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PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN: If Americans Lose the Right To Keep & Bear Arms, TYRANNY Will Engulf the World

Patriot, Author and 2008 Presidential candidate Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Chuck Baldwin joins us to talk about the last line in the sand for Americans who love their country: Semi-automatic firearms. Without them, we are essentially defenseless against any future government that may turn tyrannical. Pastor Baldwin says “If we don’t take a stand on this issue, we won’t stand for any issue. THIS IS THE DEFINING ISSUE FOR LIBERTY IN AMERICA”.

Stand with us America.

Part 1:
If Americans Lose Semi-Auto Guns, TYRANNY Will Engulf the World
Part 2:
The 2nd Amendment: Our Line in the Sand – No Compromise
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65 comments to PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN: If Americans Lose the Right To Keep & Bear Arms, TYRANNY Will Engulf the World

  • sergio of the Jungle

    There are people from around the world, Libertarians, who are watching this unfold with great interest. This attack by the elites will be their downfall. People around the world will see this happening in America and debates about liberty and individual rights such as the right to keep and bear arms, property rights, free speech and assembly, will be discussed around the dinner tables of many differing nationalities and cultures. My hope is that their attack on the liberties of the peoples of the United States, the only country in the free(?) world with a bill of rights enshrined in the Constitution, which most importantly includes property rights, will raise the question of Liberty, the philosophy that under-pins Libertarian Constitutional Republics, the lie of Democracy and how it is just another “ism” that leads to division and dependence. Perhaps this Constitutional Republic idea will catch on and expose to the world that the path to tyranny isn’t a failure of Liberty, its a failure of government to protect it. Libertarians, step up your resistance to these overtures by elites. It is time to raise your voice and make them heard.

      • sergio of the Jungle

        Until recently, when debating philosophically about Constitutional Republics, as opposed to the socialist democracies that we suffer under now, with the concomitant illusion of freedom (just because we vote we’re free), I have never had the answer to the assault by sceptics of their perception; ” Well, the Constitution wasn’t effective in stopping this, now did it?!”
        My recently learned reply, gleaned from a book by true international Libertarian,(The Evil Princes of Martin Place) was; It wasn’t the failure of The Constitution, it was the failure of those entrusted to protect it. It was the failure of government.
        Martin Place is in Sydney Australia and is the financial centre of Australia’s Reserve Bank and commercial banking interests. The introduction in that book was worth the cost, in education alone. I have done a lot of reading on this topic and this is my No. 1 recommendation to anyone interested.

        • fayz

          ‘Done alot of reading’ – probably why sergio is so awake!

          I think the reason why America is in this situation is because of the near surgical demolition of proper education in the US by rockerfella and other elite. If kids today aren’t taught to think for themselves, learn real history, learn real economics, learn what organisation and structure is and what it can achieve how are they supposed to become the leaders the country needs tomorrow.

          The education in the US is designed to create people that are unable to organise themselves, unable to see past short term gain, makes them selfish and to adhere to the power structure, like animals in a zoo.

          If you really want to take back power it will take a generation of intelligent kids with honour, courage knows right from wrong and will stand u for this you wont ge this kind of mindset from a state school. My advise teach your own kids yourselves don’t leave it to the state, the state will only brainwash them and corrupt them and leave them weak and feeling inadequate with no intelligence and no confidence.

          maybe this is coming, maybe that generation that i speak about are the next generation. sorry if this seems overly agressive but a ferrari without an engine is useless same applies to kids without a thinking mind.

          the next generation of kids will either be indoctrinated slaves or freedom fighters in mind, body and spirit.


      • Ice


        Maybe you can use your resources and marketing of SGT to explore the option of deputizing all gun owners. Watch the fireworks when this goes viral. Most will be willing to go through the annual/semi-annual requirements that will be imposed.

    • Johnny

      When we have a lamestream media that is so entrenched in the evil that the criminal cartel bestows upon the world’s population, it is no wonder they have gotten as far as they have.

