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Patriots Rising: Guns Across America

by SGT,

For every (tyrannical) action, there is an equal and opposite (patriotic) reaction. The ‘Guns Across America’ rally at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul brought out a crowd of approximately a thousand Liberty-minded Americans who braved the frigid temperatures, to stand together, to make their voices one and to stand for Liberty. Their message: We will NOT give up our Second Amendment.

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34 comments to Patriots Rising: Guns Across America

  • Mark S. Mann

    Thank You, Sean for all you continue to do. You are like a one man army in the fight for freedom and liberty. Best Wishes to you and your family Brother!
    Stay Safe!


    • SGT

      Hey Mark, thx man! Back at ya brutha.

    • Freedumbs'ear

      The young man in this video is the only one who gets it.Your rights are inherent and come from god.You have no second ammendment rights.United States citizens don’t have any rights.It would be good for people to wake up to this reality.Since 1864 all states have been redefined as the district of columbia.So that is the state you are in.The corporate state of washington dc.In court cases the judges have told the people over and over again that the constitution does not apply to them because they are not party to it.Did you sign it?I didn’t think so.Rather than worry what the corporation wants to do to it’s employee’s you should take the so called law enforcement agencies to task and keep them from violating your rights.They are presuming you are a corporate entity.Keep packing.Peace.

  • HS

    Love this video….Thanks for making and uploading this video.

    Thank you for waking me up….you have done very good job Sean.

    • SGT

      Thanks a lot HS, I appreciate all you fine folks taking the time to comment. So for any comments that come after this one, thanks in advance guys!

      We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.
      – Benjamin Franklin

      • HS

        You are welcome Sean.

        I check your site more than 10 times a day… The other sites that I also check frequently:,,, and others.

        I always like to hear your great interviews…you also have amazing interview skills.

  • NaySayer

    That is a really effective video. You guys need to get onto your legislatures to give you the protection of a state law nullifying the federal executive orders and any laws that congress might pass.

    The difference between resisting federal tyranny when your state and local law enforcement are on your side and the feds are the people committing a felony crime and resisting on your own with a conflicted local law enforcement community trying to balance between the feds tyranny and keeping their local faith with the people will be tremendous.

  • zorbo

    We the people only require more gun control for tighter shot groupings!

  • AgSAhaman


    Nicely done!

  • VICH

    It gave me goosebumps. My nipples are also a little hard. Hahahaha!!!

  • Rainmaker

    This is the rally in Coeur d’ Alene that same day. Stuart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, was our keynote speaker. When 1,500 people all reaffirmed their Oaths to Defend the Consititution, my eyes watered up a little, and I don’t cry. Sean, you should post this, its very moving.

    • lastmanstanding

      Nice job my friend. I watched the first 5 mins. this morn and will watch in entirety tonight.

      Lots of us in big sky country who couldn’t make the journey stood in support by spending the day (weekend!)in some facet of our right to bear arms.

      I will not give up my 2nd amendment rights so help me God.

    • SGT

      Thanks Rain – Indeed, this will post today in the early afternoon!

    • Ed_B

      Rainmaker… there were a lot of pro-gun rallys this weekend and most had 1,000-2,000 people attending with some good speakers to keep the momentum going. The pols know that for every person who turns out for an event like this or who write a letter, there are many more who are feeling the same but don’t have the time or the ability to get there in support. This is NOT a small issue. It is a critical issue that is fundamental to the existence of the republic. It is time that the leftists out there figured this out. Patriots WILL NOT give up their guns, their ammo, or their God-given rights. Ever. But we WILL remember those who tried to take away our rights come election time and we WILL be supporting their opponents.

  • RedOak

    Inspiring video, thanks SGT

  • mike

    SGT..Looks like you got injected directly into the Sandy Hook Conspiracy stuff. Be sure tell Anderson he is a wanker when CNN has to do a double take on all this BS they have been spewing.

    I think all of this is really going to do a lot for real freedom and Liberty. Not only is it bringing to light the 2nd Amendment as unconstitutional but also raising awareness to all the other unconstitutional deeds such as the IRS,Fed Reserve etc. that are being perpetrated on the American people. Its really wonderful to see people waking up…Here the link to the Vod I was talking about..

    Keep up the good work Sir!

    • mike


      :Not only is it bringing to light the 2nd Amendment as unconstitutional but also raising awareness to all the other unconstitutional deeds such as the IRS,Fed Reserve etc. that are being perpetrated on the American people”

      Meant to say..

