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Breaking: Man Behind the Scenes of Top 10 YouTube Channel ‘FPSRussia’ Murdered Execution-Style

from My Fox Atlanta:

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ga. – A Georgia man behind one of the top 10 YouTube channels has been found dead. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the death of 32-year-old Keith Ratliff as a homicide.

Ratliff was mainly behind the scenes in the videos from FPSRussia, but he did occasionally appear in them talking about — and firing –a high powered gun. The video have been view more than 500 million times on YouTube.

Ratliff also worked for FPS Industries in Franklin County, a company that makes weapons and weapon technology. He was found dead inside the business from a gunshot wound to the head, according to GBI spokesperson John Bankhead.

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3 comments to Breaking: Man Behind the Scenes of Top 10 YouTube Channel ‘FPSRussia’ Murdered Execution-Style

  • matt

    live by the sword..die by the sword!

    • RedOak

      Live as a slave, die as a slave.

    • Truthseeker

      It’s interesting when people take biblical quotes out of context in a completely successful effort to show their ignorance, and to push an agenda. It’s equally interesting that those ignorant people fail to acknowledge that the vast majority of people who’ve ever died by the sword, never even owned one, let alone lived by one.

      Did the millions murdered by their sword wielding governments, live by the sword? Did this man who liked to shoot guns and make videos of the same, live by the sword? Who did he kill? Who did those millions of women and children kill? Should all soldiers and police die by the sword because they bear them on a daily basis? Do you think there might be a difference between someone who lives by the sword, i.e., committing robberies and murders, and one who simply bears a sword to defend themselves and others? Or maybe your just another cowardly, immoral, moron, who believes that someone else should risk their life to save your worthless ass from a violent death?

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