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Bob Rice Explains: ‘How Central Banks Lease Their Gold’

from Bloomberg:

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6 comments to Bob Rice Explains: ‘How Central Banks Lease Their Gold’

  • Dan

    “It all depends how you look at it”.
    “All futures contacts look like this”.

    Paper gold is highly leveraged against physical gold is how I look at it.

    • lastmanstanding

      and as long as paper is still held in faith by the playees,the scam will continue.

      even the fucks like buying at bargain-basement prices…they just want you to loose faith and sell out.

      flatline pms keep people away…just what they want.

  • Fred Hayek

    “. . and these bullion banks then take the leased gold and sell it into the market . . ”

    Gee, usually when you’re leasing something you don’t feel free to sell it. Do you think the dealership would mind if I sold my leased car?

  • Fred Hayek

    You’ve gotta love how Bob Rice can’t defend the practice whatsoever except to say that they do the same thing with other commodities. It’s like a little kid complaining that all the other kids are doing it too. Come on, Dad!

    If only the reporterette had been quick enough and honest enough to wonder aloud whether this doesn’t just mean that those commodities are also manipulated.

  • Ghenghis

    That chick is utterly clueless. Why is she doing the questioning? A money honey?

  • AgShaman

    The ESF is the US Treasury slush fund that has established this dark pool to “clip” the sheep that love the casino. The FED has their own portion of holdings and may target their leasing houw they see fit. The ESF needs somebody to handle the process behind the scenes. The FED has several “preferred” players in the Investment/Bullion banking sector to act on behalf of the US Treasury as the agent to make the transactions happen and fulfill the role as “market makers”. This is why HSBC and JP Morgan are above the law and only get slapped on the wrist with fines and never criminally prosecuted. They are the agents working on behalf of the govts of the world.

    Like a hedged LCS that has lower premiums than the online dealers. They don’t concern themselves with much besides making alot of transactions happen and taking their cut from the spread.

    Their entire model is a fractional reserve daisy chain….wherby the players controlling all the tables inside the casino, as well as all the exit doors are ensuring a rigged system generates a steady profit.

    There is no flaw in the conspiracy theories. Go to the government website. The US Treasury holds gold on behalf of the people of the USA…or at least that is the illusion they hope to create. The fact that they do whatever they want with these leasing programs speaks to the fact that Americans are disconnected from their history and are too dumbed down to see the scams being run on them. Should they ever learn a bit about economics and how money is created, how it works, and how it differs from currency….perhaps then they would not be fine with the govt giving the license to go ahead with all these leasing schemes.

    If gold is just “tradition” and is only valued at $42.22 per ounce….then it should be left alone…and not be allowed in the Comex hopscotch to the next player’s vault “rigged casino”. They never answered what became of the gold when the twin towers were brought down. They don’t answer to any questions regarding the stockpiles in “Fort Knot” that never get audited. When it all blows up….the people will realize that manufactured catastrophic financial events are the MO to ‘disappear’ the assets that belong to someone else.

    State sanctioned theft has been carefully cloaked, but it is still theft

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