any longer. What else could he do? The courts in LA are corrupt. LAPD is corrupt. The police have shot up two pickups now. Miraculously, no one was killed, although the cops tried to kill them. In my book, that was just as bad as what Dorner has done.

  • NaySayer

    Look where the biggest and hardest attempts at gun grabs are coming from. They are desperate to disarm the people in the largest cities because they know that when the economy collapses they will be utter chaos. Chicago, NY City, Los Angeles etc. will be urban mad max scenarios, possibly for months or longer.

    NO cop or military is going to voluntarily go into those cities with an armed populace. However, any honest citizen who gives up their guns will be terrorized by the criminals who aren’t going to give them up. Then they will be terrorized by the police and the military too. Millions will die and your only chance to survive will be to be able to defend yourself and your preps. It must be easier to relocate now than to deal with what is coming.

  • Phil Hingston

    Thanks for all you are doing Sean. (Don’t know how you keep up the pace)

    This insane “Gun Grab”, these implausible “false flags” (Aurora, Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook, etc) opened my eyes to what happened Down Under 16 years ago at Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia.

    Standard Operating Procedure (or was it a dry run to see what they could get away with)

    The similarities are eerie. “Lone shooter”, 35 dead, 12 people shot in 15 seconds in the Broad Arrow Cafe- (all head shots from the right hip) many strange anomalies,(no police presence for 7 hours when Port Arthur is only 1.5 hrs drive from Hobart, Tasmania) massive media campaign to vilify the accused shooter, Martin Bryant, who had an IQ of 66 and no firearms experience AND was left-handed. It’s a fascinating study.

    Anyway, the end result was 650,000 semi-automatic rifles being handed in Downunder And this was in 1996..

    An excellent analysis of this can be found at this site:

    As I said, the similarities to what is happening in your country right now are ominous…please have a look, if you have time and spread the word. This poor bloke, Martin Bryant is serving 35 LIFE SENTENCES, for something he could not possibly have done..

  • bestkeylar

    Remember the Los Angeles riots of 1992? The only stores not looted were the ones where the owner stood out front with a weapon. Semi-auto or tactical pump is the only way to stand down a mob.

    • Ed_B

      They sure are. Any mob looking down the barrel of a 12-ga. shotgun soon develops a rather healthy desire to be elsewhere. Buckshot can make some really nasty wounds and many of them will be fatal.

  • rudenewt

    A problem you may not be considering is that even though the current Law Enforcement is refusing to enforce the gun grab laws the laws are still there. That means a future less scrupulous Law Enforcement will still have the ability to collect guns whenever they please. Perhaps it would be an interesting twist if the current Law Enforcers were to arrest those passing the unconstitutional laws to stand trial as traitors. The charge may not stick but the message would be sent and received. As they say you may beat the charge buy you won’t beat the ride.

  • NaySayer

    SGT, at 10:24 AM CST I got rerouted to the porno site for celibritards again when I clicked on your link in my favorites. I think you are under attack again.

  • Good Ole Boy

    Great interview. I think that anti gun people underestimate patriots passion on this issue. Liberals and the like treat this like other controversial issues, staging rallies and demonstrations to support destroying the Constitution. They seem to believe that if they can get anti gun legislation passed that will be they end of it. They never stop to consider what will happen when millions of gun owners refuse to follow unlawful legislation. Or maybe they do and just don’t care.

    Mark always give an informative interview and good advice. He should do some sort of regular update on the industry’s status. This craziness is killing some of the smaller retailers who couldn’t afford to have a lot of product in stock and now find it difficult to refill their shelves.

    Thanks guys.

  • Thunder Child

    Keep up the good fight Sean!

    I hope you caught my comments and links on youtube.

    Warmest Regards

    Thunder Child

  • MS

    I sent an email to my “representatives” here in California and will be following up with a phone call later this morning. I informed them that if they vote for this legislation I will be immediately filing charges of treason with the LA County Sheriff Department and the FBI. Voting for legislation that violates the Bill of Rights is textbook treason. Any California residents reading this can feel free to join me.

