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Army embeds PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations (Everywhere)

[Ed. Note: Sure, this admission is vomit inducing. We’re a conquered people. On the other hand, the “Action News” footage of “reporters” loosening their ties and the camera zoom on someone putting a container in a microwave oven at :42, is nothing short of hilarious.]

from dave j:

hat tip Washtington’ Blog

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1 comment to Army embeds PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations (Everywhere)

  • Johny

    Good post. No doubt this is more widespread than is being reported. It’s been my suspicion for many years and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the media (including local media) regularly intermingles with government entities at various capacities. Add private business to the mix and you end up with quite a potent blend of fascism. At least the communist governments come right out and admit that they are part and parcel of the media matrix, unlike in the “land of the free” where this ridiculous illusion of a media, entirely independent of government, keeps the sheeple believing the myth.

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