      Even in the Western countries that have a “free” media, it is no longer just the large and visible media outlets that follow the company line, it trickles right down to the small-town newspaper as well. With few exceptions, they’re ALL reading from the same script.

      Though the concentration of media power over the years has been so very obvious to some of us, it has been done so gradually as to have gone virtually unnoticed by the population at large. This is the very thing that happens when people don’t pay attention and take life for granted, and when they leave their minds and bodies vulnerable to useless and damaging rubbish.

      But the normalcy bias which appears to be so firmly in place is begining to show numerous cracks. The ministry of propaganda is, indeed, losing its grip on humanity. And there is no stopping this freight train called LIBERTY as it continues to pick up speed.

      It won’t all be puppies and flowers (to steal a quote from Zen Gardener), there will be severe consequences and suffering to humanities further awakening which will likely last many years, but the end prize is worth the sacrifice. V is for victory!

      • Ed_B

        Agreed, Johnny. It is no accident or coincidence that the lame stream media is refusing to air any stories in which a gun is used to STOP senseless crime because that does not fit the current leftist anti-gun anti-liberty meme. In fact, it quite clearly refutes it in a powerful way that does not end the discussion in the leftists favor but in quite the opposite way opens the discussion to better ideas and methods for keeping people and communities safer and not merely controlled.

    • Freedumbs'ear

      Ah United States (a corporation)doesn’t have any people just citizens(corporate franchises).Ever heard the expression “you better go vote and exercise your franchise”,well the banksters let that one out for a laugh for themselves.You are voting for your own slavery.As soon as you identify yourself as a citizen/person/franchise/slave/birth certificate name of a state or of the United States you are telling the banksters you are their property.Citizens have no rights only benefits and privileges.This video is full of matrix speak and pure nonsense.

  • NIX


  • NaySayer

    If we give up the guns we are dead or slaves. It is that simple.

    I don’t care what religion you are, I don’t care if you don’t believe in any god, I don’t care what color your skin is or what gender you are, if you are gay or straight. If you stand for the constitution then you are ok by me.

    If we give up the guns we are dead or slaves.

  • Supernatural

    This is a good mini-sermon (20 min) on the same subject, from 2011
    “The Church Must Rise Up” by Lt.Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Jerry Boykin

  • 8Ball

    What is interestingto me is the large number of anti-gunners that come crawling out of the woodwork as soon as some event like Sandy Hook occurs, . These people have been planning and preparing for this for quite some time to be that organized in their efforts. All the while sucking on the public teat while claiming they “represent” you. They showed their hand too soon on this one and blew it. They will now play nice-nice and crawl back into the woodwork, waiting for another chance to grab people’s guns. Remember who they are… never forget.

    You have a half-breed illegal alien for a president and no one to blame for it but yourself.

    “The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance”

    • NaySayer

      If he was a blonde white man with impeccable american lineage would that make it ok if he was grabbing the guns? This is it, the big move of the globalists and I don’t care what gender, color or religion they are. I don’t care where they came from either because if they aren’t stopped we are all dead or slaves. There is no legitimate reason why they want us disarmed except to make us all dead or slaves.

      I don’t care who these unconstitutional jackasses are, I’m tired of them all. I’m tired of the Bushes and the Jeanette Napolitanos, the Clintons who signed Nafta & the Rumsfelds who somehow “lost” trillions of dollars at the pentagaon. I’m tired of all of them who push and push for more power on the declining backs of the american middle/working classes.

      • 8Ball

        “I don’t care”… Exactly, that is my point and that is why you have an illegal alien half-breed with no legitimate birth records, sealed college records, false SS number and fake draft card.

        At least with the other idiots that you mentioned you can trace their background, this guy is a ghost in the machine…

    • Ed_B

      “You have a half-breed illegal alien for a president and no one to blame for it but yourself.”

