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UPDATE: Was the Sandy Hook Massacre A False Flag Operation? Early Eyewitness Reports From Newton, CT Suggest So

by SGT,

We will continue to follow this story closely because there are just too many unanswered questions, and the “official” version of what happened on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary continues to shift and change.

There are several easily answered questions the local police and first responders MUST address immediately to help clear things up: 1. What is the name of the man dressed in camouflage pants and a dark jacket who police pulled out of the woods in handcuffs? 2. Where is the man from? 3. What was that man doing near the school and why did he run into the woods? 4. Has the man been cleared of any involvement in this massacre?

This is another equally important fact which has been mostly ignored by the mockingbird media: Here’s the RAW audio exchange between police as the shooting was happening – This is the first responder police radio recording first posted by the Houston Chronicle, then by the NY Post.

At 44 seconds, the police relay a teacher’s report that she saw “two shadows running past the gym”. [Now keep in mind that according to the ‘official’ story the “lone” shooter has killed himself.] At 55 seconds, the police officer reports a van coming toward him with two occupants, he then says at 1 minute 30 seconds he has them “proned out” (lying on the ground face down). At approximately 2 minutes, they report the New Jersey plates of the van, and the rental car company registration. These two men are in addition to the ONE man dressed in camo pants who the police arrested in the woods near the school. That makes THREE men in addition to the “lone gunman” Adam Lanza. QUESTIONS: WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE MEN? WHO ARE THEY?

Also, another major problem with the ‘official’ story is this: According to medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver, “All the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting were killed up close by multiple rifle shots.” But how is this possible when ALL early reports claimed that Adam Lanza was found dead in a classroom with two firearms, a Glock and Sig Sauer – another gun, a 223 Bushmaster, was found nearby in a car ?

Conveniently, on Sunday a quick Google search revealed only the new, revisionist version of the rifle’s location: Reports like this one from the Huffington Post now claim that “the rifle was found next to Adam Lanza’s body” — AND that “three other guns have also been recovered, but it was not clear where they were found, an official told AP. They were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun”.

QUESTION: Why was it initially reported that the .223 rifle was found in a car? Why has that version of events now changed? As for the ‘additional weapons” now being reported, how could Adam Lanza carry that many weapons? WHERE were those weapons found? Who are those additional weapons registered to?

Why are we staying on top of this tragic story? Two reasons: One, because the establishment wants to use this tragedy to strip American citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms which is our last defense against a tyrannical, out-of-control government. And second, because we know from past experience that the ‘official’ version of tragic events like this one falls into place after day one. Early reports which do not support the ‘official’ narrative are cleansed from the media. We saw this with the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing, on 9/11, with the Underwear Bomber, and the Aurora, Co Theater shooting, to name just a few.

There are far too many unanswered questions, and far too few adequate answers regarding what actually happened on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary.

  Second man ‘in camo pants and dark jacket’ arrested at scene

 Newtown Massacre/Sandy Hook School Shooting Discrepancies
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50 comments to UPDATE: Was the Sandy Hook Massacre A False Flag Operation? Early Eyewitness Reports From Newton, CT Suggest So

  • Randa

    Newtown Massacre…the MAJOR DISCREPANCIES LIST (add to it)

    1) As yet, we have not seen any concrete evidence that any child died.

    2) As yet, parents have not been allowed to see their children. (Photoshopped pictures do not count.)

    3) As of now, I have seen only one unambiguous statement from a grieving parent (Robbie Parker).

    4) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and it was not stolen.
    However, older brother Ryan–who officials say is very cooperative–claims not to have even seen his brother
    since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID? And why does such use not qualify as a theft?

    5) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest.
    Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest, if he planned to kill himself?

    6) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say
    that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns
    –a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. But then he could not possibly have been firing the rifle, and could not have
    committed the murders. Who did?

    7) According to the official story, the killing was tightly confined to two classrooms. But then why were so many children
    told to close their eyes while leaving the building?

    8 ) Joanne Didonato, the principal’s secretary, called in sick on Friday–something she rarely does. So presumably, she must
    have been awfully ill. Yet she then felt well enough to give an interview. “Of all days,” she said, emphasizing the strange

    9) The hospital went into lockdown and cleared four trauma rooms, but received only three patients, two of them dead children
    (according to the official story) and one mildly wounded adult.

    10) Why were there such persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school,
    when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?

    11) What happened to the report that Adam Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend were missing in New Jersey?

    12) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school?
    He actually shouted to parents, “It wasn’t me.” Who was he and what was he doing there?

