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MUST WATCH: The Frightening Truth About Germany’s PHYSICAL Gold Move Pours Out on CNBC

by SGT,

If the gravity of the recent move by the Bundesbank to demand a portion of its gold back from the NY Fed, and all of its gold back from the bank of France is lost on you, check this out.

The horrifying reality of the worldwide central banking monetary sham is beginning to cut through, even on CNBC. Although mockingbird host Melissa Lee tries her best to diffuse the outpouring of truth in this ‘Market Mystery’ segment, she fails miserably. Lee kicks off this must-watch clip by asking, “Why is Germany moving gold out of the United States? Why don’t they trust us any more?

CNBC’s Guy Adami goes on to break it down in a way that surely must have left Mr. Geithner and the Bernank reaching for their red direct-line phones to CNBC censors.

If you think Germany’s going to be the last, they’re not. People will line up and do this, and you talk about runs on banks? Well, this could potentially be exactly that because if everyone wants there metal back at once you better hope A.) that it’s THERE, and B.) that we’re able to do it. And I’m telling you, the act itself is not bullish gold necessarily but the act itself sends messages about what’s going on in the world.

At the conclusion of Adami’s rant, Lee sheepishly asks, “Is there maybe not enough gold in the bank?” To which the response is, “Yeah, potentially.” Lee responds, “You sound like a real conspiracy theorist.”

It’s too late for that nonsense Ms. Lee. The cat has been outta the bag for quite some time, and even CNBC’s brainwashed mainstream audience is beginning to see the truth now: The Western fiat banking system is mortally wounded, and this broken paradigm will soon come to an end.

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69 comments to MUST WATCH: The Frightening Truth About Germany’s PHYSICAL Gold Move Pours Out on CNBC

  • stackers

    Did he just actually say the word Zerohedge on CNBC ?!?!?! ROFL

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Thay mention tha e un-dead ZH broke the story and you can tell that that are reading the same sites that we visit. Perhaps that seed of doubt is germinating in their minds and although still confused, are starting to question the events of the world in a different vein.
      One more breaking story: “Central Banks Around The World Can’t Repatriate Any Silver. Their Auditors (Cough) Found That They Don’t Own Any.”

    • Ed_B

      Yes, he did, and I was stunned. I had to replay that part of the video a few times to be absolutely sure that he actually said “ZERO HEDGE” in public. Man, in the so-called Main Stream Media, that’s like dropping an F bomb. 😉

      • lastmanstanding

        I would like to believe that some of these bastards are honest. Imagine if you were in one of these positions and suddenly got it…I didn’t get it until 2010. Here you are, climbing the ladder, working long hours and then you realize that what you have believed is a lie.

        I am in no way defending them…i try to look at everything objectively.

        I do however, have a photographic memory.

    • robertsgt40

      Wonder if there’s even enough tungsten to cover the demand?

  • SBSS Johnny

    These guys are slugs! They don’t explain to the viewers anything about fractional reserve GLD & SLV nor do they explain hypothication and rehypothication; all counter party risk to paper products in the ponzi scheme. If you don’t hold it uou don’t own it.

    • Rodster

      I said the exact same thing a few days ago on another website. I see fractional banking being applied to gold reserves. They sold more gold than was available with the promise that it was. Now that Central Banks from around the world know the games that the federal reserve is playing with the US dollar, you can bet some genius from across the world was the first to stand up and say, those american bastards, we want our gold back.

    • Ed_B

      Heh… no kidding. They don’t dare if they value their cushy jobs and fat salaries.

  • The Truth

    Yes he did say Zerohedge on CNBC. He may get a pay cut..LOL @ Stackers. The mainstream media always warns you cunningly about what is about to come down the pipe. They just make it seem like it is a coincidence.

  • lastmanstanding

    fuck me…unbelievable. Suddenly just blurt it out like that…are they giving you a brief op to get your paper converted to phyz?

    better get it done soon…faith in the $ is only for the dumb people.

