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Celente Talks 2013: The Coming Collapse & How to Prepare

from Trendsjournal:

Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones us to break down the looming financial crisis and how to prepare for what’s to come.

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12 comments to Celente Talks 2013: The Coming Collapse & How to Prepare

  • Bob A

    How sick is this. There is now a bill being presented to make Obama a dictator for life!!!!!!

    • SGT

      I don’t think that’s a legit bill. Let me know if you can verify this other places… I’m researching too, am skeptical.

      • Ed_B

        Have to agree with you on this one, Sean. It may well be a lefto-communist’s wet dream but it simply cannot be a legit bill.

        Of course, if the Obamunists have read their history, they will immediately recognize the fact that FDR was elected to a 3rd and then a 4th presidential term, even though he did not complete his 4th term. They must be absolutely salivating over how to re-create that in modern times. Hmmm… what to do… oh, wait, I know, how about a good war to fight that is so important to the nation that we simply cannot waste any resources to hold an election for a while? Anything that has happened before can and will happen again.

        • Rumcajs

          Communism, Capitalism so what!? They both erode human integrity with materialistic approach towards life. Around the world. It is materialism that first destroyed native people of the colonies and now is devouring it’s own minions who always think it’s the communism or capitalism it is never them and their immorality. Am I not right? Do you not see the soullesness of your people? Please open your eyes. I am not an American but I keep my fingers crossed for all the people of integrity and that includes Americans too. Good luck doing things. Pointing fingers at some phoney ideology won’t get you anywhere.

  • Bob A

    Hey SGT. I think it is legit. As sick as it may be, I’m not one bit surprised. Even if it is not, I bet it will be in time. We have a sick mother…(I’ll let those who curse fill in the blank)…at the helm. But I sure do hope you are right and that this just someone having fun…because I will then wipe the sweat off my brow!! 🙂

  • possee

    Unlike you Sean..Jones interrupts every 30 seconds or so with every guest he has.
    He doesn’t listen to a word they say unless it’s a point HE wants to substantiate!

    If he would just shut the hell up and let his really informed guests speak..perhaps more would listen…I for one stopped the interview with Celente after 1 minute.

    You, Sean,should have Gerald as a guest…
    You ,Sean, are a real interviewer and engage your guests and allow them to speak uninterrupted..

    I no longer listen to Jones as he is so full of himself it’s sickening..

    Unlike his guests who are intelligent and have something to offer..


    • Ed_B

      I agree, Possee. This is the same disease that Bill O’Reilly and Neil Cavuto have. Many have been the times when an interesting guest was on but could not speak for more than 30 seconds without one of these clowns interrupting an excellent point or important information with their worthless twaddle. Those of us who were taught manners by our parents did us a terrific service. Guess that a lot of the newsies never had that kind of upbringing. Pity.

  • Mike

    I dont know why no one ever points out what the “Young Turks” did? Armenian Genocide first by disarming the Armenians then bloody massacre. If that is OK having a liberal show called the “Young Turks” then I guess it’s ok to have a liberal show that pretends to care about the people called “Schutzstaffel”…

    • Rumcajs

      I agree with you on TYT. There is going to be more and more compromised shows on the internet until we see MSM 2.0. There it will be permited to say 9/11 was an inside job because this false flag event has already served its purpose. Very well. The problem though is not just with corrupt media and corrupt polititians. The problem is morality at every level of society. It starts with little moral temptations we don’t bother to resist until our morality erodes to the point where the only immoral thing we detest is to give up a suprmarket loyalty card. But I still cannot see people waking up to whatever is wrong that they are doing. Whatever happens is always someone elses fault. An individual that has not yet had an honest look at himself and hasnt corrected whatever wrong he was doing IS contributing to the ugly situation unfolding around the world. I think the trouble is the 10 commandments in not what they prohibit but in that there are only 10. Make your own law if you cannot find a good one to guide you. Make yourself into an individual that in your opinion is worthy of inhabiting the paradise and you will create the paradise. So who needs MSM orMSM 2.0 or a guru ar the internet to acomplish that? Do not bother with TYT

    • Ed_B

      Or, if they believe in “truth in advertising”, they could call their show “BullShit Unlimited”.

  • Waldog

    What does the headline have to do with the video? They spend the whole time talking about gun confiscation and the headline on this sight says “The coming Collapse and How to Prepare.”

  • Izzy

    When they come for the guns,the crash is either happening or about to.What about these 2 laws: love God and Love your neighbor as yourself?Alex does interrupt sometimes but nobody’s perfect including you and me and everybody else and a man’s gift makes room for him.If you had his gift and the guts you’d be on the air too and whatever your fault is somebody would magnify it.I’ll take the truth anyway I can.Once prophet Balaam heard it through a donkey.

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