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Popular Parallels Between Hitler And Obama Are Wrong…But Obama Is Still A Tyrannical Narcissist

by Gary Gibson, Dollar Vigilante:

We were wrong about Obama and Hitler. At least many of us Obama-bashers were this morning in one very important respect.

Now, we know that Obama is a gun-grabbing, bloodthirsty narcissist who thrives on a cult of personality. But he differs from the mustachioed embodiment of evil in one very important regard: Hitler never banned guns.

So this meme which has been burning its way around Facebook…

…is cute, but wrong.

Hitler didn’t ban guns while surrounded by children for the same reason your editor didn’t dance the night away with Gwyneth Paltrow while surrounded by children. Neither event ever happened. Hitler didn’t ban guns at all. In fact, Hitler and his buddies made it easier for properly white Germans to own guns after he came to power. But in doing so, Hitler effectively created a very targeted gun ban, because Jews still couldn’t own guns. (You don’t let the people you plan to abuse and kill own weapons if you can help it. Just ask any antebellum plantation-owner.) The Jews were left conspicuously unallowed to own guns. They were also relieved of their citizenship, possessions, freedom, and ability to keep breathing.

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2 comments to Popular Parallels Between Hitler And Obama Are Wrong…But Obama Is Still A Tyrannical Narcissist

  • Johnny

    Well, this sets the record straight. So, Hitler DID institute strict gun control, but only for a certain segment of the population.

    Obama and others wish to do the same. But in their case, the segment of the population that will be forced to comply will be everyone who is not part of the military, law enforcement or security forces (government and private). Oh, and I almost forgot that members of Congress and the Executive branch will also be exempt, as will certain state and local politicians, the banking and corporate elite, the media propagandists, and government drug running operatives and general criminal elements authorized to do the government’s biding. Let’s see, did I miss any?

  • Obama and much of the DC Establishment are Fabian Socialists,which is Marxism by incrementalism. They pursue implementation of the Communist agenda patiently little by little,step by step over time.The difference between a Fabian Socialist and a Marxist Communist is nothing. The FS pursues implementation incrementaly over time, where a Marxist Communist pursues implementation by radical brute force and bloodshed.Make no mistake,Obama is a Marxist,but of the FS type.

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