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Are You About to Lose Your Savings in the Currency War?

by Peter Krauth, Money Morning:

You may not have even noticed, but the first shots have already been fired in the next World War.

Only this time there are no tanks, fighter jets, nuclear subs, or missiles. And it’s not the North against South, or even East against West.

It’s war by other means and it pits fiat currency against fiat currency in a multi-trillion dollar knock-down drag out between the world’s central bankers.

At stake is nothing less than the value of your life savings.

Its goal is to cheapen worldwide currencies-which could make every dollar you own worth even less.

Thanks to horrible fiscal mismanagement, virtually every nation in the world now wants its own currency to become cheaper against those of other nations.

Welcome to the currency wars.

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1 comment to Are You About to Lose Your Savings in the Currency War?

  • hjb

    let me impart to you the real world of retail say you need a new truck you look on craigs list and find a newer truck for $6000 you drive over there and give to man 4800 in cash he takes it because there are few other offers you transfer your registration and you sell your old truck for $4000 or less you put this money not in a bank but in a safe place where you bank now in a waterproof cylinder buried in the ground you have 5 of these now…no one deposits money with a crook i get my ss check in direct deposit and pay it all out in bills and i use only drive ups no online banking no fees no expensive gimmicks.. i get only credit cards that give initial free interest and i pay them down to zero then put them in a drawer until they charge annual fees then cancel them banking is complicated cash money is simple

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