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The SLA Will Pick the Zombie Bankster Corpses Clean!

from Silver Doctors:

Submitted by SD reader Cleburne61:

Do silver investors honestly think that JPM can cover 150 million+ oz of silver shorts with at least 2 trillion more in QE coming?
With all due respect to the skeptics of the SLA, we are participants in this thing.  We’re not just sitting, cheering on the sidelines.  The part we play, though small, does untold damage on the enemy.
Musical chairs only works so long….as there are chairs.

Takin’ my little boy with me after work to the LCS to remove another 100 silver dimes from circulation.  Why?
Cuz, “Screw em’!”  That’s why.  You hear us, banksters?  Thrash all you guys want….our millions of little pincers will still do what they’re gonna do, until your zombie corpses are picked clean.

It’s nice to see fellow stackers get their game face on(instead of their whiny face) when the enemy attacks.

If a bully’s pummeling you, well you hit em’ right back!

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