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Saving & Investing During a Time When Wealth Preservation is #1

from visionvictory:

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5 comments to Saving & Investing During a Time When Wealth Preservation is #1


    Daniel, I like your thoughts on investing? BUT, I don’t think Chris Duane would invest in any stocks. He is a “physical investor” (silver) As for XOM, I think that companies like this is the problem with the world. Not to mention, when they get their
    ass in a bind, they call the U.S. Military. More war at the tax payers expence.
    Daniel, love ya brother. I will keep stackin’!!!

  • Mike

    Bushiness is Business…He must have cashed out like the Australian guy..Cant remember his name..Spent a bunch of time pumping the Silver before his big dump..Really prissy dude? .. Well anyway Daniel made some good vids..At least those will be around for a while.


    ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF STOCKS! APPLE? Mrs. Jobs and her “Dream Act”. Yes, American tax payers, you will pay for that!!! Keep stackin’!!!

  • ivan

    investing in derivatives seems like a great idea, but we just had a huge move for the past 4 years in stock. this is not the time to invest in stocks, should of made that video 4 years ago. He is suggesting of buying high and selling low. not buying his argument right now, i’ll save and wait till there is panic and blood on the streets. i can’t believe he is suggesting stocks at this time.

  • NaySayer

    Did you ever think that maybe americans HATE these corporations? That they are the ones that destroyed america? Maybe WE don’t think joining the fascists who corrupted both parties is a good idea because we don’t want to be fascist thugs as well? Exxon? One of the most corrupt bunch of idiots who destroyed people’s lives in Alaska and then skated on any responsiblity for what they did. Joining the fascist thugs might appeal to you but not to patriots with morals.

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