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Guest Post: NY Newspaper Creates Safety Issues for Citizens & Police By Publishing Gun Owner List

by Mark S. Mann,

As many of you may have seen or heard, sometime around December 23rd “The Journal News” based in Westchester County, NY published an interactive map that allows readers to find the names and addresses of gun owners within the geographic areas of Westchester and Rockland counties, in NY State.

Many of the newspapers readers were outraged over this completely irresponsible violation of gun owner’s right to privacy. This map and information has undoubtedly created safety issues for EVERYONE in both counties.

The latest development in this case is the fact that in the last 48 hours, Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, who spoke at a news conference, said the decision to post the online map of addresses of gun owners has put law enforcement officers in danger. “They have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. That’s not acceptable to me,” Falco said, according to Newsday.

So, as a result of the completely irresponsible behavior of the media whores at The Journal News, residents of Westchester and Rockland counties now have the following issues to contend with:

1.) Criminals now have a map of gun owner’s homes should they decide to resort to theft of firearms.

2.) Criminals now have a map of homes that are NOT protected by residents that do not own firearms.

3.) NY State now has officer safety issue as criminals and prison inmates can determine where prison guards and police officers live by matching the names of law enforcement professionals to the list of names and addresses on the list / map.

The pieces of human feces employed by The Journal News that are responsible for this violation of privacy and potential safety hazard should be sued, fined, and punished both by the residents of Westchester & Rockland Counties, and by the State of New York. If the residents of Westchester & Rockland Counties were smart, they would find a local attorney to form a class action law suit on their behalf. The whores at “The Journal News” should be bitch slapped with a suit for invasion of privacy and or public endangerment. Regardless of the actual outcome of such a suit, The Journal News would be forced to defend against it, they would be forced to incur legal expenses, as well as deal with public outrage, loss of readership, and embarrassment that such a suit would create. With any luck, this suit would also create a legal precedent which could provide protection towards future gun owner privacy.

Local lawmakers in New York have stated that they may introduce legislation that prevents information about gun owners from being released to the public. In my opinion this needs to become a federal law, punishable by criminal penalties with the provision that any persons or corporations that release such information will be criminally and civilly liable for damages caused by releasing such information.

The media whores in this country need to be held accountable for their irresponsible actions. They should not be allowed to use freedom of the press, and freedom of speech as a shield to limit or destroy the privacy of law abiding gun owners, or to create a public safety hazard for the communities they are targeting. The irresponsible behavior of publishing this information has potential consequences to both gun owners and non-gun owners of every community.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe!

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20 comments to Guest Post: NY Newspaper Creates Safety Issues for Citizens & Police By Publishing Gun Owner List

  • schlomo

    If you are in the area of the newspaper, find out who their advertisers are and call the advertisers and tell them you will boycott them as long as they advertise in the paper. Or look into which national brands are advertising in there, and you can boycott them from wherever you are. Also do not look at the list and map on their site. The millions of hits their site is getting from this just allows them to charge more for their online advertising. More hits equals higher ad rates.

  • Ed_B

    Every gun owner and lover of liberty in the distribution area for that so-called “news” paper should immediately cancel their subscription to it.

    Agree on letting their advertisers know that this paper is a pariah to all who love liberty and privacy.

    I believe that the state of New York has “reckless endangerment” on their books as a felony. If anyone should be harmed by the irresponsible publishing of the names and addresses of police officers or civilians, all effort should be made to bring these people to justice in both criminal and civil courts. If there is any way to secure a triple damages aware, that should be pursued as well.

    All NRA and GOA members in NY state should be contacting these organizations immediately and registering a complaint about their behavior. Police groups should be doing the same. All NY residents should be petitioning their law makers to change the law so that this kind of senseless danger is removed.

    I hope and pray that none of this results in any injuries, deaths, or thefts of property via the misuse of this information. A rational person would look at this situation and ask themselves, “What possible good could come of doing this?” and “Is that worth the cost that may occur?”. I can assure these people that having their panties in a bunch over this political issue does NOT justify this action. Hopefully, no one will have to die before this becomes clear to them.

  • Ed_B

    …award, not aware… fat fingers… lol

  • Guns rock

    I think IT’S HILARIOUS that this scumbag “news” agency had her brilliant plan backfire on them!! They were probably so proud of themselves when they first released the info thinking that the public would be on their side. Instead, EVERYONE is irate. Hahahaha. These dumb fucks actually thought that they were “sticking it to” gun owners when in actuality they have now put the people WITHOUT protection in jeopardy. Not only that, but they just outed ALL Law Enforcement too. YOU GOTTA BE A COMPLETE RETARD TO HAVE THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. I hope that a civilian who is not a gun owner ends up taking ou he people who released the information. That would make ths story COMPLETE. LOL.

  • Guns rock

    There was absolutely no logical reason to release the information. The “news” agency released this info for a specific reason, and that was to have all the anger and rage after the shooting be directed solely on these LAW ABIDING citizens. This piece of shit agency wanted the blowback to be directed at innocent people. How fukked up is that?? They were hoping that us gun owners would be targeted and harassed. They could care less about our safety and have now put EVERYONE’S well being in a bad position……well, at least we have guns to protect ourselves if anyone DOES want to come stepping. I bet all those people who have no way of protecting themselves are shitting their trousers right about now. Lol

  • Tony

    If that’s the case, that’s totally against life privacy. Those on that list should do a class action lawsuit just to make sure they get the type of privacy they’re entitled to and their rights respected. The way they’re going on tomorrow they’re will be a list for everything with everyones name on somewhere acessible to great public … oh they already got that ne it’s called Facebook…

  • Bob

    This may be worth your time:

    I hope you post it for your readers to see. You reach so many people, and they need to see this.