    13) What happened to the dark van or SUV that the police surrounded in the parking lot, or the maroon sedan with a blown-out
    back window they were on the lookout for?

    14) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy
    guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her “autistic” son access to both guns and ammo?

    15) Why were parents told on Friday that “if you haven’t been reunited with your child by now it’s already over”?
    Does anyone imagine that real parents of real children would simply say, “Okay, the show’s over, let’s go home now”?

    16) Would real parents of real children really be satisfied with (possibly photoshopped) pictures of their children?
    Wouldn’t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?

    17) According to the official story, 28 people died but only 1 was wounded. The dead included 20 small, squirmy children–
    difficult targets even for professionals. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of time?

    18 ) A child asserts that he/she heard someone say, “Put your hands up,” followed by the reply, “Don’t shoot.”
    This indicates that the police took a suspect into custody inside the school. But if that was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself after that point?

    19) Another child asserts that he/she saw a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. Again, this indicates that the police took
    a suspect into custody. If that was Adam Lanza, how did he then kill himself?

    20) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile and created many others in his name?

    21) Is it reasonable for a geeky 20-year-old to carry two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition while wearing a bulletproof vest and a mask?

    22) Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies rotting in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce
    that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night? Perhaps to ensure that the transport, if any, would go unrecorded on photos or video?

    23) Why won’t police tell us where they found the Henry repeating rifle, the Enfield rifle, and the shotgun?

    24) Did the school have one or more security cameras? What do they show?

    25) Why did a police officer specifically mention, on radio, that “they’re coming at me through this wood,” followed by a fellow officer saying, “This is it”?

    26) One officer in the school said, “We’ve got one suspect down.” Who was that? Down in this situation generally means in custody
    (on the ground and cuffed), not dead.

    27) Why didn’t Adam’s uncle see anything out of the ordinary in Adam when the two saw each other in June?

    28 ) Why is Adam Lanza reported to be a loner when a teenager said (oxymoronically), “[Lanza and his friends] always gathered
    alone in a corner in school”?

    29) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family, whether the family wants such “protection” or not?

    30) Why are Ryan Lanza and his roommates still in custody, and why are the police pretending that it’s for their own benefit?

    31) Is it a coincidence that Nancy Lanza’s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?

  • Tom G.

    Good questions, hopefully we will get some honest answers from some reporter doing his or her job on scene. For my part, I am disappointed in myself, that the first thing to cross my mind when I heard of this tragedy is not the parents’ anguish. No, the first thought to run through my mind was that they are going to use this to take our guns away. The terrifying pace, yes terrifying, that is occurring with regard to the loss of our rights is simply unbelievable. In my defense, the reason I thought about the guns being taken from us first, is that it represents how fast we are going to lose our rights. And this will affect ALL OF US, not just the poor parents of those poor children.

  • Will

    Yes it is difficult to come to these conclusions of false flag each and every time such events occur. For me this is why I study this stuff, to never be afraid and know what means they will go to for control. I still feel LIBOR is a big part of it.

  • dan

    There has to be one law enforcement officer in Conn. that was at the scene and KNOWS what went down…where is he or she…the silence is ‘sickening’..Any oath keepers there?…

  • Hman

    If you are going to testify against the banksters, this may happen to your family.

    Signed Al Capone

  • John

    Looks like Satan’s minions are playing overtime at their fear game. Sounds like they want a stranglehold on all public assembly and discourse, lest the truth come to light. Surely, there’s some in the community who know the details.

    • John

      That’s some heavy stuff. I have not seen the movie, but I would like to see this particular part (only). If this is true, we are dealing with some REAL diabolical creatures.

  • Jeff

    This stinks to high heaven.

  • johns

    32. Hitlary refuses to testify on Benghazi cover-up.
    She had a tummy ache first time, now it’s a concussion also.

  • Jerry

    Everyone needs to view the clip in Kimo’s post just 4 posts above.
    Totally unreal!!

  • Dear BS- Why are you quoting IICor 4:16-18? These verses apply to those who have embraced Christ as their Savior. These verses do not apply to you because by your own admission you are a Muslim. Why are you including yourself as though you are a Christian? Paul was writing to Christians Sir of which you are not. That hope you talked about stems from the fact that those who have embrace Christ are physically dying like all humans do. But because the Holy Spirit abides in those of us who have embrace Christ, we are being spiritually renewed day by day. Don’t take Scripture out of context just because it seems convenient at the time Sir. 8:45pm EST

    PS- Yes Sir, our (Christians) tribulation is momentary in the light of eternity. Your tribulation may not be.

