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New York Times Calls for an End to the Constitution

from Silver Underground:

In a shocking opinion editorial published yesterday in The New York Times, Louis Michael Seidman called for the United States to abandon its Constitution. In contrast with the mainstream view that the Constitution recognizes fundamental human rights, Seidman feels the government’s founding document is full of “archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions,” primarily because it prevents the Democrats from raising taxes on the rich without somehow stopping the democratically-elected Tea Party congressmen from voting on the issue.

He blames all of the nation’s current ills on its alleged propensity for following the Constitution, despite the fact that almost every bill passed by Congress directly violates it. To further disprove his own point, he spends the rest of the article pointing out several historical examples of situations during which presidents ignored the Constitution. Could it be, instead, that our problems come from the fact that we never follow the Constitution?

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9 comments to New York Times Calls for an End to the Constitution

  • Fred Hayek

    This is the logical dead end toward which the Times has been heading for decades now. It’s only surprising that they say it openly.

    The irony is that in another recent piece, the Times laments the obvious double standard in the justice system whereby banks can do anything and not suffer criminal penalties. One can only wonder at how long it will take the pretentious dolts at the Times to ever figure out that it’s not following the Constitution that allows a blatantly two tiered system of justice.

  • NaySayer

    An editorial by a guest is not the same thing as advocating that position by the paper itself, although I don’t think that the new york times is against that position per se.

  • ANON

    Seidman is a useful idiot. A fool who knows nothing about history or our great Constitution. Just another noisome termite undermining the greatest freedom document ever produced. Why doesn’t this commie/globalist scum get the hell out of this country and go and live in one of the totalatarian paradises he seems to cherish. I say good riddence to him and all like him who are working to destroy America.

  • Rico

    Louis – I am sure your works of illiteracy would be appreciated by the readers of “Pravda”…If you don’t like it here, please leave and feel free to take those of your ilk (e.g. Dianne Feinstein, Obama, Piers Morgan, Eric Holder, Rahm Immanuel, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher, etc…) along with you. We can run our own country and certainly do not need shills like you to enjoy the freedom we can generate in this great nation. Piss Off Loser.

  • L

    Seidman is a COMMUNIST JEW who is an instrument of the Jewish Superstructure which seeks to destroy America. This JEWISH CANCER that is subverting our nation must be stopped before it is too late.

  • hoser

    all of the nation’s current ills: is caused by banks and the Federal Reserve. Nuff said.

    As a military officer, I swore an oath to the Constitution. Not the Federal Reserve.

    Locked and Loaded

  • Truthseeker

    Everyone please watch the video below and pass it on to everyone you know; especially those who support gun grabbers. THIS IS THE END GAME OF GUN CONTROL LAWS. Politicians like Feinstein know this information, and should be unmasked and seen for the true monsters they are. What they are trying to do to Americans by disarmament should not only be treated as treason, but attempted murder and genocide. After seeing this short documentary you will likely agree.

  • Choo Hader

    Louis Seidman? That’s Chooish! The NWO is more like a ZWO.

  • InternationalChic

    Oh my god, I saw this last night on the times website and my head was boiling. A jew run newspaper will allow their felllow jews to run rampant talking nonsense. They want to run america the way they run Palestine.
    They already run the scools like Yale, Presbyterian Hospital, now with Milistein name on it. If they run the money they could infiltrate and buy everyone.

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