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Milwaukee Sheriff Startles GUN GRABBERS With the Honest Truth

[Ed. Note: Milwaukee Mayor, Democrat Tom Barrett, is just another a light weight weasel criticizing those who would dare to speak the truth about a human being’s right to defend himself.]

from CNN, viaMOXNEWSd0tC0M:

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3 comments to Milwaukee Sheriff Startles GUN GRABBERS With the Honest Truth

  • snowmover

    tom Barrett.
    What a pathetic statement.You are clearly not a man with any insight. You are a gutless ass kissing troll. How do you and people like you sleep at night?
    Here’s a thought, why don’t you do a little investigating for yourself, into any number of things going on lately. Now, i know it will be difficult for garbage like you to be honest with yourself, but try anyway.
    Here’s a sheriff that has more patriotism in his little toe,than you’d have in a lifetime.

  • aunt cindy

    Chinamart – a race to the bottom – after being unemployed for three years – I moved to China and now work for 850 USD a month with paid housing. There are security guards at the entrance to the college campus, who could not hurt a fly unless provoked – then look out! you’d be bug meat — Arm yourself, or live in the USSA prison camp with arm guards at the mall, the football game, the train station and airports. OH WAIT, you have them ALREADY – they are called the TSA!

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