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Jeffrey Christian – 2013 Will Be More Of The Same

[Ed. Note: One of the “pets” of the bankster class shares “his” views.]


Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group joined us for his take on the Fiscal Cliff and his predictions for the year ahead. As he said, “It’s much easier to predict history.” Unfortunately, it’s very hard to make money off of what happened in the past. The key to profits or to protecting your wealth is getting a glimpse of what the futre holds. Unfortunately this is extremely difficult, especially in the current economic environment. No one really knows what will happen or when. However, when we see our leaders fail to protect the country and it’s future, you need to prepare for the worst. Jeff thinks gold prices will range between $1500 to $1800. We believe these estimates are extremely conservative. Time will tell.


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2 comments to Jeffrey Christian – 2013 Will Be More Of The Same

  • mouse

    SGT, don’t be too hard to jeff, look instead at his skills instead of where he supposedly comes from:

    the only two essential points in the last leg of the silver bull was the bottom in 2008/09, and the top in 2011. you had to buy the bottom, and sell the top. jeff christian called both correctly IN TIME, and furthermore correctly forecasted the first bottom after the correction at $35 (including timing):

    if jeff was really that bad as you think, do you really think he would reveal to you the most precious market turning points? just forget his long term forecasts and concentrate on his in time market structure assessment.

    most people who don’t lock themselves up at home, sitting there doing crazy googling, and overinterpreting the world by means of crackpot conspiracy theories, such people are actually having a real job, and are somehow connected to real world business. jeff is a business man, this way he knows a lot about the real world. not like the buffoons at gata.

  • Slvrizgold

    These BS artists always have the same price projection: last years price or lower. When gold hit $1000 in 2008 they were calling for $750-800 long term price. Guess what, half the mines in the world lose money at that price. What a joke. Shills like Jeff Goy and Gonadler arent worth a bucket of spit. I’m not crazy about Paul v e or Ned Schmuck either. Gonadler’s job is too keep people from getting bullish PMs because kitco is hopelessly in trouble I bet on their obligations. JC might as well wear a button that says GS shill on his lapel.

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