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Bloomberg double-talk (lol!) on sagging UK economy

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s “Fantasy Friday” here in the world of business news. I was going to start my discussion today with the U.S. (fantasy) jobs report, but then I saw this Bloomberg headline and laughed out loud: Carney Wait Prompts BOE Inertia Danger in Slump Battle: Economy

…to clarify, I laughed out loud after reading the first paragraph of the fairy-tale, so that I understood what in Hell the headline actually meant (lol). According to Bloomberg, the entire UK economy is teetering simply because Loonie Assassin (and Goldman Sachs Stooge) Mark Carney “is on the slow-boat from Ottawa” en route to taking over as head (and chief currency-assassin) at the Bank of England.

So because Carney might choose to have interest rates a 1/4 point lower or higher, or because he might want to print another 100 billion “pounds” more (or less) than the current Chief Assassin, Mervyn King; supposedly the whole UK economy is now floundering in this monetary “inertia”.

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