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The Global Food Crisis & Bernanke’s Recipe for Disaster

[Ed. Note: What happens when America’s ‘just-in-time’ food distribution system collides with drought, followed in turn by massive price inflation as the dollar is printed into oblivion? Very hard times, dead ahead. You’ve been warned.]

from PeakResourcesORG:

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9 comments to The Global Food Crisis & Bernanke’s Recipe for Disaster

  • William

    Great video!

    This is why I have enough food for myself and my family, metals are great, but if your just starting out get your water and food, then go from there.

  • duanne

    Went to Chicago area meat wholesaler todayto replenish freezer.HOLY COW!!! No pun intended.Prices are up nearly 50% from just a month and 1/2 ago.The proprieter said “you ain’t seen nothing yet,wait another 4-5 months” he indicated that prices could go up 100% from where they are today!!!My wife says we’ll switch to chicken,no good there either!!!!Its skyrocketed too.Stock up now,IMO.

  • Jeff

    Going to be an interesting 2013 folks.

  • Petedivine

    What about all the people without food? What about family, friends, and neighbors, when they come around? Got enough for them? If this future comes true, we are in deep crises, and I don’t know what I would do. I would feel remorse for not feeding my extended family. I have not prepared for them. I am a religious man, I have a conscience, and I don’t know if I could bare to see mass starvation among my friends and family. There is more to this, then just prepping foodstuffs. There is the mental part. Do you send your kid to school if he looks fed? Do you throw food wrappers in the garbage fearing that neighbors would find out you have food? Where are the borders of what could potentially transpire in a crises of this magnitude? What if China buys all our food? What happens to the 47 million on food stamps? This video talks about the starvation of Americas Middle class. Do you think they are just going to curl up in a little ball and wait it out? No, its going to get crazy.

    • The best thing you can do is talk to your family and friends.I alerted all of my family and friends 1-1/2yrs ago with Lindsey William’s DVD The Middle East and The Rest Of The Story.In it he talks about the need for at least 6 months of stocked food to prepare for the coming economic issues which includes crippling inflation.I send out follow-up e-mails with updates of the ongoing progression to the coming events.There is still time to alert and prepare those who you care about,but it is running out.

  • Rabbit

    Good video with a message that the masses need to hear. With that said, I can’t help but be reminded of the National Inflation Association when I go to their website.

  • Troy

    I have a large food stock, lots of prep supplies, propane, firewood, ammo, candles, battery’s, generators etc. Silver is good, but buy food and preps FIRST! After your prep list is complete, THEN, buy silver. If the system goes down next week, I’m ready, I really am ready.

  • Tom Wheelright

    It’s real people! I hope this wakes some people up. It is coming faster than we think. Thanks Peak Resources for bringing awareness to these issues.

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