      Oh, please! Most of the people reading this web site did not vote for this guy… ever. Many of us worked for other candidates, contributed money to other candidates, wrote articles and blogs in favor or better candidates, and did all we legally could not to have Obummer voted in. Unfortunately, we were unable to stop the Dems from stuffing the ballot box and doing everything they could illegally to elect this guy. Does anyone really wonder why the Dems were so against voter ID? No one who was supporting an honest election would do that because they would not be up to anything that voter ID would prevent. Yes, it really IS that simple.

      What is not simple is the fact that we use ballots in the US so that we do not have to use bullets. But our ballots and the voting process has been corrupted by those who willingly trade fair elections for rigged ones that temporarily favor their politics. They are fools to do this but then we knew that before all this came out. If we cannot rely on ballots for expressing our political views, bullets remain and will be used because there is now no other viable choice. It is terribly sad that it has come to this but those on the left created this situation and will be the ones who most suffer from it.

  • Wimpy

    Most who initiated these gun bans are dual-israeli citizens every one else are their flunkies. Keep in mind Israel does not permit dual citizens in their parliment & encourages gun ownership…….double standard?

    JEFFERSON, THOMAS. 18th century American statesman. “Dispersed as the Jews are, they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live in.” (D. Boorstin, THE AMERICANS) “Those who labor in the earth are the Chosen People of God, if ever he had a chosen people.” (NOTES ON VIRGINIA)

    • Jacobson

      Dual israeli citizens ?
      Give examples please and prove .
      Israel does not encourages gun ownership – It is really hard to get a license .
      Stop spilling your gutter on others and take responsibility for yourself and your nation .
      Good luck .

      • Wimpy

        @ Jacob- JIDF (Jewish Internet defense Force) or Hasbera? I do not need to prove my statements You need to disprove me.

        (Israeli Propaganda) is dying. Face it. Truthseeking humans with a brain of their own will not blindly follow the lies & myths without discovering soon… the bubble of myths is imploding….. fast! Shalom

  • Rumcajs

    Why are Americans such schizophrenics. American governments have undermined freedom all over the world and american people just watched because they were somehow convinced that killing 3000 000 Vietnamise or 2 million Iraquis have always been to the benefit of American people. Oh and of course it is either the terrorists or the communists who are guilty of whatever vane americans aren’t happy with. It is never however the capitalism and its export version – imperialism that contributed to the current demise of the US citisenry. So an average American on one hand supports the system that devoured america and completely ruined vast areas of the world both economicaly and environmentaly, but on the other hand he is not happy that the system he supported is doing to him what it did to Vietnamise, Iraqui, Syrian, Cuban, Columbian, Afghani, Palestinian and many many other peoples of the world. Guys how are you going to solve your problems if you are not prepared to point finger at yourself and understand where things went wrong and why? Look in the mirror guys you have incubated a monster that you thought would be only making your lives more easy and convenient. And frankly you couldn’t care less about what was hapenning in places where your resourcess came from. Right? So please start injecting a little bit of truth into your reality and perhaps you will find out in time what is wrong with YOU.

    Good Luck

    • Johnny

      Sounds like you’re tossing all of “us” together into one rancid stew, and by doing so are, engaging in stereotyping of the worst kind.

      How do you know who “we” are as individuals, what “our” views as individuals, or what “we” represent as individuals? What are you basing your conclusions on? Because they are conclusions, very strong ones at that.

      I do not know where you are from, but the analogy would be for me to assert that everyone from your country is as narrow-minded, short-sighted, stereotypical, and oozing with ridiculous generalizations as their fellow countryman named Rumcajs.

      But I would not lower myself by stating such stupidity, nor would I insult the people of your nation by claiming that they are all just like you.

      God forbid.

      • Rumcajs

        I am not against any people. I am merely stating facts. You can take offence, but it is your problem. I am not wishing amricans be punished for letting their govenment be a major homicidal force. I am hoping that Americans understand why they have the government they have. This isn’t about blame game. This is about awakening.

