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War on Drugs, Big Pharma, MK Ultra, Gun Control & The Public School Clampdown

from Silver Vigilante:

This morning in Connecticut a terrible tragedy has unfolded. To everyone who has lost another, a part of themselves, etc., we extend our sympathies.

With that said, it is important to understand how the next days, weeks and months will develop in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. This is the worst school shooting in US history, and it happened without mercy as kids no older than 9 years old were slaughtered in cold blood by an individual who not only displays possible deep psychological trauma from childhood, but a likelihood of pharmaceutical drug use, if the history of pharmaceuticals and their relationship to wretched violence (often loving parents against their own kids) is not ignored.

Especially the type of pharmaceutical SSRI. We may come to find out that the father involved was a loving father, and friends and family at a loss of words regarding how this man could have committed such carnage. On the other hand, we might learn he is a long-time deeply troubled individual with a criminal record. In either case, I guarantee pharmaceuticals were in his system.

As for the second shooter: Who gets another individual to shoot up a school of children? It’s awfully tough finding another with such sick and deranged proclivities…

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