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Flashback: Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the IMPOSITION of Global Government??

[Ed. Note: We are revisiting this article from the Daily Bell because it allows us to see further down the rabbit hole. If Al-Jazeera can buy Al Gore’s Current TV and no one flinches, anything’s possible. We’ll still post hand-picked material from RT, but trust us when we say, we too are skeptical. Here’s a snippet, you need to click through to read the entire piece.]

by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell:

They [the PTB] are moving quickly to create world government.

This article is about the KIND of world government they are creating.

I became aware of this while doing research on RT, rapidly emerging to join the world’s leading TV and ‘Net-based TV networks. I’ve appeared on RT but scaled back my appearances over the past year – despite very kind requests for interviews – because I was vaguely uncomfortable.

Now I know why.

What I discovered is that RT is part of a Hegelian Dialectic to implement a certain kind of world government. Top leaders of Russian-based media moguls affiliated with RT behind the scenes appear to come from the former KGB (along with Vladamir Putin). Additionally, they are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum, Chatham House and other elite facilities. That’s a fact. Look it up.

And lately RT has begun using the language of Occupy Wall Street, apparently a George Soros-funded and controlled false-flag operation.

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13 comments to Flashback: Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the IMPOSITION of Global Government??

  • Frank Zak

    I don’t know why, but every time I read
    the Bell, I feel like I am reading something
    written by CIA agents.

    Absolutely makes no sense what they are saying.

    • AgShaman

      They do have the CoIntelPro data manipulation feel to them.

      Not saying it’s so….but yeah, they should be monitored.

      As an aside: Paul Craig Roberts has intimated recently that RT had been compromised. It’s not so outlandish to ponder the possibility…given the orchestrated systems that have overun our society. Media is the most dangerous branch of government….they get you to let your guard down and lobotomize your existence.

      The Fiat Empire is a global problem….until the crash, no chess-piece should be trusted.

      Keep your senses honed

    • Frank Zak

      I meant to say Mr. Wile’s articles seem to me to
      be defending the NWO, or rather hurting good people
      who go up against the NWO.

      He seems like he is one of them and sounds like
      a planted mole to harass good people.

      Seems like he is pretending to be one of us, while
      he hurts people and organizations that expose it.

    • NaySayer

      I posted a comment on an RT show on YOutube that you can’t trust everything RT says because they are advocating disarming the american public along with the U.S. govt. I said you can enjoy RT content, but their motives are suspect and not to believe everything.

      My ability to post comments has been removed by RT.

      Yes, you should be suspicious of them. Very suspicious.

  • William

    – outed another media presstitute perhaps?

  • Revolution2012

    i stopped watching all RT except for Lauren Listers capital account.Too many times I found myself cursing at the reporters who didnt take the side of liberty and freedom.I’m all done with them,have been.

    • Frank Zak

      I only watch Lauren capital account and crazy Max,
      so you could be right. I stopped watching tv
      over a year ago.

      Only watch the computer now.

  • Russian TV has an agenda. Part of it is to undermine the U.S.A. They do that by telling the nasty truth about America that the corporate elite media will not.
    Just because they tell the truth about the U.S. doesn’t make them our friends. They have their own agenda and now we have seen their agenda diverge from what we think is right. But RT has always been for themselves and not us.

    They want us disarmed, of course they do. They might end up in a war with us at some point and they want us disarmed.

    Just because RT tells the nasty truth about how corrupt America has become should not confuse you into believing they are on our side or want our good.

    They smell like the news agency in HG Well’s book “1984”

  • prestodo

    Under the Ed note, the terms “we” and “us” are used. Isn’t this a one man web site, or are there many SGT’s?

    • SGT

      Hey P, I’ve explained this before but it’s not stated daily so here’s why I say “we”, I have two trusted contributors who I have recruited to help me post news throughout each day. They’ve been with me now for nearly a year. Before that, it was my buddy Stefan B who helped. We pull from the list of trusted sites (linked on the right side of SGTreport). I can do a lot each day, like responding to your query at 4;00 am, but I can’t do it all, all by myself, 24/7.

  • Abbi

    aily Bell has it’s own bias. In many instances their articles seem to be controlled opposition. This particular article came out at about the same time that Max Keiser told everyone about “Brown’s Bottom,” and the UK selling off 60% of their Gold at rock bottom prices. The Queen suddenly decided to go and inspect the Gold and made some comment about it being “regrettable,”and didn’t anyone “notice?”. It was also after the news broke about HSBC drug money laundering. The article is also pointedly aimed at Max, who has been one of the few very vocal truth tellers as to the corruption in banking and Wall Street, gob smackingly criminal! And as such he has gained an ever wider audience, because there is no such coverage in Main Stream Western Media.

    Taking the circumstances leading up to this article, it is not surprising that finally there was a back lash in US media against one of the few Main Stream Media,( RT is main stream,) economic commentators who has told the truth about banking corruption, hypothecation of Gold reserves and the Libor scandal, all involving the cream of the crop or rather high level criminals from the FED on down. J P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.

    RT is also the station that afforded Assange the opportunity to interview people that would only be seen dead on CNN, BBC, Sky and Fox, a la Ghadaffi, let alone having their views head. The leader of Hezbollah being one prime example. RT is also the station that has fully covered Assange in the Equador Embassy, the USA on the other hand wants the man dead, so no interview with Fox for sure!

    There are only two news TV stations left that give alternative viewpoints to the Western media, and report the “truth” far more so than others. RT and Press TV. Press TV recently interviewed experts from Veterans today, one of whom blatantly accused Israel of 9/11 on a Main Stream Channel and the other who said that the only reason the USA, more specifically the CIA, was still in Afghanistan and was using drones in Pakistan, was to protect an $80 billion Opium Industry.

    In this last week Press TV also reported on a large cache of Opium that had been confiscated on the Afghanistan border by Iran and subsequently burnt. It is not surprising then to read today that ” US imposes fresh sanctions on Tehran, including ban on Iranian media,”

    RT and Press TV have their bias, however they are also doing what Western Main Stream Media has failed to do, afford Western Journalists a forum to report what goes unreported on TV in the USA, to a wide and international audience across the globe. Most people outside of the USA on the other hand, have never heard of the DailyBell.

  • john 2

    I don’t know if there is a sinister agenda…or maybe someone just noticed at some point and started reigning them in.

    They still have guests like Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, Doug Casey, etc…so all is not bad.

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