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W.A.N. Radio: ‘The Fiscal Cliff’ and Ellen Brown

from crabbydogtrix:

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2 comments to W.A.N. Radio: ‘The Fiscal Cliff’ and Ellen Brown

  • jeff

    Ellen Brown is another magical thinker. If we just trade one master for another, that will fix the problem. Take out Ben Bernanke, put in Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank. That’ll fix it.

  • Ed_B

    The magic of Ellen Brown is that she is still around and, apparently, still has some credibility. Why she does must be the part that is “magical”. 😉

    In my view, the so-called “fiscal cliff” is nothing more than a minor day of reckoning. For FAR too long have US citizens wanted lots of government without paying for it. Well, there really isn’t any free lunch, folks. We can’t just live it up forever while passing the bills for living larger than we earn to others. If we really want all this government, and many of us DO NOT, then it is time to pony up the money to pay for it. That’s really what all this crap is about… getting something for nothing. Those who have been providing the money are getting tired of doing that, so EVERYONE who wants a lot of government should just get ready to open their wallets and check books and fork over the money necessary to pay for it. If your goal is lots of government that you can force those who do not want it to pay for it, then shame on you and your thieving ways.

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