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Silver Forecast for 2013 and Beyond with Steve Roy

from ema2trade:

Hello everyone, this is Steve Roy, with the Equity Management Academy, where our focus is managing wealth, through education.  Today is Friday, January 4th of 2013. This is OUR forecast for Silver prices for 2013 and beyond. This analysis uses our own proprietary indicators, Fibonacci cycles, W.D.Gann analysis, as well as wave analysis (not necessarily that of Elliott).

First, we are looking at a monthly continuation chart going back to 1971. I have used the Fibonacci expansion tool using a low in 1971 to the high in 1980. The 1.618% expansion of that move is $66.26, the 200% expansion is $81.56, and the 2.618% expansion is $106.31. I will base the rest of this analysis from the low in November, 2001 at $7.61, here.

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2 comments to Silver Forecast for 2013 and Beyond with Steve Roy

  • Joe

    Silver above $90 this year? Wow! I think the guy who wrote this should be featured on KWN.

  • Troy

    OK, this is what all silver investors are hoping for….crash silver to $15, hold it there for a year until the Comex burns, then silver goes to $500 two weeks later. I seriously missed out on “teen” silver, so I hope silver goes there…won’t happen, but I would love it. I just can’t ever see silver under $26, and I mean NEVER again. The floor of silver is $26.

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