    • SGT

      I will definitely post this, thanks Bob.

    • lastmanstanding

      thanks for this…many have known for years that this was where we would end up. It is the final corner of the room. We have been continuously nudged into this corner and now there is nowhere else to go.

      We have put up with countless regulation, higher taxes, freedom stealing tyrannical laws, blah, blah, blah…and here we are.

      Many drew a final line in the sand and waited patiently for the attack to come praying that “our elected officials” would stand with the US Constitution.

      Well now we have the outcome…I am standing firmly with our founders and the US Constitution that was penned in ink.

      God bless you all in our stand.

    • Freedumbs'ear

      The problem is the republic died in 1861 when the southern states walked away from the republic never to be heard from again. Not that the constitution was valid for anybody anyway because no one signed it.That being the case Lincoln unlawfully carried on and through the first executive order (unlawfull converted the government into a military dictatorship called a democracy because of this so called emergency)That gave all the power of the already created corporation of the United States to goverern the 10 miles around the white house.They only had authority then and now over corporations.These corporations are called persons/United States citizens/and all other words describing fictions.The government that people so often refer to as their government are admitting they are a corporation and are owned by United States corporation the parent company.These persons have no rights what so ever.People on the other hand have unalienable rights (rights granted to us by the creator)which are unlimited and can never be removed.This means the right to own guns or the right to protect yourself with one.The right to privacy etc.There is no limit to your rights.If someone is harming you by publishing your name they are comitting a criminal act and are accountable for that act.

  • bestkeylar

    I would like to thank The Journal News for singlehandedly shooting down that FRAUD called Obama’s plans to kill Freedom. At least in Westchester & Rockland Counties.

  • NaySayer

    So it is okay to out gun owners including the addresses of women & children in hiding from stalkers and abusive ex husbands and boyfriends? The powers that be didn’t have a problem with that. But wait, if the cops, judges, prison guards etc. get outed and THEY get their families threatened by criminals and the families of inmates then they get protection and now privacy will be respected, but only because of them?

    I guess if you are one of the storm troopers you will be extra protection that the rest of us don’t get. Some cops are honest and good but they are going to be the enemy of even nice middle class educated folks if this kind of favoritism keeps getting shown. The more I see stuff like this and the videos taken of police abuses the more I know why minorities and poor people never trusted cops and never cooperated with them.

  • Johnny

    To SGT:
    A CT legislator is proposing that the names and addresses of the 170,000 pistol permit holders in the state be publicized.

  • Idaho Silver

    Guys!! (and vimen) THEY ALWAYS MAKE YOU LOOK LEFT AND PUNCH FROM THE RIGHT! jeez! Research “Heather Tucci-Jarraf” there is a group that is using the U.C.C. to bring this whole mess back to Order. stop worring about what “They” “Them” are doing because there “ain’t” going to be a “Them” or a “They” much longer. Repeat: “Heather Tucci-Jarraf” U.C.C. ‘nuf said

  • Mark S. Mann


    You are correct in some ways, but not in others. Yes,the general public is at risk from data like this being published for the reasons mentioned above. However, when the police lock up a violent offender, and that offender or their friends have hard data on the location of the person that helped put him away, that officer’s family becomes at risk. You seem like a smart person based on previous comments I have seen from you, so you should understand the threat to law enforcement here. This has nothing to do with special treatment or favoritism. If you dont understand, maybe its because you dont take the risks police officers do on a daily basis. Members of the general public dont have violent people seeking revenge against them or their family for putting them in jail. I dont understand what you dont understand about that.
    It is wrong that these mother fuckers at Journal News did this to EVERYONE, NOT just law enforcement. If you want to be angry, be angry at those assholes Journal News.

    • NaySayer

      I see your point but you are missing mine.

      When it was just regular citizens being threatened because of their addresses being printed the state didn’t even consider no longer granting freedom of info requests for more gun owner’s name & addresses.

      Then when it was cops and other officers of the court and prison guards who were being threatened then NOW they are saying they won’t grant them. Is a woman and her children being threatened of less importance than a cop being threanted, who is at least trained and with a vast network of other law enforcement supporting him/her?

      Alex Jones states that the Elite want patriots and cops/soldiers on opposite sides so we will wipe each other out and leave them free to take over. Cops need to be speaking out about how they won’t stand for this unconstitutional behavior for anybody or they will find themselves the enemy when they come for the guns. See a post her on SGT about shooting cops if they come for your guns. Cops/soldiers need to be oathkeepers and protect their oath to defend the constitution. It maybe that will save their lives soon.

      When even middle class educated people are wondering if they will have to shoot cops who illegally come for their guns, then the cops better start choosing a side.

  • Mark S. Mann


    We are on the same side Dude. I train with cops and feds all over the country, and that is what I am preaching to them….pick a side, and remember who you swore your oath to, and realize that domestic ememies are upon us.

    There are a lot of good cops out there.There are also a lot of bad ones. The good ones already know what side they are on, and that is YOURS. I cant speak for everyone that has a badge, but trust me when I tell you, the good guys are hip to the game. I am not saying they can stop this, but I am saying that if there will be a fight, you will not be alone, as many police officers will be on your side. I am one of them.

    Stay Safe!

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