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Buy Gold Bullion The Daily Nugget – Gold and the week ahead

by Jan Skoyles,

Last week was a dampener for those in gold investment as we saw the gold price decline to a two week low following positive outlook data on the global economy.

Despite gold’s poor performance at the end of last week, it has picked itself up wee bit following on from the news that both Russia and Kazakhstan did a little gold investing last month and expanded their gold reserves by 2.1% and 1.7% respectively. Meanwhile Iraq sold some of its gold, reversing a previous trend of net buying.

Concerns over palladium supply were further increased, as the world’s largest producer Russia, stated that their palladium reserves were ‘exhausted’ and are expecting sales this year to be just 3 tonnes.  This morning it crept to highs not seen since September 2011.

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5 comments to Buy Gold Bullion The Daily Nugget – Gold and the week ahead

  • Kyle

    What are the websites that you use personally and suggest where I can begin to invest in my own shares of physical silver and gold?

  • harman kardon

    I would suggest flea markets, local coin dealers–the smaller the better–and pawn shops. You can usually find better deals “on the ground” than websites. No shipping costs or insurance and the premiums are in line with websites. That has been my experience over the past three years.

  • harman kardon

    As for websites–Gainesville Coins, Provident Metals and Chris Duane’s medallions–there is a link on the SGTReport for the Slave Queen on the right side of each page. Those are awesome and getting better, same premium or less than other websites.

    • SGT

      Thx HK, Yeah, I just received my Trivium coins AND some Slave Queens yesterday, they are quite fetching. And the cool part about the first two issues, the Debt&Death and Trivium coins, is they’re gone for good now. So having some feels good – they’re rare. 🙂

  • Doug

    Apmex,( reliable. They sell any quantity, charge anywhere from $1.99 to $169.00 over spot and about $20.00 for shipping and have a wide selection of products.
    Merit, ( Discount gold brokers ( have have some better initial prices but charge more for shipping, have minimum purchase amounts or make you call for pricing. I have used all three, I usually end up buying from Apmex as I can see their pricing and quantity is not an issue.

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