  • chris
    look in the bottom left hand quadrant of the gotham city map. to the right of strike zone one.
    Aurora has already been shown to have been in batman movie dark knight rises…. written in neon lights.
    sandy hook is sought to be ‘levelled’ in the same move.
    anyone living near cobble hill or fort clinton new york should be shitting themselves. the dark knight is definitely rising.
    over and out

    • Savvy937

      Cobble Hill being a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and Fort Clinton (West Point), NY for those who may not know. Exactly why all of these real life places are on this Gotham City map is beyond me, other than something is in the works, its just a matter of when it is to be unleashed.

      • Savvy937

        And continuing on to the rest of the strike zones…

        Strike Zone 3: Upper West Hill. Perhaps Upper West Side NY maybe? Sure fits. ABC is based in the Upper West Side, just FYI.

        Strike Zone 4: Near a park in the middle of the city. Central Park perhaps? Also its near East Parkside. Parkside is a neighborhood in West Philadelphia. Hmm, and what exactly happened in Philly so many centuries ago? The birth of the USA of course…

        Strike Zone 5: West Chelsea Hill. Also nearby is a tunnel that enters and exits Gotham. In real life, the Lincoln Tunnel, upon entering NYC, you’re in the NYC neighborhood of, yep, Chelsea! The Lincoln tunnel is heavily traveled for those who have entered NYC that way, trust me I know, and only did that once! Millions a day go in and out of NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel. Also, Penn Station is in Chelsea.

      • Warp

        Very close to the Cobble Hill neighborhood, just south and east of it, in fact, there’s the start of the Culver Line, the elevated F train tracks that curve from Smith St. onto 9th St.

        Smith/9th station has been closed for renovation as part of a project to renovate stations and ultimately reactivate the express track. That section of track and elevated line is extremely old. Other sections elsewhere have been removed decades ago.

  • chris

    sean… hope you take a close look at this and the comment above

  • schlomo

    The lamestream media gives the sheeple nothing but mechanical devices to blame violence on. The guns are a means, not a cause. I really want this site and others like it to focus on the SSRI connection – the seratonin reuptake inhibitor drugs like Prozac which, in every case of random mass murder, we learn the killer was on such drugs or a cocktail of them. Batman killer was. Columbine Killers. The VA Tech killer. The recent case in NYC where the older nanny butchered the kids. A kid in Finland who killed ten others was on the meds. It’s these ‘meds’ that are the common thread among every one of these massacres. The drugs are frying the kids’ brains into jello, then throw in thousands of gun killings portrayed in movies and TV, and add to that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of video gaming where the gamer acts as a first person killing machine utilizing all the weapons and gear the real killers are using. The kids are being brainwashed into killing machines. Lamestream media won’t cover this because a huge portion of their ad revenues come from Big Pharma, not to mention video game companies. Time, Huffington Post, The NY Times and others aren’t making any (or much) money from the sale of gun and ammo ads compared to the billions Big Pharma spends. Semi auto guns have been around for ages but it’s only since the 80s or 90s, when meds became trendy, that we see these mass murder suicides.

    Please spread this message in the comment sections of various websites that are obviously anti gun and focus on the mechanical devices as the answer to a larger problem. Let’s focus on Big Pharma meds control, not gun control. The whatreallyhappened site has a lot of good articles on the SSRI drugs and their connection to massacres. We have to open minds one by one. Copy and paste this message above into comments sections if it makes it easier for you.

  • Truthseeker

    There is another interesting coincidence regarding this shooting. There are several major firearm manufacturers in Connecticut, including Sturm Ruger, United States Firearms, Wildey firearms, Wilson arms, and Marlin Firearms. Look into these companies and see their market share of the industry for yourself.

    Sturm Ruger Firearms Company is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in The U.S., and also produces countless components for other major firearms manufacturers through out the U.S. and I believe the world. The same is true of Marlin Firearms. Do you think it was a coincidence that the shooting happened in the small, quiet state of Connecticut?

  • Nick4Liberty

    I saw news footage from a helicopter of them actually taking the rifle out of his car as the reporter narrated the whole thing. “Here they are recovering the rifle from Adam Lanza’s car.” It was on Saturday night. Can anyone find this? I am 99% positive it was an AR-15 being taken from the vehicle.

