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Bill Murphy Says, “The Cartel is Finished!” — Is He Right?

from AltInvestorshangout:

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9 comments to Bill Murphy Says, “The Cartel is Finished!” — Is He Right?

  • steelerdude

    Actually, I dont think Mr. Murphy sounded too convincing in this interview…sounded
    like he couldnt explain why they keep smashing it down…

  • He needs to explain in more detail for the average idiot, like I am, to understand how this will happen.

    • mouse

      As a matter of fact Harry, you have well recognized the lack of a detailed explanation, and also considered the unpopular possibility of being an idiot yourself, so you must be quite smart. Unfortunately this doesn’t hold for Murphy, who is parrotting the same story every year, no matter how wrong he has been so far. Keep going Harry, trust yourself, you are much smarter than Bill.

  • BroncoBuster

    This guy is seldom right. Listen to this guy in 2008 – you wouldnt know the difference from this interview. Same ol’ same ol’ shat shoveling.

  • Izzy

    I’d like to quote Bill “who are the idiots out there that don’t get it?” You may seem like an idiot,just don’t open your mouth and remove all doubt.I’ll stick with Bill,thanks.

  • Been doing this for 14 years now, I figured out on my own the obvious about 2-3years ago.The Bankster connected Hedge funds and PPT are working in concert to short/supress Bullion the Mining Shares in order to do exactly what Bill is espousing.If you’ve listened/read what Jim Sinclair has communicated recently,The criminals,who are massively short,will at the appointed time flip and be/go massively long(he knows because he use to do it in the business)and ride the massive short squeeze to the moon,Gold to >$3,500oz, Silver to >$200.00oz
    Doesn’t this all seem familiar,i.e., the Dot Com Bubble/Blow-off, the Real Estate Bubble/Blow-Off, The Bond Bubble/Soon to come Blow-Off and the Gold/Silver Bubble/Run-up which will surely come. Each one of these Bubbles have been perpetrated by the Banksters/Fed,which enables the insider criminals buy up at Pennies On The Dollar. Gold ans Silver will be no different.They will chase everyone out therebye depressing the prices then run it up just as they have done multiple times before, it’s their MO.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, it is their MO and they keep doing it because it keeps working. They have been doing this for at least 150 years. The most egregious example, of course, was the 1920s run-up, followed by the 1930s collapse, followed by the 1940s-1960s run up, collapse in 1986, run up, collapse in 2001, run up, collapse in 2008, and now another run-up. It always the same BS and this repeating pattern should not surprise anyone who is awake. They make money easy to get. Allow people to become over-extended. Slash credit and money flow. Collapse the economy. Buy the best of whatever is available for pennies on the dollar, often out of bankruptcy. Hold it for a while and then sell it at HUGE profits as the economy recovers. Rinse and repeat. One of the great lies of all this is that this milking machine process is “the business cycle”. This is NOT a business cycle. It IS a loot and pillage cycle!

  • Ed_B

    Sorry… I left out the part about them passing their bad loans on to the tax-payers via “write downs”. 🙁

    • It’s all laid out in their “Protocols Of Zion” Plan to own/rule the World and they are well on their way to accomplishing their goal.The way I see it, the Middle Class will be extinct after the next major washout collapse.

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