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FBI Labels Occupy As Terrorists

by John Aziz, Azizonomics:

It’s disturbing enough that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security determined to investigated Occupy Wall Street as a “domestic terrorist” group. But the reality is even more absurd than that.

Via Digital Journal:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation knew of a plot to assassinate members of the Occupy Wall Street at protests around the United States but did not inform the potential victims of the threats to their lives.

The shocking revelation was buried deep within documents released to the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), a human and civil rights advocacy organization, after the group filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Last week, Digital Journal reported that the documents obtained by PCJF detailed how the FBI cooperated with the Department of Homeland Security, US military and private corporations to monitor and investigate Occupy Wall Street protesters as “domestic terrorists” and “criminals.” The documents prove that federal agencies are “functioning as a de facto intelligence arm of Wall Street and corporate America,” PCJF said.

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1 comment to FBI Labels Occupy As Terrorists

  • Troy

    Thats fine, then I will define Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, The Bushes, and all the other I need not name as the real terrorists. The term Terrorist defines a group of people that terrorize others. Well, the Middle East is terrified of the power lords that run the U.S., therefore I define the men that pull the strings in the U.S. government… Terrorists. Again, Barrack Obama, you can fuck off you asshole lying puppet. Most of us hate your ass.

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