  • Jett Sledder

    Ms. Lee seems to use the phrase “conspiracy theorist” quite frequently. Usually that is used to invalidate someones’ statement about reality. She should take her head out of the sand………..More Central banks will do this in the coming months, just watch. Celente, Shiff and Keiser have been telling us this for several years. A bird in the HAND is worth everything. Buy Silver and Gold and keep it close.

  • Metamora

    FDIC can stop a bank run, but there’s nothing to stop a gold run.

    • uncviper23

      That is a VERY powerful comment. Paper is exactly that. Just paper backed by NOTHING. “Full faith and credit”. What the heck is that??

      You want gold or paper???

      Great comment. I will use that in the future. Count on it.

    • Ed_B

      Sure there is… when the vaults are EMPTY. That’ll stop a gold run in its tracks.

  • Bobby

    Conspiracy theorist labeling used as a psyop against people with intelligence and use critical thinking…

  • Jim

    Things seems to be gathering pace a little recently – not going to hold my breath but still 2013 has so far been very eventful. Interesting too that many people like James Turk, Mike Maloney etc. have timescales for collapse at 2013-2015. Max Keiser also had prediceted a 2013 bond-bubble collapse..

    Can’t afford to stack anymore at the moment.. barely enough to cover bills each month to be honest, but I’ve got a decent pile. Hope it’s enough. interesting times…

    • Ed_B

      Yeah, Jim, same here on the stack. It’s WAY better than average folks have so probably will be enough but there’s no way to know for sure until the SHTF and by then it’ll be too late to add any more. Just think of the millions of poor bastards out there with NO silver at all. Man, they are so gonna be hurtin’.

    • lastmanstanding

      guys I added a bit to mine today. 20 dimes, 8 quarters and a major score of a 1/2 oz coin that i will not disclose any more than that.

  • Edmarhys

    LOL They said gold is not backed by anything.That alone should tell you either they are complete morons or are trying to decieve the public or both.Gold and silver are money,period.

    • Bacon

      LOL, I was laughing at the same thing. I couldn’t believe it. It’s backed by RARITY you CNBC Morons!!!

    • Ed_B

      Yeah, I heard that idiot say that too. Man, is that the dumbest comment ever? Gold does not need to BE backed by anything… especially by “mortgages”. GOLD IS BACKING! I would take a handful of gold coins over a mortgage, that might or might not be paid, any day of the week and 4 times on Sundays!

    • lastmanstanding

      My buddy and I are sgt regs and this afternoon we rolled on a ag and ammo run…we both had listened to this earlier and we were laughing our asses off at that comment.

      gold not backed by anything! what a dumb ass!!!

  • 8Ball

    What is frightening about it? If you haven’t figured out by now that your federal and local governments are run by liars, theives, murderers, perverts and worse… then you are never going to and you have nothing to be concerned about. This is just normal behavior on their part to keep the general public churning along and wasting their time with trivial pursuits.

    They could not come out and say “there is no Gold” and set off a panic so they are going through this elaborate dog & pony show of stretching out the delivery over a period of years. They know that the attention span of the average person is quite short and they will soon be preoccupied by some new nonsense.

    • Ed_B

      No, they could not come out and say that because they do not know that for a fact. Neither do any of us. We STRONGLY suspect this to be true but we have no proof of it. All we can do is judge the situation based on the actions of the NY Fed and they are mighty suspicious actions. We REALLY need that Fed audit and that Ft. Knox audit badly… and RTFN!

  • Handgrip

    If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. period!

  • So…..when Chavez is a whack job for wanting his gold but now that germany wants it they pay attention….the whack job was clearly ahead of the game!!

    • lastmanstanding

      for what it is worth, just heard chavez is on his dead bed, family secretly being brought to his bedside…out of the mouth of Ollie North…on fox news…ns!

      I quit watching the news for a couple years…suddenly, since october it has been highly entertaining a huge laugher!

      I wonder who will step in now to protect hugo’s gold, same guys that stepped in to protect/possess mummar’s.

      You just can’t make this stuff up…the bastards have a plan and a back up plan.

      You better be better than them.

    • Chavez… Crazy like a fox!