        Once more I’d like to wish you good luck.

        • Johnny

          No Rumcajs, I am not offended in the least. But you stereotyped Americans from start to finish, and this is a very narrow-minded view.

          Here’s one you wrote:
          “Why are Americans such schizophrenics?… Look in the mirror guys you have incubated a monster that you thought would be only making your lives more easy and convenient.”

          Here’s another:
          “And frankly you couldn’t care less about what was hapenning in places where your resourcess came from. Right?”

          And another:
          “So please start injecting a little bit of truth into your reality and perhaps you will find out in time what is wrong with YOU.”

          So again I will ask you, how could you generalize in such a way? Perhaps you should have refrained from assuming this to be strictly an American problem. By American, I mean the American people. Because that is a gross over-simplification of things. But I could not help to notice in your rant that you did not hold people of any other nation responsible for the misdeeds that you mentioned.

          Your target in your original post was the American people at large. To some degree you are correct. But it certainly does not start and stop with the American people, nor (I would guess) do the majority of American viewers to the SGT site represent the views of the Americans that you describe.

          As such, they are not deserving of your criticism, but you managed to direct your venom at them all the same.

    • SGT

      Rumcajs, You must be referring to the average ignorant American sheeple. If that’s the case, we can agree. However, you most certainly CAN’T be directing your ire at anyone associated with THIS website. Identifying the GLOBAL government and PRIVATELY run structures that are enslaving humanity is ALL we have been doing for quite some time. For DECADES in some cases – Listen to my interviews, listen to Lew Rockwell, listen to Ron Paul, listen to Alex Jones, listen to Chick Baldwin!! The criminal government of the United States, the global power elite, Wall Street, Central banking and the military industrial complex IS the source of the problem and we have been screaming about it, writing about it and reporting on it for longer than you have I’m willing to guess.

      • Rumcajs

        SGT. Yes I was indeed talking about an average American. But as you know average people constitute the majority. They are the centre of the Gauss curve hence I allowed myself to use generalisation in my posting.

        SGT how do you justify calling the enemy ‘communist’ when you clearly have been taken over by the corporations. Isn’t it Fascism? And isn’t Fascism an outgrowth of capitalism? Ie. capital accumulation leads to accumulation of power etc. I think the ideologies inculcated in american psyche are what’s making the situation so dificult. I tend to agree in certain respect with your mate. C Duane. It is about mind. You won’t clear your mind of ideological burden you will not reconnect with the spiritual. If you don’t let go off certain material things you will sink with them when they fall. If you don’t spot that which is wrong you will never repair it, etc.

        You may answer or not. I will appreciate if you do.

        I like your website and the diversity of comtent you guys post


        • Scott Sando

          “Know mankind well,
          don’t degrade every man as evil,
          and don’t exalt every man
          thinking he is good.
          He who cannot discover himself;
          cannot discover the world.”
          ― Rumi

        • SGT

          It is absolutely Fascist, yes – the marriage of Corporations & government, I’ve said so time and time again. No better example than the FDA (Monsanto/FDA revolving door) and Lobbyists in DC. That said, Obama’s Marxist-Communist/Chicago school background combined with his Fascist bent (Goldman & Wall Street Banksters got him in there) is clear to anyone paying attention at this point.

          • Freedumbs'ear

            All systems of government are all manifestations of the same thing.Mind control mechanisms to control the people and steal their life and labour.If you look at all governments they morph from one system to another by necessity to keep control.When the systems of control (financial) or (so called law)fails to maintain the illusion like now,there must be radical changes monetarily and politically(so called law) to maintain control.Most folks on this site are aware of the SHTF scenario rolling out in slow motion right now.Here is a good little bit for you all.

          • misterkel

            Isn’t the corporatism vs communism debate just an iteration of the left/right paradigm? Isn’t the system just one huge monster with corporatist/communist paws?

