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OBAMA’S IMPEACHMENT IS UNNECESSARY Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

from David Lory VanDerBeek:

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8 comments to OBAMA’S IMPEACHMENT IS UNNECESSARY Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek


    When Sheriff Joe came out with all this stuff about Obama, I sent Senator Tom Coburn a email about this. Coburn is a Republican from Oklahoma and said to be one of the most conservative members of the Senate. Make long stories short, he played the whole thing down. David, I am with you, the whole thing STINKS!!!

  • Sonny Gruber

    Fake-phony birth certificate, fake selective service card, hidden college and passport, fake Social Security Number. Have we become Iraq or Iran, or China, are we that corrupt that we can’t have someone vetted. This monster Muslim Communist is destroying America, and no one in Congress is doing anything about it.

  • Jim Delaney

    While it is obviously true Obama is ineligible, until politicians in both parties agree to investigate and take him to court, impeachment & conviction–or rebellion–is the only other method of removing him from the White House.

    Just saying he’s not eligible and therefore unimpeachable is technically correct, but it solves absolutely nothing.

  • Blitz1776

    Jim D., How do you know that “it is obviously true Obama is ineligible”? As Sonny says above…all “documentation” is “fake”; then where’s the proof? In other words, there is no valid, documented proof shown by anyone. And, unlike Birdbrain Boehner who said he takes Obama for his word, how would Obama know when he did not witness his own birth or conception? Which is why we shouldn’t forget what Orly Taitz, Larry Klayman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and all the Constitution Patriots, with even Mark Levin joining in over the past few weeks and increasingly more(my apologies for not noting more)are all out for “The Truth”.

  • Than why don’t they just arrest Obama and hold him in contempt while the trial is under way, he’s guilty of high Treason from F&F to Benghazi he’s the one behind the orders to stand down, I have no faith in the Government and the Justice system, the way i see it there all guilty and just getting rich and fat on the Tax payer’s back, and the IRS should be closed down ASAP.

  • David

    Everyone in Nevada needs to vote VANDERBEEK. If at least one state cleans up its act then more will follow. Someone has to be first and Nevada would be a great start by voting VANDERBEEK for Governor. Few people represent a real threat to the evil establishment and VANDERBEEK is one of those few. Vote VANDERBEEK.

  • Avery H Anderson

    Vote Vanderbeek! help him prove to Anonymous that he is ready to lead us to a revolution!! we have faith in you David! I for one will fight for my last breath if it means to help you take us “the people” to VICTORY! We are legion. EXPECT US!

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