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Government to Dispose of Radioactive Waste By Putting It In Our SILVERWARE

from Washington’s Blog:

Department of Energy Wants to Let Radioactive Scrap Metal Back into Consumer Products

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that any amount of radiation – no matter how small – can cause cancer and other serious health effects.

(Current safety standards are based on the ridiculous assumption that everyone exposed is a healthy man in his 20s – and that radioactive particles ingested into the body cause no more damage than radiation hitting the outside of the body. In the real world, however, even low doses of radiation can cause cancer. Moreover, small particles of radiation – called “internal emitters” – which get inside the body are much more dangerous than general exposures to radiation. See this and this. And radiation affects small children much more than full-grown adults.)

But the Department of Energy – the agency which is responsible for the design, testing and production of all U.S. nuclear weapons, promotes nuclear energy as one of its core functions, which has been covering up nuclear accidents for decades, and has used mutant lines of human cells to promote voodoo, anti-scientific arguments – proposes letting radiation into our silverware.

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4 comments to Government to Dispose of Radioactive Waste By Putting It In Our SILVERWARE

  • Rodster

    You know not too long ago I would have yelled bullshit at an article like this. What I have seen in the last 11-12 years since 9-11 makes you shake your head. The scary part is they have even bigger plans to control and reduce global population for the sake of, planet earth.

  • NaySayer

    They are desperate to lower population. Don’t buy any new silverware and tell your friends and family not to do so either.

  • Wimpy

    perhaps they released this story to reduce the purchase of silverware as supply is scarce.

  • I worked in the Nuclear Power Industry for over 30 years, this is BS and isn’t/ain’t gonna happen in this country.With all of the nuclear waste being generated outside this country,I don’t see how it will all be controlled properly.Inside the US,No. Outside the US all bets are off.

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