    • Ed_B

      Sure but look at the difference between Germany and Venezuela. One has 3400+ tons of gold while the other has 110 tons of gold. To a central bank, 110 tons of gold is pretty much in the realm of pocket change. More than 3400 tons of gold is not. It is SERIOUS money. If it were immediately available, we would not be seeing the circus that is now in progress. They would simply box it up and say, “OK, here ya go. Take it away, boys!”. But they are not saying that and it is likely that there is a VERY good reason. The best one that most of us can think of is that… THEY DO NOT HAVE IT. But they are supposed to have it, so the mad scramble to get it is on. This is only just starting, folks. Grab some popcorn and a drink and hang on. It’s gonna get interesting!

      • lastmanstanding

        now Ed, you know that every little bit counts…especially when the music slows and is about to stop.

        at this stage of the game, getting hugos “pocket change” back is huge.

        They can’t afford to let us little guys scarf it up an oz. at a time.

  • Troy

    You can have your gold, I’m a silver guy!

  • Bas

    “Nothing backing gold”
    What kind of a nutjob is that?

    • Ed_B

      That’s the mantra of those who know nothing but paper wealth. Clearly, he is also uneducated in terms of history as well as finance. He does not know that gold and silver are REAL money and have been for 4,000+ years. Real money is immediate payment and in full. It is not and need not be “backed” because it has intrinsic value of its own. All unbacked paper currencies fail… every single last one of them. It is only a matter of how long it takes for them to be printed to extinction.

      A great many people simply do not get it. Money is not wealth. Money is a symbol of wealth. We use it to “keep score” in the games of finance and economics. One can neither print nor tax an economy to prosperity, although many have tried to do just that. They have always failed and they always will fail because neither of these tricks can do anything but alleviate a few very short-term problems, usually while creating several very severe long-term problems. This is inflicted upon the rest of us by those who are extremely short-sighted… and there are many such people, an inexhaustible supply, in fact.

      • lastmanstanding

        remember when the term “net worth” was coined to denote ones wealth?

        “net worth” getting closer to zero everyday that you are in paper.

  • Bud

    The video is not loading on my computer. Do you have a website address to the video? Thank you.

  • ” What, are you a Conspirisy Theorist “?A Phrase/Label created to Bitch Slap anyone who would dare to raise an intelligent question that goes contrary the PC narrative. “Nothing Backing Gold “. This is the ” STUPID ” Statement of the Year. However, you have to be in the possession of at least (1)Post Graduate Degree to actually believe/understand/grasp this concept. By the looks of it, there is no shortage of Post Graduate Degrees present across this panel of PC NitWits.

  • John

    The “nothing backing gold” statement was a clumsy way to say Gold has no counter party risk. He just didn’t no how to say it correctly. That is my take anyway.

  • Hman

    The Gold is not in the vaults it has been sold a one way ticket, they need to buy it back from the market that’s why it’s taking till 2020 to return Germany gold. I hope we have a run on the metals sooner rather than later.

  • matt


    “there’s nothing backing Gold!”

    WHat do you say to that? There’s your level of intelligence from CNBC anchors..

    Enough said…If you don’t hold it……….

  • truther

    all this happening and more, germany bank robbery with craftsman’s job and a trail message………….back 2 back letter BB. i remember they ban sport hats with BB on it.

    is this really a message, ‘don’t take your gold or it will be stolen or they already stole equivalent amount of gold to give it to germany to shut up.

    i could be wrong.

  • Scott Wolf

    Try as they may,even the globalists,corporate shills,banksters,and mockingbird media cannot rewrite thousands of years economics.And,despite their obvious disdain for PMs(and cluelessness),Gold and Silver are first and foremost monetary metals.This video is just more confirmation that metals are moving back toward the global monetary system just as Jim Sinclair said it would.

  • Steve_D

    No wonder the general sheep are so dumb about finance when all the host did was shout over everyone trying to block out their valid points, then when someone managed to slip a snippet of concise info through, she called them a conspiracy theorist!

    But I don’t think this was an unintentional act, she probably had an editor screaming down her ear to “shut this guy up”

    • Ed_B

      “…then when someone managed to slip a snippet of concise info through, she called them a conspiracy theorist!”