    • Pete

      America has become more fascist over the years, but lets be clear the U.S. is not alone. Great Britain, France, Germany, and many others are all part of this game. How soon we forget that Lybia, Vietnam, Iraq, and now Mali were all conquests for resources by coalition. Not just by the U.S. Do not think you can rest with an easy conscience simply because you are outside of these borders.

      • Rumcajs

        Nope. you are right the capitalist/fascist paradigm is spreading. Capitalism needs resourcess to expand (hence Iraq, Libia, etc) because it has to expand or die. And it needs cheap resorcess to drive the value of EVERYTHING including our lives lower and lower to remain competitive. And all that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for religious, self destructing sects who worship money, competition, free market and capitalism. I think it is important to stress that the problem often is in peoples minds. In their ideologies overshadowing their common sense. We are all spiritual beings but when we place our beliefs in the material it always leadS to a disaster. ANYBODY’S GOT DOUBTS ABOUT THAT???

        • misterkel

          Interesting debate. I don’t think capitalism per se needs expansion. Fractional reserve banking needs expansion. Capitalism could be a steady state operation, but I think that’s a difficult proposition because inherent in the system is getting bigger share of the pie and that scales up from the individual to the largest corporation. An ideological steady state capitalism that does not seek constant expansion may be a contradiction. Peter Josephs certainly presents a pretty coherent explanation to that effect.

        • fayz

          Capitalism isn’t the problem

          the problem is cronyism, market manipulation, debt based money forever inflating asset prices, TBTF, these are all kinds of corruption that has destroyed faith in capitalism and free markets. You need a strong justice system to bring faith back into markets or people en mass would trust it. so I ask, do you see banksters going to jail? NO….what does that say about the justice in the US?

          If you want to experience a free market the closest thing I can find that actually works is ebay! why? because so far there has been no major government interference in creating price distortions/bubbles due to their corrupt activities.


  • Troy

    Even if they ban guns, there will be hundreds of millions of guns that are kept by people. There is tens of billions of rounds of ammo being hoarded. I myself have over 10,000 rounds of just .22 LR. I also have 12 gauge, .38+P, .380, .223, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45 acp. Totals on them combined is alot, thats all I can say. I will not turn them in, because they were stolen, or sold at a gun show, or traded for silver…I just can’t seem to remember what happen to all my guns. LOL

    • Freedumbs'ear

      How about the truth?The truth shall set you free.All statutes,acts,codes apply to corporate fictions called persons.When anyone starts in on you about this law and that law; ask them how it applies to you.Tell them you are not a person, you are a man/woman with unalienable rights.The problem is with these so called laws(they are only corporate policy)they are enforced by ignoramuses who can’t tell the difference between a corporate fiction(person) and a living breathing man/woman.The I.D. they have created for you doesn’t identify you but a corporate fiction.The style of the font in corporate policy of United States corporation requires it to be in all caps.

  • NIX



  • Scott Sando

    America you are in my prayers and I will support you in the info war.

  • Tim


    I’m really impressed by the people you have interviewed. I like Chuck Baldwin. He was the Constitution Party’s candidate for Vice President, with Mike Peroutka as the Presidential candidate, in the 2008 election. A few years ago he and his family moved up to the Flathead Valley of Montana.

    Keep up the good work.

    • SGT

      Thanks a lot Tim. For every nice person like Chuck who says Yes to an interview request, I get a ‘maybe sometime’ or a ‘No thanks’ from other high profile folks. The Yes’s are a lot more fun, and the people (like Chuck) who say Yes – are a lot cooler too!

  • internationalchick

    Tyranny is already here because is the Jews that run the america. When a muslim president kill is other muslims it means that he is being told to do so by jews. I am all for the 2nd amendment but they are going to take it away, so you guys’ and americans better get used to it because they because you will now be the new brownies aka Palestines, Yemen other Africans countries getting killed and being trampled on.

    • Jacobson

      The jews again ?
      Just lestting you know that muslim people killed themselves through history more than any other nation/religion . History fact .

