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NY Times: trashing the Constitution for fun and profit

by Jon Rappoport, Natural News:

It doesn’t surprise me that the NY Times has decided the Constitution is merely a reference document now. The paper’s loyal readership, what’s left of it, lives huddled on the upper east side of New York, behind their hundred-million-dollar front doors, where wealth must be protected through any and all means.

The Constitution might impede that. Much better to have a central government that knows what its business and obligations really are: guarding the fortunes of the rich.

The Times editorial, of course, doesn’t say that. It merely leaves the founding document to wave in the breeze, its every pronouncement up for grabs.

The editorial is a test run to gauge the reaction.

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1 comment to NY Times: trashing the Constitution for fun and profit

  • Ed_B

    Apparently, it has not occurred to any of these leftist jackals that the US needs the Constitution every bit as much as our body needs our heart. In fact, we need it FAR more than we need any of these cretins who would cast down the very principles upon which this nation is based… and replace them with what? Godless communism? Almost certainly.

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