      “Not only is it bringing to light the “ATTACKS” on the 2nd Amendment as unconstitutional ”

      I get ahead of myself. Anyway Great work SGT!

      • Ed_B

        Thanks for the correction, Mike. I did a double take and was shaking my head there for a sec. lol

        I am very surprised that the Founding Fathers did not list the 2nd Amendment as the 1st Amendment, for without armed patriots to serve as the guarantors of liberty, NONE of the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights has any chance at all of surviving. The leftists out there who want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment had better understand this, as they do appreciate the 1st Amendment and it would be the first to go after the 2nd is gone.

        • mike

          I dont think it really matters if there is a 2nd amendment or not. There is still the 9th Amendment that would cover that natural right of Defense. There is no argument that each individual doesn’t have the natural right to defense. In the case of Humans that don’t really fall into the food chain the right to defense would be against other humans and the largest single threat the Gov. So your natural rights under the 9th amendment would absolutely allow you have real assault rifles etc. Imagine if you corner a Lion..First are you going to try and regulate how many teeth and claws it has? This is Natural Defense and no matter how many laws you make that Lion will always tear you to shreds if you corner it…It will utilize every weapon at its disposal..Even if you mean no harm and just want to pet it! But there is a second Amendment that is SPELLED out and Absolutely clear.

          • Ed_B

            Oh, it matters, alright, Mike. If it didn’t, the libs would not be spending all their time trying their best to subvert it. They know that they cannot get rid of the Bill of Rights, so do what they can to chew around their edges until they are useless for their intended purpose.

            The thing about them that pi$$e$ me off most is that they genuinely do not recognize the obvious… which in this case is the existence of “natural rights”. They only recognize that which comes from government, which natural rights do not. Because NRs do not come FROM government, they cannot be ended BY government. As we here all know, the Bill of Rights does not *give* us any rights, it merely recognizes that these rights exist and come from our Creator. They would still exist without the B of R but they do at least elucidate what the founders were thinking about the nature of Man and government when they wrote up the constitution.

            • Mike

              Ed, Believe it or not it’s not just the Libs..In fact I know Libs that are really pro 2nd Amendment. It’s the Progressives in both party’s aka collectivist, Neocons, RINO’s, Pinko’s,Redcoats and all around assholes…Bottom line, better dead than RED!

        • lastmanstanding

          I have always wondered that myself Ed…

          Maybe they thought it was important to say what you had to say first…then back it up if things became “unreasonable.”

          “unreasonable” is long gone.

          • Ed_B

            Maybe so, LastMan. I hadn’t quite thought of it that way but you could be right. They might also have not wanted the use of armed force to be our first choice in solving our problems. As the Federalist papers clearly show, force was to be a very last resort that would be used only when all other avenues of peaceful resolution have been attempted and have failed.

            So too shall it be today, with those of us in the liberty movement doing all that can be done in the political arena and in the courts to maintain our rights and those of all other Americans living today and as yet unborn. When I think about my grand parents generation and how they fought in WW I and how they survived during the Great Depression, as well as how my parents generation fought in WW II and Korea, I would be ashamed not to stand up for liberty and the freedoms for which they fought, bled, and died. Liberty can only be taken from those who are willing to give it up and that would not be US!

            • lastmanstanding

              I’m a bit younger than you Ed but my family has been there with yours the whole way. i agree 1000%.

              My seal buddy says it best and always concur…

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

              I will never give up my 2nd Amendment rights so help me God.

  • Cleburne61

    Sean, good to see you so right on yet another crucial issue of freedom.

    Keep it up….I’m confident the globalists will never get their wet dream of a gun’less U.S.


    Mike you stole my thunder! They want to crush the Constitution,collapse the economy,
    and put us into war. It’s all about the Banksters!!!

  • Johnny Fever

    David Gay at the NYC Gun rally was very good as well .. Nullification

  • Rico

    The perfect, modern day Nero is portrayed perfectly in this video. Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder is the poster child for the INSANITY that occurs on our border with Mexico, in Mexico and in the USSA. That this punk hasn’t been impeached is amazing to me and only the massive e-mail cover up by another CHARLATAN in government prevents the actual information from reaching the peoples’ brains…

  • Ed_B

    OMG! That video is KICK-ASS! Thanks so much, Sean. Yet another bulls-eye on the incredible SGTReport! 😀

  • sean

    I just want to say that sgtreport is one of the only alternative media sites I still trust, post sandy hook, Thank you

  • ws

    Hmmmm…operation american freedom

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