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The Illuminati Explained – A MUST SEE – Explains the Conspiracy and the Evidence

from Xendrius:

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9 comments to The Illuminati Explained – A MUST SEE – Explains the Conspiracy and the Evidence

  • Hman

    Wow, a must watch.

    The most accurate account of the Zionist/Rothschild plan that I ever heard. Please note that secret societies such as the illuminates, skull and bones … etc are only vehicles to recruit traitors from the inside that would carryout the necessary changes to complete the NWO plan.

  • Sean, This is without a doubt the best summary of what I’ve researched over the last 15-18 years.Anyone who listens to this and gives it serious thought time and overlays it over our/world historical events has to understand that there is an agenda and it’s progressing as planned.Any one with eyes to see and ears to hear can not deny current events and what is approaching at the horizon.We all have alot more to be concerned about than our gold and silver. As you may have ascertained from my comments,my veiws and conclusions are formulated and derived by my faith and belief in the truth of Biblical Scripture the fact that all of these events;past,present and future are merely the mechanics/fulfillment of the events leading the world towards WWIII/apocalypse as prophesied in Daniel,Mathew & Revelations.The End Times as described in Revelations and the Iluminati’s NWO One World Government are one in the same. Onces again, thank you for posting this excellent video on the subject,one of the best I’ve seen/heard.

    • aa

      i agree with glitter 1 comment. this long and vast conspiracy looks so much like what the Bible describes as the end time world government that i don’t know how serious students of the Bible could ignore it.

  • aa

    wow this was the best presentation on the illuminati that i have ever heard. i searched in vain for part 2 and 3 but no luck. i would love to hear the rest of it.

  • Robert Johnsson

    For those who need more by Myron Fagan:

    -files at

    Myron Fagan – “The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations” (150min) (almost the same as the one posted here

    -and while there: Check the Eustace Mullins MP3 Archives (1923-2010)

  • Robert Johnsson

    uhmm—Just saw “aa”s mentioning a part 2, and 3…Well im shure its the one i posted above;
    -Its 2 hours & 31 minutes long.

    BTW, I thought everyone already heard this one, but im glad more people get to hear of the RIIA/CFR etc.


  • Steve

    FEAR-BASED claptrap! Are you joking? Nothing but “conspirator” boogeymen verbiage–fear fear fear– but a speaker who “discloses” who’s who is an obscure “newsletter” (no evidence of course, that would spoil the hot air balloon) published in Hollywood! The more the speaker says “Satanic” and “Illuminati” with the “very conditions in the world today” (what on Earth is this mad speaker referring to?)

    OOOOO a one world government, and peace on Earth (used by conspirators to “force the UN on us”) is denigrated by a crazed speaker who smears and conflates everything with everything (Rothschild, govts, Masons, cops controlled by the CFR, and how many Homosexual and Rhodes Scholers!!)


    • SGT

      I couldn’t disagree with you more Steve. If you’ve done any research of your own, you’d know that this more than a decade old speech was and is spot on. You may insert head back into sand now. 🙂

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