      The jews…the jews…the jews…
      What a hater you are .
      You should thank the jews for having a day off once a week .

      • Wimpy

        Bottom Line is the hateful disgusting Talmud & occult Kabbalah/Freemasonry which preaches jewish supremacy. If the secular Jews are silent against their own zionists then they are complicet in the evil. Many Jews have spoken out like Gilad Atzmon, Roy Tov, Bobby Fisher, Jack Bernstein, Ben Freedman etc etc they are heroes.

        If Christian Americans spoke out & died to fight Hitler why can you not speak out about elite supremacist zionist jews who want Americans to be the new Palestians?

  • Excellent interview,Chuck lays it out precisely what the stakes are and what there is to loose.He is correct about the government,they are preparing for a war with the American People.Semi-automatic weapons will be essential to the citizens,not if,but when that revolt begins.

    • Ed_B

      I find it interesting that this debate never ever mentions that when the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights was written, the government and the people had EXACTLY the SAME weapons technology, which is to say flint-lock rifles. Today, the government has belt-fed fully automatic weapons and the people do not. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what the Founding Fathers would have to say about that? My guess is that they would DEMAND that US citizens of good repute be allowed to keep and bear these weapons as well.

  • Supernatural

    I know this’ll be way over everyone’s head, but America IS is prophesy. Everybody and their uncle has an inside track on it, and it’s probably a 50/50 chance if anyone has it right. But the BEST I hope for is the same thing I believe, IMHO will happen: the tactical retreat in Isaiah 18:1-7. That’s America, Weboles, or my life hasen’t happened.
    If you’re still ‘listenin, it amounts to the NWO not being able to wrestle America into submission, so they resort to what causes vrs 4+6. (Most likely nukes.) Ya all know there are only God knows how many underground facilities in US, cause TPTB know it’s comin.
    So back to the tactical retreat: who’s going? Think Christ won’t take his followers with him? Don’t listen to the “Big Heads” who run “Famous” groups. They have all been keelhauled into submission by the world in their cemeteries, (Seminaries) and they have their precious 501c3 status to prove it.
    Hope ya not all too PC to listen to me exercise my 1st. Christ Lives.

    • Super, all of the current NWO events/plans are the necessary daily mechanics moving the World towards what is already settled in Heaven as described in Daniel,Mathew 1&2Thessalonians and Revealations.Those deceived masses that just approved another term for the Deceiver-In-Chief are under strong delusion and will believe The Lie because they love not the truth.The Signs can not be denied,many will be left behind.

      Ga 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

      • Supernatural

        A-men Glitter. As you know, God is harvesting the fruit. The branches he will throw in the fire. Those that do wickedly will suffer the consequences. Our task is to be faithful ambassadors of our King. He is so ASTONISHINGLY Awesome . . .

        Lief Hetland laid hands on about a thousand people at a church I went to tonight. At different points this evening, my soul was enraptured by the presence of God.

        Point being, I’ve tried a lot of things in the search to gratify my flesh, both legal and illegal. And fact A is, NOTHING can compare to God in Christ Jesus.


    • Ed_B

      “I know this’ll be way over everyone’s head…”

      I sure hope that your argument is not as arrogant as this seems to be. Assuming where the heads of other are or what they can grasp is reaching a LONG ways, IMO.

      • Supernatural

        Ed, I put it that way for several reasons, but primarily because most people have little interest in Biblical prophesy and how it applies to them. Unfortunately, that is often to their detriment. Ignoring information concerning yourself or your nation will usually put you behind a curve you will one day prefer to have been in front of. So I risked offending some to challenge others.

        My suggestion to you is go back and watch GENERAL BOYKINS speech I posted earlier on this page. That is, if you’re not too arrogant.

        If you get through that, then why don’t you look at Isaiah 18 and ask God what it means for you and the USA. Of course, you’ll have to go to God on His terms, another subject most people don’t have the time or heart for. But if you pass that too, then please, by all means, add something productive to the discussion.