    If anyone knows of local law enforcement that is sympathetic to our causes, let’s get the discussion going. No more time to waste. These folks are planning to do it at the federal level. We can do it at the state level too.

  • john

    Has anyone else received a malware warning when excessing this web site?

  • willyt2

    Hey Sean………..Not sure how to get email directly to you but your sight is under attack again. when you do a goodgle search the same page that was coming up the other day when you were attach is back.FYI

  • Rumcajs

    They are utmost worrying these ATTACKS. I don’t like one them bit and I have a message to people doing it. Whoever you are you are not doing yourseves any good.

  • Jim

    Sean: Hackers have changed the graphics (top and sides) on your site (and wno-knows what else).

  • Jim

    Sean: More: Was this like this before (at bottom ofmain page)?: ‘Powered by WordPress & Atahualpa’.


    You should probably have your site restored from a known good backup.

  • mark98z

    i once again leave you with a song…..( well two songs) >>>
    new york minute… Don Henly LIVE…/>..

    next = Silent running…Mike&the Mechanics..

    the good guys are HERE…
    keep yp the good works… it is noted>>

    mark98z…( aChief FloorSweeper)

  • mark98z

    SGT… one more song….
    from the soun+dtrack of easy ryder…
    Born to be wyld…
    a theme song for me.. growing up in the buffalo New York area.. riding my minibike.. in Elma NY….

    carry on with the good works..-…-..

  • Helpful Hint

    SGT LOOK HERE. Just so you know, Google warned me that your website is an “attack site”. It was saying it was reported and it could have dangerous ware on it. Bless ya man.

  • Good Ole Boy

    Interestingly, I usually get on here on my iPad and I have yet to recieve any warnings or redirects. I check this site many times throughout the day. Guess Apple does something right.

  • Here we go again it’s about 11:10 PM and all the news sources are stating a charred body found in cabin but on Hannity live coverage police said they have not even been in the cabin yet that it was still to hot!!!! WTF ,,,,,,,,,, NO BODY was recovered at that point

  • John

    We can no longer use the completely corrupted system to defeat those who run the completely corrupted system. To believe so, is delusional!

  • BooManGroup

    Sadly, the majority of the people of California want a nanny state and are willing to give up their rights without question. They enjoy dictates from the government and see the government as comprised of enlightened people who need to tell them how to live their lives. California will go down in flames just as New York. The people crave to be told how to live their lives. If you live in CA, prepare to bury all your stuff in the countryside. If you’re in LA or SF, you are doomed.

    • Ed_B

      Most of the ‘tards who vote for that crap just want to mooch off of others who actually work for a living. Oh, boy! FREE STUFF!! Makes me sick.

  • bill

    Its time to storm the legislature and put down the state police, and charge these people with treason and being a traitor, if the police don’t get on board then they should be treated as traitors also and charged along with all the corrupt judges.

  • BooMan,

    People mistake California for being a “liberal” state. It is anything but. Sure, there are bastions of Liberalism like The County of San Francisco, Marin County, Los Angeles County, etc. but the majority of California counties are conservative. Many of the nominally Liberal counties are so due to artificially drawn districts designed to break up more conservative areas of population diluting their political power.

    Don’t lump the people in with the government. After all, does the Federal government accurately reflect all Americans?

    And just because someone registers as a Democrat doesn’t mean that they go along with all this crap being foisted upon the people of this state by the bureaucrats in Sacramento.

    The Sheriffs of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties are on record as saying they will not enforce laws that deprive Americans of the rights as recognized by the Second Amendment.

    The idiots in legislatures at the state, and even Federal level, can pass all the laws they want. Most people ignore the laws that are already on the books. I personally live by the axiom “It is only illegal if you get caught.” So do many others. Speeding, rolling stops, talking on a cell phone while driving are the most visible actions of open defiance. Just imagine what is being done when no one is looking. After all, how is it that people show up at gun buy back programs toting anti-tank and anti-aircarft weapons?

    Those who sit in office derive their right to govern by consent of the governed.

    Obama isn’t my president. Boxer and Feinstein don’t represent me and my views. I don’t consent to their governance.

    They want my guns? Hope they appreciate me giving them the ammo first.

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