  • Truthseeker

    Fortunately, Sandy Hook Elementary School is located approximately 150 yards due east of Freemasons Hiram Lodge Temple #18, 3 Washington Ave. Sandy Hook, Connecticut, which shares the property with St. Johns’ Episcopal Church, just south of the lodge. I know the good men of that lodge, and the parishioners of St. John’s will be instrumental to the recovery of the community.

  • General Ben Partin

    First responder police radio recording posted by the Houston Chronicle. At 44 seconds, the police relay a teacher’s report that she saw “two shadows” running past the gym. At 55 seconds, the policeman reports a van coming toward him with two occupants, he then says at 1 minute 30 seconds he has them “proned out” (lying on the ground face down). At approximately 2 minutes, they report the New Jersey plates of the van, and the rental car company registration.

  • Brad

    I feel like those are valid questions but at the same time you must realize these events happen so quickly and the media is desperate to be the first one to report some new fact about the incident. In many cases proper journalism is thrown aside and reports, report rumors, bad info, wrong names, exaggerate numbers of people kills, weapons used, etc… They also lack knowledge of firearms, often confusing and interchanging words like bullets, ammo, casings, shells, cartridges thinking they mean the same thing, not knowing the difference between automatic and semi-automatic rifles, labeling a weapon as “military” or “assault” grade weaponry or saying that the company that made the pistol they shot makes weapons for the military…just about every major manufacture does these days.

    Also, even if we assume the reports are true that this guy really did it, even if he did act alone and its not a false flag even organized by the government, im sure the government will still use it to their advantage to scare the people and pass laws they have been trying to get passed for years but didnt have the public or political support to do so because people were using their brains. Then, all of the sudden a tragedy like this occurs and lawmakers pounce, they know they have a short window of time where people arent thinking rational, functioning fully on emotion and will support whatever their leader says will make the problem and that scary feeling go away.

    So was it a false flag planned by the government or just our leaders taking advantage of an unfortunate event to further their plans?

  • Warp

    I’ll tell you what I think the Drivers License bit is all about.
    Adam Lanza was 20, his brother is 24. If they have enough of a hipster resemblance, Adam could have thought the old license valuable to buy Alcohol. Yes, even Aspergers-afflicted think to do things like that.

  • John

    Others (like you) are saying that when they initially saw the video of the long gun being removed from the car, it appeared to be an AR-15 rifle. But as of Monday, the police are now say the gun found in the car was a shotgun. No longer is it a SECOND rifle. Actually, there was no second rifle until late Saturday, when the police changed their story and put an AR-15 (Bushmaster) in Lanza’s hands and said a second rifle (not a shotgun) remained in the car. But up until then, the only rifle that was part of the official presentation was the one the police claimed they found in the car (until later claiming that two more rifles and a shotgun were discovered at an undisclosed location). Right up until late Saturday, Lanza was said to have entered the school armed only with two handguns. But if the “loan nut” scenario that the officials are feeding the sheeple is to hold any water, Lanza would have HAD TO HAVE the AR-15 with him when he entered the school. How else would they account for the victims wounds, which according to the medical examiner, were all from a rifle? If Lanza DID NOT have the rifle on him when he entered the school, that would imply that another person (or people) committed the the shooting with the rifle. Again, in order to derail any possibility of MULTIPLE SHOOTERS, the AR-15 must be in Lanza’s hands.

    Below is a link to an article which addresses, among other things, the shotgun in the car. I have heard no further mention of the other two rifles that were said to have been found at an undisclosed location. Evidently, they’re no longer part of the ever-changing presentation, and seem to have disappeared along with the initial “second shooter” reports, the two men that were apprehended on school grounds by police, and the suspicious vehicles reported to be at the school.

    • butterbean41

      after reviewing the video of the police removing the weapon from the trunk of the car, I have to say that it definitely was a shotgun. There was no magazine in the bottom. He pulls a charging handle on the side to eject a round. From the distance of the video and to be able to see the round clearly indicates that it was a shotgun shell. Also, since he was pulling a charging handle on the side indicates that the weapon was a semi-auto shotgun. Now, if they have admitted to finding a shotgun in the trunk of the car and the rifle inside, this part of the story sticks. What’s interesting though is why was there only 1 round in the shotgun? Also, i’m now hearing reports on the radio that there was a “large capacity” magazine for the rifle and several other normal mags. Gee, sounds just like Aurora now doesn’t it?

      • Nick4Liberty

        I have found that video but the original video I saw on Saturday of them recovering the rifle from his car was from total different angle and it was daylight, not night as in the video you are speaking of. But the reporter said “Here is footage of them recovering the rifle from Adam Lanza’s car.” I am searching for the clip now.