    • 8Ball

      America is phucked… You gave it away to a bunch of motormouth megalomanics…

      • Supernatural

        America? America? The whole world, including the little safe havens, will fall under the control of the Anti-Christ. I don’t really feel obligated to supply the encyclopedia of information regarding that, especially since you have deaf ears. But consider this: Christ will humiliate and destroy that soon to appear Anti-Christ. Laugh, scorn, play with yourself, or bet what you want to loose.

  • InternationalChick

    The Obama’s entire department is run by jews. They tell the Obama how high to jump. The jews writes the checks and control the money. The jews that are taking the 2nd amendment away, a jew is recommending to end the 2nd amendment. The jews have been killing muslims for the past 70 years. The Jews killed american navy soldiers on the Liberty. They control the food. They control the media. They even revise history to their liken. What is that they don’t control? Tyranny is already here. Jacobson, I would never thank the fake jews for anything.

    Learn the truth

    • Jacobson

      By saying “jews” , it means “all jews” .
      Do you think all the jews around the world are unified to control others ?
      And if you do , what in your opinion should be done to the “jews” ?
      Let’s make it clear .

      You are thanking by having this day off .
      And you are thanking to a jew , wasn’t he ?

  • dave

    if you have not listened to the interview, listen to it!

    thumbs up to SGT!

  • InternationalChick

    Like the true black slaves in Egypt all the goyims would be working 7 days a week for the pharaoh. Jacobson, you must work 7 days a week to monitor websites to write gibberish for Zionist. Jews don’t have loyalty to the u.s..

    • Jeff

      enough with the “jew” puke spewing out of that empty hole in your head, talk like this is for the very weak hearted and weak minded, hateful racist. It is saddening there are so many of your kind……

    • Jacobson

      In every topic you spread you hate against “the jews” .
      You are mixing between zionism and judaism ,
      You are a shame to the liberty movement and naturally should join the KKK .

      Take a look at this :

  • Ed_B

    Moving right along and keeping on point…

    I do wish that everyone who argues in favor of the right to keep and bear arms would not ever mention “legitimate hunting purposes”. The US Constitution does not ever mention hunting and we shouldn’t either in the course of this discussion. Amendment II has zero to do with hunting and everything to do with protecting one’s self, family, community, and country. Let’s keep the discussion on point and where it belongs, shall we?

    Additionally, we need to be asking all these anti-liberty folks whether or not the abuse of a right by a few insane people is a legitimate reason for revoking that right for the vast majority that do not abuse their right to keep and bear arms. If so, then what rights will survive in such an environment? The answer, of course, would be NONE but let’s see if they can grasp this point without any prompting.

    Finally, reject categorically their attempts to frame the discussion via comments like “you don’t need this or that for hunting” or “no one needs a magazine that holds 30 rounds”. It is not up to them to decide what you or I “need”. As has been said before, “Amendment II gives us the power not to apologize for their gun phobia”.

    • Freedumbs'ear

      Dubya said it best.The constitution is just a piece of paper.No one signed it so it applies to no one.The courts have told the people that over and over and over again.What they were trying to tell you in every instance was that all this constitution crap is just mind control matrix speak and if you want to be our slave then we will have our way with you.We all have unalienable rights given by the creator.One of mine is the right to defend myself with deadly force if necessary.I hope I never have to.Peace

  • internationalchick

    jacobson, why is israel inoculating Ethopian jewish women without there consent? In the N.Y times they reported that Israel government promotes jewish birthrates, women have 6 to 10 kids, which they do that here in Brooklyn. NY as well in upstate Monsey. Yet the limit and restrict ethopian fertility throgugh birth control injections. Why don’t you watch your own people do to the Palestines in the 5 Broken Cameras.

    Tyranny will be promoting this in america soon if not already. White men should be more suspect and hold on to your loins.

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