      Yes, and what an absolutely perfect point for the fellow to say, “Do you have ANY proof that all of the gold stored by the NY Fed is still in their vaults?”. She would have been stunned speechless and CNBC would have immediately cut the feed to commercial while getting the guy off the stage while the cams weren’t running. lol

  • mark 98z

    sgt it is NOW in process…..

  • mark 98z

    lots of “smart” folks come to your site SGT

  • John A.

    Babbling Bullshit Babblers!
    If anything, it’s a ‘Conspiracy to Obfuscate and Confuse’ Ms. Lee!
    Whoever “holds” the Gold has ‘Ownership’ (legal right of possession) of It (which is 9/10ths of the Law) from which they can then “lend” it out (by simple Promissory Note – and with Profit) 99 times more often than they’re ‘entitled’ to!
    A “Confidence Trick” by ‘Masters of Deceit’.

  • Ed_B

    And why not, John A? This is EXACTLY what the banksters do with ALL other currencies.

  • Alvin

    Do these fuckers still have a card up their sleeve? MAYBE. But the deck is getting PRETTY LOW. Am surprised that there are not NUMEROUS SUICIDES in the banking industries yet. Just a matter of time I guess? The train has gone off the rails, we just have to wait and see how the train falls apart and where the car(d)s FALL.

  • genobaneno

    I bet there are a few of these central bankers shi-_-ng bricks, if there is not enough gold to go around. There is an old saying about being the last one to the party. I am sure there will be lots of sleepless nights for some bankers in the weeks and months to come. Just my two bits worth.

  • karate kid




    the mint just sold 6 million ounces!

    why do you think they want your guns!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if consipercy is fact what is that.

    dont delude yourselves msm can rot in hell.
    i just try to figure out who would have sex with these people thier like parasites
    sucking off the working man selling thier poison

    thier own familys are screwed just living with these slime balls

    look at me im on tv sellling lies and deciet
    nobody beleives it just the very young and old to stupid to see whats become of the land of the fee

  • Andy222

    Seriously this is why i dont watch MSM but on the other hand had the best laff of the day ahahhahhahahhhahhahah give me a break

  • NaySayer

    Why address this at all on CNBC? They could have just ignored it but they didn’t. I believe that this was an attempt at damage control. People who have money to invest care about this sort of thing, they have heard about it and they are worried.

    They only address things they feel they have to address because to do otherwise would be more damaging.

    I loved that part where they compare germany getting their gold back to MFGlobal. It took awhile to get there stuff back? What? That was a bad analogy for anybody who knows or bothers to find out that the MFGlobal victims didn’t get anything back at all.

    This is all falling apart and they are tapdancing as fast as they can at damage control while trying desperately to get the guns so we can’t fight back like the people of greece as everything is stolen from us and we are living in tent cities, overrunning grocery stores for something to eat and chopping down wood in the forest illegally (you know that is bad for the planet) to have a way to stop our kids from freezing at night.

  • Slvrizgold

    When Guy Adami said, “they want their metal back” the phrase “THEY WANT THEIR MONEY BACK” would have been a better way to say it.

    And about the term “conspiracy theorist,” this is deliberately used by MSM to subtly discredit any idea that opposes the official PC view. Basically, if you try to tell the sheeple about any of the various ways they are getting screwed they come out with the ad hominem stuff. The people who control the media have ALL the files on govt mind control studies (mk-ultra etc.) They’ve studied every possible method to mold people’s perceptions (or brainwash if you prefer.)

    I am so glad I stopped watching CNBC many years ago. What does CNBC do? Deceive, sell you drugs that are as harmful as the illegal ones, and doing their part to dumb down the world for their Zionist Crime Cartel bosses.

  • messianicdruid

    A silver coin the size of a mercury dime used to be the daily wages of a soldier or skilled craftsman. One ounce of gold was able to feed, clothe and house a human being for one year. Realities like these may soon overtake the liars. If you make allowances for our technology and the work of robots in providing our food, raiment, you might double [or half] these benchmarks. At any rate “the times they are a changing…”

  • Rocky

    Hang on folks, we are going for a ride. Straight to Hell ! If you have any money left buy guns and gold.

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