      • Nick4Liberty

        After reviewing the video you speak of again it is clear that gun is a HI-Point carbine rifle. They make it in 9mm, 40cal and 45. I know know because I used to own one. To make sure we are watching the same video please send me the link Butterbean41. Thanks

      • John

        Can you supply the link so others can see it and make their own determination?

  • John

    Here’s a clip proving that a Homeland Security exercise took place in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, CT in 2010 (within stone’s throw from the tragic school incident).

  • Nick4Liberty

    I think this is the one Butterb ean is talking about. This is NOT the original news footage I saw.

  • lory

    The father of the Aurora “shooter” worked in the financial industry, was in insider,and was scheduled to testify in the LIBOR proceedings in a few days after the shooting. He never testified.

    The father of the Sandy Hook “shooter” worked in the financial industry, was an insider , and was scheduled to testify in the LIBOR proceedings in a few days time. He is currently in hiding.

  • Nick4Liberty
    I searched all over youtube and cannot find the video I saw with the rifle being recovered. Its very funny how this footage of this rifle being recovered from the trunk:
    1 – Just recently surfaced
    2 – Is not the same video I saw Saturday of a rifle being recovered from the trunk of his car, which has now disappeared from existence.
    3 – Is not a shotgun as the altered story now states. If you know guns you will definitely pick up on this.
    4 – If you remember and were following this story, I believe the reports of them finding a Bushmaster AR-15 in his trunk came out at daytime but this new video was shot at night. With all the media there this would have been on the news within minutes.
    5 – in the video I posted above, the reports of this news anchor came from Federal and State officials which does not indicate it is hear-say or rumors

    Am I leaving anything else out?

  • butterbean41

    yes, according to the footage it was a shotgun found in the trunk. I’ve heard so much discussion about the rifle being found in the trunk, but that’s not the case. I feel that everyone is focusing on the wrong thing. If the police said that the rifle was found near the “alleged” shooter, Accept it and question, did he have any powder on his hands? if he was wearing a bullet proof vest, did he have any pockets to store extra magazines for the rifle and the handguns as the media reports….basically we all need to start analyzing this thing with a fine tooth comb

    • Nick4Liberty

      You are right but we will never know the real answer or have access to investigate things like that. They of coarse will say he had powder residue all over him and his clothing and they said he had multiple 30rd magazines on him. But again, it took until Saturday afternoon/evening for this report to even come out and the thing is after the Medical Examiner’s press conference, when he said the wounds were all from a long rifle thats when the story changed to the shooter using the AR-15 and being found dead with it next to him. From what I remember, before that press conference the story was still dead with 2 handguns, Glock and Sig Sauer.

  • jaydi

    im hearing now that nancy lanza was a whistleblower on the libor scandal. this was a hit on the mother. hidden under the terrible massacre of children at the school to distract the public and in addition take our guns.

  • Nick4Liberty

    That has been going around for a couple days now but the story is its his father. Does anyone know the source of this info or is it just hear-say?

  • Snowy Smith South Africa

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    Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst.
    If You_re an American you should see THIS_ for real.mp4
    That will mean like in South Africa only the CRIMINALS HAVE GUNS and the Law Abiding Citizens are Sitting Targets.

    The only TERRORISTS today are the WAR MONGERING JEWS.

    World WAR 3 very soon.

    WAR has been DECLARED by OBAMA and the JEW CRIMINAL MAFIA who has HIJACKED America.
    Freedom Fighters World Wide its time to STAND UP and be COUNTED.
    Watch the video of this debate on VETERANS TODAY site at link below:
    Israel and Sandy Hook Terrorism
    Mike Harris YOU ARE A HERO !
    And thank you Mr. Duff for posting this, people like you give me hope about America.
    Say Merry Christmas – Vocal Carrie Rinderer and the American.mp4
    Always remember;
    “CHRISTIANS are GODs CHOSEN People”.

    Merry Christmas
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    Snowy Smith

  • Boot

    The battle is starting in NYS, Cuomo just announce that he will introduce possible confiscation anti-assault weapons and all hi-cap mags over 7 rounds. BOYCOTT all and any arms manufacturer and ammo that would sell to any govt authority and police in NY.
    Thank you

  • annefrankwasparanoid

    Please, cover Karen Hudes and the collapse of the World Bank. The US has lost the right to appoint the president of the World Bank. All the info
    The end of the US Dollar/biggest story ever covered up by the most outrageous crap that we already knew. Write your Governor to bring down the cabal.

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